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Name: Download Sustain
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   JakeOIL
Version: 25-Mar-2007
Released: 25-Mar-2007
TMX id: 203284
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 36,508
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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0:47.16   Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter]+ 0:00.0036,508
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0:49.77   Fallout Boy+ 0:02.6124,385
0:49.99   Dr»dB+ 0:02.8323,363
0:50.10   JakeOIL+ 0:02.9422,852
0:50.10   Celeane+ 0:02.9422,852
0:50.40   *Garfovsky+ 0:03.2421,459
0:50.43   Zeref+ 0:03.2721,319
0:50.52   Akantor+ 0:03.3620,901
0:50.61   minuit+ 0:03.4520,483
0:50.89   Hastings+ 0:03.7319,183
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Author Comments


It's been a long time since I posted my last track on TMX...but after spending some time in the editor, I finally managed to do a Bay track...
So here it goes : my first Bay map (it's a shame considering I'm a TMS player...I should have built a Bay map earlier!!)

Here are some infos :

Coppers : about 5000
Mood : Day
Author time : 50.10 ... it should be easy to get under 50 for a good player
Music : Yesss of course a great song
Full MT ---> I think the intro's nice ... the outro is ok... there's no ingame MT except the usual cam changes
No boosts... Bay is really the most suitable enviro to make a no boost map... the speed can be pretty high without booster... lovely
Full speed : no need to brake, no need to release the gas, no need to brake in air to land smoothly... just keep up full speed and be gentle while steering and my author time will explode
Ohhhh! I've just lied!!! there is one booster... a hidden booster for a hidden feature.. just read below

There's a hidden half pipe... you can see it on the intro... it's a bit tricky to find it but it's fairly easy once you know where to go... you'll understand the use of the booster Don't try to go to the map editor to see where the entrance is... the map has a password

I would like to thank Senna, my teammate that tested the beta version and gave me some insightful comments...Senna, merci mille fois pour tes commentaires !!! and many thanks to Ersatz, the best sign maker around the world for making such nice animated ads (and for making wonderful maps too )

Maybe you can post your times, if you like the map!!

Hope that everybody will enjoy!! Please feel free to live comments on it... bad and good, don't worry !!!

Have fun !!!


User Comments
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  JakeOIL 25-Mar-2007

Many thanks PapyChampy !! thank you very much for your very nice speedy award !!! Glad you liked it!!

Thx my Kev !!! I finally managed to do a Bay map... I'm gonna check your Bay maps Thank you very much mate for testing it and for giving such positive and fast feedback !!!
  KEV Fan 25-Mar-2007
  JakeOIL 25-Mar-2007

Thx a lot Andree !! Thank you very much for your award Andree !!! A pleasure to read!!!

Thank you very much ORA !!!! I must confess I'm an absolute fan of your intros !! Very proud of getting positive feedback coming from you

thk you very much my Ersatz !!!! Lovely award mate

Thx a lot JustCC !!! glad you find it cool !!!

Smok3y !!! Always a pleasure to have your awesome awards !!! Thx for the comment !!! I really like to build maps and awards are seriously a minor issue for me... All my tracks have at least 10 awards and that is just incredible ... but I really think that I must miss something in my maps... this little detail that could give much more awards...maybe the fun factor thing or I suppose some more unusual bloc combination...maybe my tracks have a very "standard" layout and scenery...I have some ideas for the future tracks with "not so usual" ideas... thank you very much for your comment!!! Can't wait to see your Bay map !!! Sure it'll be thrilling

Thx for the very nice award [FoF] BionicWolf !!!!

thx a lot Hastings !!! Thanks for the very nice feedback!!!! Yes you're right about the Pf start... it's a little bit long but it can be taken in a different way... actually it's the way I get 50.10... I was about 50.30 using the normal start... but if you steer a little bit to the left in the tunnel you'll get very close to the inner circle of the turn before the loop... and you'll gain those extras 00.20 that are very fashionable !!!! Thx for the award my friend

Thank you very much Sk84funPrezmo !! Yeah the stadium king Glad you find this one cool !!!! Your tracks are a good example of flow and I'm sure you'll do some fantastic bay tracks

Thanks a lot Markus... !!! Man what a report !!! I'm impressed !!!As mentionned above, awards are a minor issure for me...just try to make simple challenges suitable for everyone... sometimes I miss this goal, sometimes I'm closer... but I think I won't reach it completely one day... thk you a thousand times for your awesome comment mate !!!
  Dr»dB 04-Apr-2007
Not real original but it is a fun, well layed out map [especially for your 1st bay effort]
Not being a LB chaser, I only ran it 5 times.
Great map, but it was just not entertaining enough to do more runs all alone (Few maps are, here).
Most of that MT stuff.. don't care, don't care, don't care... but the intro is pretty nice and not too long.
The music.. eyyymm not bad for a redone 1980's Cameo tune (can go to any bar and hear cover tunes). I would rather hear somthing that Korn wrote.
I will indeed host it on the FoF server, should be great fun in a crowd!
All in all, a well thought out and well executed bay map.
Cannot hardly wait to see you next one.
Not being one that is too interested in TMX awards system, myself.. here is your earned comment

Edit: I might add that when you get to the 49's the last open loop is troublesome in ythat the gap makes you bobble or worse.

FoF RooBah
  JakeOIL 06-Apr-2007
Thank you very much RooBah !!! Thanks for the comments on this track!! Yes you're right it's absolutely not original... indeed there's a "pseudo" PF start (even if it can be done going slightly to the left to gain some time), 3 loops, 1 jump and 1 drop ... 90% of the track is played on platform blocs while the rest is offroad (of course Bay offroad has nothing special like other enviros) no wall rides... no close jumps... no strange cams while racing... no boosters at all... no need to release gas during the goal was to make a suitable track for everyone and I appreciate the fact that a good racer like you find it fun and put it on your team server !! Thx
About the music, I know that it isn't the best choice,I mean the most representative work of KoRn... but like you said, it's a cover tune... so it's in the same spirit as the "suitable for everyone" principle... I pretty like KoRn style...yet bar/cover tunes are probably much more popular among players... so maybe I guess I'm expexting that it will remind something... I used in my previous track some songs too... which all are quiet famous in order to comply with the "suitable" principle (and of course because I find them good too )... but I perfectly understand that you would have preferred to hear an original piece from the next tracks I'll probably choose to take some more "risky attitudes" in the musical choice
About the last loop, yes it happened a couple of times for me too...rather annoying to break a good run because of this open loop... but I really didn't like to close it... the exit of the loop was maybe a little bit too violent... killing in some way the overall loop "attitude" of the track... I've chosen the open loop alternative thinking that most people aren't that good at Bay (like me )
I really appreciate the precision of your comment, it helps me a lot to have different point of views !!! Thx for putting it on your server and see ya online sometimes on your server !!! Hoping to get some more comments in the future coming from you!!


Thx a lot Hubby !!! Thank you very much for the very kind comment !!

Thank you very much Seychellen !! Glad you liked it!!!

Thanks a lot bachl!!! Ohhh you played it online!! on the XTServer !! Wonderful !! Thank you!!!!

Thk you very much Buchi !!!Yes the Bay master likes it!! Wonderful!!

Wooow!! Thank you very much Vincent !! Glad you liked it!!!

Waht a nice award Maphios !!! Glad you enjoyed the ride !!

Gracias Master_Track !! Thx you for the cool comment
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 05-Jan-2008
Have Fun during watching my replay!
The cut is indeed very !
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Kent 07-Feb-2009
I have been playing this Bay track for quite a while now. This is one of the best Bay tracks ever made in my opinion.

From the beginning drop into the tunnel, to the jump up onto the upper mesh that leads to a large drop down, to coming out of the last loop right into the finish everything is just perfect.

The MT work is impeccable as well.

The music was a great choice as well. Very well done!

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