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Name: »Arrastra
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Cartman»LT
Version: 06-Aug-2009
Released: 06-Aug-2009
TMX id: 2016180
LB Rating: 61,328
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:45.28   osna+ 0:00.0061,328
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0:45.40   MEFjihr+ 0:00.1260,352
0:45.50   maze+ 0:00.2259,540
0:45.62   SkunkY+ 0:00.3458,565
0:45.84   Sriver+ 0:00.5656,777
0:45.85   FT»Boinkerz+ 0:00.5756,695
0:45.85   smartyyy+ 0:00.5756,695
0:45.96   HonG+ 0:00.6855,802
0:46.03   gruebchen+ 0:00.7555,233
0:46.06   'Buchi'+ 0:00.7854,989
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Author Comments


after a while without presenting a map completly made by myself i present my new map called Arrastra
Some people will think why i choose this name but it is a great song by one of my favourite bads (ill nino)

If u want to listen to it, here is the link

i know it´s not everyones cup of tea

Track info


ingame (only a few, nearly nothing)

intro (done by myself i know it sucks ) Boinkerz just helped me with the colors in intro

outro (still not very good but better then intro )


At 45:17

coppers used over 10 k (overdone scenery i think ^^)

thx for the beta testers in the beta area and all of LT

i give a special thx to Boinkerz because he made this beatiful screen for me and he gave me tipps an helped me a bit at mt work...thx guy u rock

Here is a wallpaper of his great scrren

Try this two tracks too if u have fun ^^

A not overtrasitional map by me ^^

TechSition! by   Cartman»LT

This is a track by Tobbe it really rocks
eXaction by   FT»Tobbe

User Comments
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  Cartman»LT 06-Aug-2009
  ¤ATS¤The Zanar 06-Aug-2009
over 10k coppers?

lag-city, hereee we come
  FT»Boinkerz 06-Aug-2009
On top of my award (it didn't fit ) :

I don't think i have ever in my life written this much at one time ever, i hope i can always look back to this map as a memory of my time in TM when i eventually leave like all of us will in the end (unless your zooz, he will never die). I hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it for you to read and as much as i enjoyed playing your new island map cartman

Anyway this Award is getting like a essay and if i don't stop i'm going to have to hand it into my english or IT teacher and ill have to remove the swearing and call it 'How to award tracks on TMX Part 1' ByeBye now little cartman have a nice day ^^.

P.S: Yay first award on this epic map
P.S.S: This comment might get longer and longer as time goes on as i might edit my award for my own amusment to see how much a comment can hold in the area of awards xD. Wallaby has also said to me he want a huge award like this he might get one in the near future if his maps are good enough ROFL.
P.S.S.S: For all the grammer nerds of the world *cough* delrio *cough* i have not read this through as it would take to long xD, even if i have made a few little mistakes to not ring me up on it or i will shoot you in the face at point blanc with a .50 cal ^^

5196 Character award = Win
Cartman, that is the (now 2nd ) longest award i have ever written o.O, you better enjoy it
  Wallaby 06-Aug-2009
epic award xD
  FT»Boinkerz 06-Aug-2009
Epic Win!

Do you guys see why my awards given is so little now, it's cos if it find a track i like i HAVE to do that xD

Btw: i writ some more to make it a little longer ^^
  Cartman»LT 06-Aug-2009
wow this is amazing

this looooooooooooooooooooooooong award is sick

thx list will be follow soon
  Ville 06-Aug-2009
Don't tell me that Carty just tackled me out of your top3 Island list Boink

Just jk xD gonna test later
  FT»Boinkerz 06-Aug-2009
Possibly, it's no.2 atm, i cant remes orignal no.2 so your still no.3 for now ^^
  tmjonas 06-Aug-2009
hey cart
When I saw Wallaby's award I thought: "I'll hate this track." But I tried it and I have to say it is really way more forgivable than other tracks by you. So that's nice to see. Still, it has too many obstacles who 'regulate' the line you have to take. And of course there are the usual problems of such maps: no real driving action, I'd more call it watching action because you often don't even have to steer to fly through these transitions. Plus I don't like tracks, where you have to take a cp-way at every cp, I prefer it when I just can drive on the normal way from every cp.
I'd really wish to see an easier and more demanding track by you. But I guess I won't ever
  Cartman»LT 07-Aug-2009
thx nice to hear that my maps are now more forgiveable then before. I hope one day i can rally get u that u will really like it my next track is for u i will make a technical map ok i wll try

Thx List!

LoL Boink as i saw this award i was really shocked . I never saw such a long award u are so crazy dude . This award i wont forget it will be very long in my minds and i hope it will recall me of the great times in Tmu . But now to your award .

Iam so damn proud that u think my island map is near the prefection of an trasitional . If you train this map u can get my AT for sure . Maybe you should drink coffee every morning because it is a pleasure to read your damn long and great awards lol . u asked how i reach over 10 k coppers? It´s easy for me because i prefer overdone scenery...but u are right because the map sometimes laggs by me too i try to do fewer scenery next time . Yeah it looks awesome but for other players it´s better when fewer scenery is there ´cause of the laggs . but i dont think that i reached the master of scenery...Wallaby .
Yeah i know my Mt skills really sucks hope i will get better and better .
Iam rally happy that u like my music so much as i did never thought that great .

Here is a better link but there is the songtitel "loosing control" but it´s the same song as Arrastra ... in addition the video is about spider man sry there is no other link but i think it is ok with spiderman

Thx for ur loooooong award i really really enjoyed reaging it
And i have to say that u are one of the nicest guys i know

I dont expect that u write so much as Boink but i also enjoyed ur award I am the master of island fullspeedness? LoL thank u very much but there are some other ppl who are so good as i or even better .
btw u have to say that to Boink he made this kickass screen for me hope i will get so good as he in future

Iam so proud that u like it and that this map is a whole trasititon and in addition easy .Wow i got a b...this awarding system is a nice idea

Dont know JJ sry .Your award is great and it´s rally cool that my map is trasitional and fun at same time for you thx m8!

Awesome >>> <<<

Yeah i noticed it ... the most of XT arent overtrasitional map lovers so I am therefore particularly proud that u like it
You are right that the record hunting in my tracks sucks but i like my maps so how they are

Great to hear that u had lot of fun on my map there is nothing bad expect for the Gps?
Wow thx m8!

Normally iam lazy too nvertheless thx for ur award


thx for loving my track

thx great to hear that my map is one of the easiest overtrasitional maps u ever drove

thx for ur award sry that u dont like the finish ^^

Iam proud that u like it Maybe i can see a crazy time by u

Thx for ur award great u submitted a replay although it was hard for u to make a clean run thx

thx for for finding no words to describe my track but finally u do thx ^^

thx iam really proud that i got ur award and to hear that u enjoyed the track although u dont like hypertrasitional track ^^

  NitroGuy!»UD 08-Aug-2009
Cartman, JJ=JumperJack^^
  FT»Boinkerz 18-Aug-2009
Hehe, Nice reading your comment back there cartman, just got back from holiday i feel like this
  Cartman»LT 18-Aug-2009
hope u had a lot of fun ^^
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User Awards
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  Sriver 31-Jul-2010
Veni, vidi, vici.

I downloaded, watched GPS and finished with a clean 1st run!

It's incredible this awesome track is so damn easy to learn!

Excellent transitions, speed, flow, scenery, track layout, ...!

Extremely fun to play!

>> <<

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