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Track Name
Name: eXaction
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   FT»Tobbe
Version: 10-Aug-2009
Released: 10-Aug-2009
TMX id: 2026567
LB Rating: 74,754
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Island
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0:41.21   MTX + 0:00.0074,754
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0:41.45   Zemano !+ 0:00.2472,142
0:41.63   Cartman»LT+ 0:00.4270,182
0:41.66   BrummHummel+ 0:00.4569,856
0:41.86   FT»Tobbe+ 0:00.6567,680
0:42.11   MaB+ 0:00.9064,958
0:42.25   osna+ 0:01.0463,435
0:42.26   HonG+ 0:01.0563,326
0:42.38   MEFjihr+ 0:01.1762,020
0:42.41   X_Darkman_X+ 0:01.2061,693
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Author Comments


I present you my new track eXaction.
This time, it's Island. I tried to build a track that is doable with KB, wich is easy enough for newbies and challangin' enough for freakz.
(hopefully it is not too hard )
I had great fun while building this track in a style wich is totaly new to me -slide- Of course some parts are still possible without sliding.
So here are some facts about it:

- Intro
- Outro

- Every CP is respawnable
- AT is: 42.50
- 46.00
- 52.00
- 1:04.00

Hopefully it gets some awards, so my work isn't without succes.
Every Replay is welcome. If you dislike the track, please leave me a comment, so I can improve my next track.

If somebody needs it:
Bigger Screenie

monster found a mistake with my GPS time. Of course it's 42.65 and not 49.65. Despite this mistake makes the track totaly senseless I won't update it.

Track that motivated me to build eXaction:

Electrica by   Wallaby

And here is some advertising:

>> Lost in Transitions by   BrummHummel & Amit

Please give it a try, it is so awesome! 15 aren't less, but in my opinion still underrated.

User Comments
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  FT»Tobbe 10-Aug-2009
Thx List:

BrummHummel: Wow m8! Nice too see an award from you. (thought you were inactive ) I was skeptical if I can set it ti "Intermediate", but I think it's okay. Big Thx 4 your And very nice Time!

TsuKi: Thx 4 your award! Glad you liked it

Skunky: Lol yeah, this track on PPO was evil Glad you made it in a good time online (one of two who finished in under 60sec this evening, online gratz) So thx 4 your m8!

¤ATS¤The Zanar: Gratz you made it! I just set the difficulty to "Expert". Nevertheless, thx 4 your .

s8ndm8n: I really thought everybody could finish this track, even with KB...a little miss thought Thx you gave it a try and for ing it.

Edge: Yeah that part became a bit heavy (as the whole track ). The car isn't really under control there, I'll make an easier track next time Thx for your !

monster : Thanks for your and good time on PPO! (Gratz you recogniced my mistake in GPS 49.xx )

Techno: Glad you're that fascinated of this track Thx 4 ur

O$NA: Great ; super spelling ; awesome structure in your award.

Wallaby: No problem m8 Glad you liked it.

Mania»LT: (*copying walla*) No problem m8 Glad you liked it.

Cartman»LT: Cool, thx for your nice award creation

Reven-Zemano !: So nice

Originally posted by DaKKoN ...
It almost felt like a lottery...

Yeah a little tribute to the Italian lotto jackpott Thx 4 your m8!

Hong Wow, you're nearly the first one who likes this finish Wohoo and my Outro is one of the best, woha never thought that they're that good. Thx for m8!

smartyyy Yeah my mission to make an easy Islander finishable for everyone definetly failed Thx 4 ur

smok3y Wow looks like you really enjoyed this one Big big thx for your !

MaB Yeah, I'll never build such a hard finish again Thx for your

  Zemano ! 12-Aug-2009
  Cartman»LT 12-Aug-2009
nice cut zem
  FT»Tobbe 12-Aug-2009
Ouch xD That has Marci style, as you can see in Frozen Nice cut! . But I don't want to update it because of the times
  Zemano ! 12-Aug-2009
It''s just the cp way

Not really a cut ^^
  FT»Tobbe 12-Aug-2009
True xD
  BrummHummel 13-Aug-2009
Cartman starts to make me angry
  Zemano ! 13-Aug-2009
And me ?
  BrummHummel 13-Aug-2009
I you
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 15-Aug-2009
I will watch the track/replays tonight!
None coast track by you toobe, since when?
  BrummHummel 15-Aug-2009
Oh noooo.. Marci will find another cut just by watching the replays
  Amit»LT 17-Aug-2009
Awesome track m8.
Thx for the advertisement.
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  BrummHummel 10-Aug-2009
Superb track m8!
I love it from start until finish
At first i thought that it´s a really hard track but once i could finish it was pretty easy. You just have to find the right line.
Great scenery
And i´m happy to see a non coaster from you
  TsuKi 10-Aug-2009
Wow ! I like ! Award for you !
  SkunkY 10-Aug-2009
Very nice track!
Greeat scenery, nice path, some tricky parts that need a bit of practice to drive them well but overall not too hard. Perfect difficulty for an offline challenge imo. For servers maybe a tad too tricky. But overall a lot of fun! (for me also online) ^^
Great work!
  ¤ATS¤The Zanar 10-Aug-2009
Awesome flow, once I actually got the track.
Great speed.
Good for improving island skills.
Great for any island lover.

  s8ndm8n 10-Aug-2009
Evil track But I love evil tracks
Really an awesome creation Tobbe
I'll post a time in the next few days
  Edge 11-Aug-2009
Wow...what a great track here!
Superb jumps and a lot of action!
I really love it!
Superb MT work and scenery...great signage too!
Only one thing i have to mention: The finishpart is a bit frustrating,cause it is very hard to aim and destroyed a lot of nice runs.

Anyway: Well done!!!

  Monster. 11-Aug-2009
very nice track
  Techno! 11-Aug-2009
  osna 11-Aug-2009
great track!!!
super transitions!
great speed!!
awesome layout!!!
cool MT!!!!
beautiful scenery!!!!!

  Wallaby 11-Aug-2009
Rating B+

Simply too lazy to write more sry
  Mania»LT 11-Aug-2009
really nice track
some innovative commbo's
actually harder than wallas track but still doable.
>>BIG <<
(*copying walla*)
rating B+ too

  Cartman»LT 12-Aug-2009
Great track!

e xtream great flow
X tream smooth
a mazing scenery
c ool layout
t rasitions are great calculated
i deas are awesome too
o ...damn no ideas sry
n ice MT work

  Zemano ! 12-Aug-2009
So smooth and easy track

So fun and cool layout

So great and perfect work onto the MT (huhu gps mistake)

So beautifull and clean scenery !

So flex map !

  DaKKoN 13-Aug-2009
The track simply rocks
It's so tight but still easy to manage all the awesome speedy transitions which are also very well calculated!!!! Only 1 bad part imho... Almost withheld me from giving me this The last part... The jump up to the CP is brilliant!! But the banked-road-wish-to-jump-to-finish-part was a little less in my favour... Damnz... I crashed ALL my fastest runs there... It almost felt like a lottery... I think (for me) the main problem there is that it feels unnatural to suddenly steer left, while you only get catapulted instead of actually steering, but it goes into my instincts (Or something like that...)

But the rest of your track is simply so mindblowing fun!!! And flows so incredibly well m8!! Great to have enjoyed that again. Was a while for me on island. Your MT was great to, but the screenie is insane!! Seriously awesome!! Enough chatter now. Here's your very well deserved m8!!

  HonG 14-Aug-2009
awesome work here

i love the start

the jumps are very smooth and the finish is also great

and the outro is one of the best i ever saw....impressed

  smartyyy 14-Aug-2009

Quite hard track! I needed long get a clear run...
But when i got it, it was so great!
All jumps smooth and well timed!
Had fun, but also near to frustration!

  smok3y 15-Aug-2009
Superb transition track
Loved it from start to finish
Marvelous jumps and drops
Well calculated at all places
Superb layout
And very very challenging
This is one heck of a track that urges you to play again and again
Very very addictive indeed
And beautifully built
MT work is awesome to support the track

Big Shiny Cup-->
  MaB 04-Sep-2009
It is a great track! The finish section is hard for me (when you take the fastest route, that is the CP route). Well builded! (Though I prefer an easier finish section) I had Fun!
  missile 04-Feb-2011
  NoTimeToDrive 09-Dec-2018
Wonderfull Track!!
Like it a lot
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