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Track Name
Name: Xtreme Ride
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Acid
Version: 25-Mar-2007
Released: 25-Mar-2007
TMX id: 204183
LB Rating: 27,056
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Rally
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0:47.35   apee+ 0:00.0027,056
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0:48.35   OLDA_X+ 0:01.0023,627
0:48.92   waitforme_2+ 0:01.5721,673
0:49.07   rad+ 0:01.7221,159
0:49.33   Acid+ 0:01.9820,267
0:49.56   NinjAstar+ 0:02.2119,479
0:50.05   [CMC]Zeo+ 0:02.7017,799
0:50.12   Nym+ 0:02.7717,559
0:50.36   abmangoog+ 0:03.0116,736
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Author Comments

My first Rally Track !

I hope u enjoy it

THX Andree

THX ~Ganjaweeds~

THX Madderikk

THX Smok3y Me to now. I just wanted to try it

THX RDG , m8

THX [CMC] Zeo - Great Comment, thank you for the Tips
Ingame MT = There really is too much of it
I'm glad you still liked it and ty again for your long

THX Manu16 - I'm glad you like it

THX KEV Fan LoL i just put that there because it was a big jump. Geronimo is .. well ... no person ^^

THX DeaD.oas Yesi know

EDIT: LoL damn i just noticed the Last Inagme MT doesn't even work. Normally you would see the car from the front jumping but here it just shows the Geronimo and the Track from above ... crap ... i won't update it ... what the hell ^^

THX abmangoog You're so right. Thew MT sucks so much Look above also ^^ Didn't notive the "break" - "brake" thing.

User Comments
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  Ignition 02-Aug-2008
This track could be nice but:

- the mt is only annoying and disturbing,
- there are boosts and some seconds later you can read inserts like "brake",
- there is the insert "Geronimo" which is absolutly senseless and
- there is a finish which could be mapped much better.

All in all some nice ideas destroyed by bad mapping and awful mt - ideas.

Therefore ----> no award!
  Acid 02-Aug-2008
LoL i totally feel ya. Well i was just experimenting there. Over a years old map and i changed nothing now. Learnt MT that day and thought why not making a map with it. When i drive it today ... well like you said Thx for th FB anyways
  Nym 04-Aug-2008
Well, have to sign ignitions fb.

Most of the jumps are really nice, but the mt (exept the first cam) is just nervtaking...
Also the reverse booster directly after the cp is just not neccessary

  NinjAstar 15-Aug-2008
Well Ignition and Nym too have already said whats wrong, and the great tracker that you are now i dont think i need to explain.
  OLDA_X 17-Jun-2010
Ingame mt make track little blind but make track really interesting
Ingame MT is entertaining and create good tracks aroma . I like it
btw sorry for really late award and replay .... 3 years delay
  Acid 17-Jun-2010
lol interesting that you dig up this old experimental map.
THe ingame MT wasn't ment to be blind, in the original version you can see the car with another cam and the text is above it, but it somehow got glitched and now you see no cam at all -_-''
Cool that you still like it though
  rad 15-Jun-2017
Recently I played two maps that had the same bug. At first I thought that their authors somehow forced cam7. I even tried to do that in MT, but it looks to be impossible. Then I found it on another map which was really hard to play because of that camera, but still had some awards and it didn't seem like people would notice anything so I figured that this is caused by Forever update and only happens at specific custom cameras. I wasn't aware that u had it on one of your tracks as well, Acid.
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User Awards
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  Andree 26-Mar-2007
Cool track
Wonderful jumps
The ingame camera works pretty OK
Fun ride

  ~Ganjaweeds~ 28-Mar-2007
Nice maps fun jumps.
fun to play it.
Nice one
  Madderikk 28-Mar-2007
The ingame cam is getting on my nerves, but the track is rally cool and smooth.
Good JOB
  smok3y 27-Apr-2007
Gooood map
Loved the big and small Jumps
Good speed throughout
Nice flow
The Ingame camera is impressive, but i like it without ingame MT
  rdg 04-Jun-2007
great map.
the jumps are how i love them
  [CMC]Zeo 05-Jun-2007
Well, maybe just a bit too much MT in-game, but it still don't make this track the bad one. I really liked this one, nice and smooth drop in the beginning and the impressive, just impressive usage of tower in the jump to the tunnel. It's even good because of that i never hit the ceiling. The jump from the tunnel to the offroad was cool, nice usage of trees. And then, good wooden straight with pretty cool camera. Not a bad usage of gravel then and nice usage of the grate bug. The next tunnel was kinda tricky, a little tip "370 is the good speed" in it's end should be put here. But the jump is still... DAMN HARD. But still smooth one. And the finishing jump - once i was angry because of landing bug and i drove beside the finish line. But then it was OK and the whole track seemed to be enough OK to give you the award.

Zeo/nawro - Good luck hidden inside the Polish young driver
  ScrewD. Manu 10-Aug-2007
VERY NICE acid.. i love your track, it's very flowy and smooth^^
  KEV Fan 03-Aug-2008
Superb layout - even fun for a Rally noob like me.
Start MT cam is cool
The rest of the cam changes are just a mess and destroy the fun for this great layout (and I really don´t want to know who Geronimo is grr)
Anyway - driving it was fun and that´s why I award it
  DeaD.oas 03-Aug-2008
Nice Track

Though i hate all these ingame cams xD
But nice jumps and nice ideas

  abmangoog 17-Aug-2008
cool, smooth fun, and nice...!!!!
very fun to play...
GERONIMO!?!? U CAN BARELY SEE THE CAR IN THAT 1 CAM?!? whats the point of it, if u try to make ur track look cool, ur wrong.
otherwise, this track rulez!!!!
BTW: You spelled brake wrong... and i thought u meant break through the gate thing...
  pitstep 03-Sep-2008
cool mt ideas
  Kwn 25-Jan-2009
Rally Map
I don`t like the in-game MT
Anyway fun to drive
>>> <<<<
  Nim 23-Mar-2010
fun track!
but the fixed cams suck -.-
  OLDA_X 17-Jun-2010
Amazing map with very good ingame mt

.... .... OLDA_X
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