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Track Name
Name: LoveHateSuicide
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Atze-Peng
Version: 14-Aug-2009
Released: 14-Aug-2009
TMX id: 2039426
LB Rating: 37,452
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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1:00.85   *Garfovsky+ 0:00.0037,452
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1:01.09   NémésiS+ 0:00.2436,565
1:01.89   Aedco+ 0:01.0433,611
1:02.37   MasterGary+ 0:01.5231,839
1:03.00   _Hawk_+ 0:02.1529,512
1:06.01   Zeref+ 0:05.1618,396
1:12.45   eyebo.wp+ 0:11.600
1:19.32   minuit+ 0:18.470
1:52.18   küken+ 0:51.330
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Author Comments

After a long while I was able to build a new Track. It took me quite some time to build this one - but propably alot less than other authors do
It's typical Atze-Style and my first Snow getting released.


It's hard, it's difficult, it's an Atze-Track.
Go Fast.

14/08/09 16:00 - fixed cut

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User Comments
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  Atze-Peng 14-Aug-2009
thx Wallaby - I don't care where the hardest parts are
thx Vexyde - long Award
thx smz
thx Aedco
thx Nillstorn
thx Mad
thx Skilla
thx tmjonas
thx Squirrel
thx eyebo
thx MasterGary
  Wallaby 14-Aug-2009
yes you can call me stalker indeed xD
  Atze-Peng 14-Aug-2009
I gave it up already. Everyone knows anyway
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User Awards
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  Wallaby 14-Aug-2009
Great techtrack with great Ideas.
Nice Challenging turns and good scenery.
There is one thing I have to complain tough , and that is the reason why you won't get a time from me.
Actually the hardest thing in a track should be the start. Here it is the finish , and that is simply frustrating , because the last 15 seconds are impossible for me to crash not
Nevertheless great work

Rating: B+
  Vexyde 14-Aug-2009
Very crazy track, the Expert Difficulty is more than justified

But the great thing about this track is that it manages to achieve that difficulty while maintaining a nice, clean design, without confusing jumps, tons of transitions and maze like layouts like they are very popular at the moment. There was one big jump followed by a crossroad where I got confused a bit at my first run, which could've been helped by an additional sign, but it doesen't take too long to figure out the way.

I agree the last 15 - 20 seconds are insane, but still the track is at no point unfair because of bugs or the like, driver skill really makes a difference here, which results in a huge record potential, because there are so many parts where it's easy to make a mistake. But if you get that one good lap you really feel like you achieved something

Great Track, one of the better Snow tracks I have seen this year.
  smz 14-Aug-2009

But i love it
  Aedco 15-Aug-2009
Hey Atze

What a Crazy Map
but also very creative and cool
many Techparts and sooo great Transitions
the GPS was really needed
my replay is not very "good" because i'ts very hard to drive a good time i think
here's your Award
btw: that is overall my 100 Award

..Big Award..
  Nillstorn 16-Aug-2009
Great map !
Good ideas (but GPS Important)
  Madderikk 18-Aug-2009
I already mentioned that there is at least one damn annoying part but it's only neckbreaking when you want to reach a really good time.
The rest of this track is beautiful and I enjoyed betatesting a lot even if you would never integrate one of my mapping-proposals
Nevertheless, there is finally another great snow-tech-track with less-seen ideas and an amazing flow.

Btw.: Scenery looks quite awesome :-P
  Skilla»LT 20-Aug-2009
Great Offline Map

  tmjonas 20-Aug-2009
Crazy track.
The first half is rather easy to drive, but towards the end it gets much crazier and harder. The obstacles before the finish were mostly too much for me.
Still, I appreciate the creativity and especially uniqueness of this track. You build sections no other builders would even dare and you succeed with it by putting them in a nice flow. That's brillant.
Also I agree with Mad, the scenery-job is well done. Although less would have been equally much I guess

  Squirrel 21-Aug-2009

thx god i found the way kinda crazy ^^
  eyebo.wp 07-Sep-2009
Brutal and Addictive
  MasterGary 04-Oct-2009
Sick stuff

There are 2-3 stupid parts imo, but overall it is an exciting run
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