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Name: Download RÈ£îÇ
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   XT Projects
Version: 08-Aug-2009
Released: 08-Aug-2009
TMX id: 2021452
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 75,284
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:02.28   SkunkY+ 0:00.0075,284
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:02.53   osna+ 0:00.2573,471
1:02.72   BrummHummel+ 0:00.4472,093
1:02.92   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.6470,642
1:03.04   renarda77+ 0:00.7669,772
1:03.07   smok3y+ 0:00.7969,554
1:03.24   OLDA_X+ 0:00.9668,321
1:03.34   Edge+ 0:01.0667,596
1:03.40   andresaguado+ 0:01.1267,161
1:03.44   HonG+ 0:01.1666,871
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Author Comments

XT Projects proudly present..
.. a track by the two slowest XT track builders ever to release a track.

s8ndm8n and SkunkY finally upload their relic.
It is unknown when this project started. All we know is that the first part of the track was built back in tms days.
Actually its our 3rd track since it was almost completly rebuilt 2 times.
This is what always happens when a track lays for too long on s8ndm8n's hdd.
So after all s8ndm8n built the exciting parts while he left the annoying part from SkunkY.
So I guess it is not necessary to say the track is not easy. And of course it is quite crazy.
But why am I telling.. go try yourself!

Track: s8ndm8n and SkunkY
MT Works: s8ndm8n
Screenshot: s8ndm8n

User Comments
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  SkunkY 08-Aug-2009
Thanks s8ndm8n for not giving up on me and our project.
It was great fun to build with you!
  Wallaby 08-Aug-2009
Skunky , you are not really slow these days^^
Btw was that the hard track I tested on your "betaserver"^^? (because i read expert)
  'Buchi' 08-Aug-2009
[quote="Author Comment"] So I guess it is not necessary to say the track is not easy. [/qoute] <--- that's not how it should be xD

2 possibilities... either I am damn bad on Island nowadays or this track is a bit more than 'not easy'
  SkunkY 08-Aug-2009
Haha, what did you expect, Buchi!

Yes Wallaby, thats the track.. actually the track you drove was the 2nd version of the track. Not much left of that version. ^^
  s8ndm8n 08-Aug-2009
Woohoo! I can't believe this thing finally made it to
I wish I could say it was fun building with you SkunkY but it wasn't Not really your fault but more our analness to make something "special"
Thanks anyways for making this track with me, it was... ugh... hmmm... special? Thanks also to DanDaMan for trying to add to this track. I believe he is actually responsible for about 0:00.46

Thanks to all awarders and time submissions too
  SkunkY 08-Aug-2009
Haha s8ndm8n I understand.. and I agree it wasnt always fun, especially for you because I was a lazy bone. ..although I would have guessed you had a blast building this thing. Why else would you rebuild it 2 times.
Well, we had a few hangs and breaks but I think the final result is pretty cool.
Thanks for the work you put into it.
How about a new one? Release aprox 2012?
  BrummHummel 09-Aug-2009
The drop at the start isn´t that hard.. Use the sign above to aim the jump. (works best with internal camera for sure )

edit: Why the best tracks get so less attention
  SkunkY 10-Aug-2009
Because the start is too annoying. ^^
I mean I make it 8 out of 10 times but when you dont know the track it may be the other way round.
I believe half of the downloaders gave up on the start already. ^^
  HonG 10-Aug-2009
i'm afraid you're right skunky...but i don't understand it. i mean, its the start and not in the middle of the track.
i wish they would have more patience....
  Cartman»LT 12-Aug-2009
lol i made an awesome jumb in my reaplay
  smok3y 12-Aug-2009
What's a "jumb" cartman
1 hour for that replay and I'm at the 4th spot
Marvelous driving in the GPS
  SkunkY 12-Aug-2009
Haha great squeeze Cartman!
  smok3y 13-Aug-2009
Make that 5th spot now
  Wallaby 13-Aug-2009
great to see that the island LB's are growing again these days
  BrummHummel 13-Aug-2009
Yeah, because i´m back
  Wallaby 14-Aug-2009
My replay isn't great but I added it for the LB
Now we have 75k
  SkunkY 16-Aug-2009
  s8ndm8n 02-Sep-2009
A bit late to respond, but I just wanted to let Ville know that sadly I did spend quite a bit of time on that intro. The problem wasn't laziness unfortunately, but more my lack of skill in that department I had made an intro for an earlier version of the track that I thought was simple but pretty cool (considering the fact that it's just my lame ass doing it ) and then SkunkY changed the finish which effectively ruined the intro. Me being a stubborn sob tried to keep the original intro with some necessary changes of course and thus we have this piece of shit intro that you say looks lazily done xD In my defense, I did make a temporary map to get the ghosts that fly out of the tunnel (not exactly lazy if you ask me) and of course I always thinks it's never a bad idea to show a tricky start section at the intro for those who don't use the GPS.

Sincerely yours,

s8ndm8n the lazy ol' fart
  SkunkY 17-Sep-2009
Agree s8ndm8n.
And I guess he mixed up lazy and slow.. its no action intro, thats all.

And making intros in my book is useless anyway, most of the times I skip them. ^^
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User Awards
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User Award   'Buchi' 08-Aug-2009
Wow the awesomeness-level and the difficulty-level just are the same here... very high!

love the start with the transition down to the big X
cool wallrides and corkloops as well, and i love the transfer, best part imo (wow i havent driven a pipe transfer for 2 years i think xD )
other stuff of course smooth and fun

the only negative is the part near the end after the broken road piece you have to go through and the following transitions to the corkloop (ehrm, wallride actually xD)... its so damn hard to get just without crash, no idea how hard it could be to actually get it good

MT and screenshot are

User Award   Monster. 08-Aug-2009
very very nice track!

a little bit hard
the mt turns me on

but this is not my music

User Award   BrummHummel 08-Aug-2009

I u 2!!!

Well.. i let others write the long awards.

I just let let you know that i fell in love with that masterpiece

User Award   osna 08-Aug-2009
AWESOME track!!!

this track is not what is expected from you 2 when it says expert!
it's not that hard!!
the track is very very smooth and makes a lot of fun driving even if i keep crashing at the last cp.
the music fits really well to the track!! a lot of action in the track and rammstein for the ears!!
i really like the re-uses with the quaterpipes!! that is very cool! now you can see the parts from before from another perspective!
the only thing i don't like is the 1st drop. i crashed so often it's like a blind drop..
anyway super track!! great work u 2!! --> big

User Award   Hageldave 09-Aug-2009
i hate that drop at the start.
User Award   HonG 09-Aug-2009
yes...that drop at the start can be annoying...but when you get it, it feels awesome

the rest of the track is just kooool especially the re-uses

nice outro btw.

User Award   Cartman»LT 12-Aug-2009
the drop at the start is hard to take but it is a great idea and the rest of the map is really awesome so speedy and so huge fun to drive here take your well deserved...
User Award   Wallaby 12-Aug-2009
Time comes later
The track is easy constructed with some easy platforms and good transitions/jums/drops
The start was the most impressive part , and I'm happy that it was the startpart , so the track is never frustrating
The start can be a bit sneaky , but besides that I love this track

Rating: A
(An "A" )
User Award   smok3y 12-Aug-2009


Biggest freaking Shining Fat Greek Cup-->
User Award   Edge 12-Aug-2009
OMG....what a crazy beast!!
I love every single part in it!
Awesome action from start to finish!

Well done!!!


btw....this track made me eat my b....,now i sound like a f...... chipmunk!!!
User Award   Ville 13-Aug-2009
Blind drops destroyed some fun...

...but it's still amazing
Great jumps and innovative ideas!
Also very smooth, even if these wallride/loop combos don't work for me perfectly. Dunno why.

Addictive and fun after all

P.S. Intro was a bit lazily done imo

User Award   KEV Fan 13-Aug-2009
While learning to drive this one I cursed on you.
When I knew how everything works this map turned out a megahugepleasurefunmonsta
You guys are really sick - I love the 2nd jump downwards on the twisted roads and after the next jump this map becomes even drivable for everybody
The last turns towards finish feel like "Kendar on drugs" - or did he work on this one in the background ?
Awesome work from both of you
User Award   Cephid 16-Aug-2009
no easy track
but some cool ideas like the re-uses the first one is a lil bit tricky so u need some time
also the start is tricky but a cool thing at all
very speedy nice track
well done mates
User Award   Markus... 16-Aug-2009
i would get a ban on tmx if i would write what i think^^
nice to see some back to the roots XT tracks here
when will you begin to make a sequel? muhahaha

here we go
User Award   andresaguado 15-Mar-2020
Really hard to enter the top 10 here
but the track is great
User Award   OLDA_X 15-Mar-2020
Fantastic work . Well drivable and fun map
User Award   NitroGuy!»UD 15-Mar-2020
can't believe I never played this one incredible map
User Award   NoTimeToDrive 15-Mar-2020
Wonderful build here!!
Amazing stuff!
Like it big time!
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