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Name: Download MK1 Sellerie
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   tmjonas
Version: 05-Aug-2009
TMX id: 2014017
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 29,830
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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0:54.95   Aero+ 0:00.0029,830
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0:55.61   FT»Tobbe+ 0:00.6627,680
0:56.20   Sunspinx+ 0:01.2525,758
0:56.48   worf+ 0:01.5324,846
0:56.79   Keirabxtch.+ 0:01.8423,837
0:56.86   Nova.bazz+ 0:01.9123,608
0:56.89   MasterGary+ 0:01.9423,511
0:57.77   BrummHummel+ 0:02.8220,645
0:58.06   tmjonas+ 0:03.1119,700
0:58.43   Dingo.O+ 0:03.4818,495
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Author Comments

I'd like to present you my new old track!

Sellerie is an easy race-track I made quite a while ago. It was originally made for Madhouse Knockout Competition 1 organised by Mikey. Don't ask me why I named it like this, I was just somewhat bored.
As I said it's an easy track - honestly. Was originally only built for servers (especially rounds) but I decided to upload it here as well (just as I will more of my 'easy' track in future). It contains different undergrounds and turns to make it as challenging as possible, but it's well drivable for anybody. There's only one reuse-part this time, so you're all on the safe side

MT-wise I tried something new. The outro was made in 15 minutes but I'm really happy with it (and happy that I found a way to make fast outros ). Intro is basic stuff.

The AT should be quite good, yes that's pretty unique on a track of mine.^^

Last but not least thx to Mad for creating this funny screenshot for me, love ya dude
Bigger one First person to get what that sentence at the arrow means gets 50 coppers from me xD

Cheers and take your chance to upload a replay on a tmjonas-map!

User Comments
Showing 13 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  tmjonas 05-Aug-2009
  MI 05-Aug-2009

EDIT: There's the car ;D
gimme 50 dude
  tmjonas 05-Aug-2009
will send them today

Thanks cs vlf
That's exactly the mix I wanted to achieve.

Thanks wallaby
Funny award, we'll see if I release the other 'vegetable-tracks'. Curious about your time. Btw. I hate sellerie, too I prefer fenchel for sure^^

Thanks Maddy
Yop, thanks again and very glad you like it that much. Go for 56 ^_^

Thanks axeloo7
Thanks for the replay.

Thanks Markus
Too techy...? You've definitely not eaten enough pig No, seriously, I'm happy you liked it though. Release was yesterday evening so just give the slow race lovers a bit time and I hope they will enjoy it too

Thanks Breach
Knoblauch? Lol, that's another track I made for servers, maybe I'll release it just for you Great to get some words from you as always, nice time

Thanks HonG
Glad you liked it m8

Thanks mikey
Hehe, yep I guess I have to thank you, else I would never have created this track So happy you like it. Will there be a sequel of the contest someday?

Thanks Ripper

Thanks Tobbe
Incredible replay Happy that you had so much fun here. You really are a freak, but wait for äro to beat your time

Thanks Edge
Glad you liked it even though you are a "poor coastdriver" (which I don't think btw )

Thanks trek
Fun was the main target for this track, glad I achieved this.

Thanks Brummi
Nice to see you still pop up here from time to time and I'm very glad you liked it. Great replay

Thanks Sunspinx
Always great to get an award by you on a coast-map. And the replay is brillant as always, cheers m8!

Thanks Papy
So great to see ya back around mate. And I'm very happy you liked the track

Thanks Mr.DvD
Glad you liked it.

Thanks Alselius
Great, all those things I tried to achieve.

Thanks Look
Always a pleasure Ya rock m8!

Thanks Dutchman
Glad you liked it m8 I actually hoped you like it, therefore it's nice to hear!

Thanks nikiv

Thanks Skunky
Easy to finish, hard to master - that's what I wanted to achieve

Thanks Zanar
Glad you liked it!

Thanks Äroooo
Fail xD Du meinst wohl Bepanthen Crème.
  breach 06-Aug-2009
Vegetable series huh
  Markus... 06-Aug-2009
sellerie sucks btw.
I order a half Pig
  Hageldave 06-Aug-2009
cheezburga for me plis
  tmjonas 06-Aug-2009
markus you noob, order a 1/1 pig and you are a man
  HonG 07-Aug-2009
killed by a 1/4 pig....

  Sunspinx 08-Aug-2009
Nice time Tobbe !
  FT»Tobbe 09-Aug-2009
  Aero 10-Aug-2009
mann mann... was da noch drin is.. start und ziel voll verhaun xD
wehe, tobbe wenn du jetz nicht nur den start gut fährst und mich meierst >:]
  FT»Peddy 04-Sep-2009
Lol xD Sellerie :'DDDDDD
  MasterGary 04-Oct-2009
Sorry for the "slow" 56,89, but as you know my to-test-list grew alot ^^
So I don't have hours to spend on every map ^^

Btw: down to 16 maps already
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 37 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   SkunkY 10-Aug-2009
Remember the track from my Rounds Server. Found it a bit confusing in the beginning but once I knew I gotta jump up the ramp it was a fun track.
Easy to finish and hard to master.
Good work!
User Award   ¤ATS¤The Zanar 10-Aug-2009
Loved the flow on this one.
Great for online.
Very good for wr-hunting
Indeed, a good use of blocks.

User Award   Aero 10-Aug-2009
raffaelo werbung hab ich dich immer gedisst jonas beim werbungraten ^^
User Award   Etidu 14-Aug-2009
Very cool coast track.
I liked the flow, the variations of turns, blocks used.
Also as always you put a great re-use ^^
The intro was just nice though
User Award   TUMULT 23-Aug-2009
Very cool track from start to beginning.
Perfect for online.

Big for U
User Award   Sivert 12-Sep-2009
Sweet flow and great reuse

User Award   FT»eyebo 17-Sep-2009
Really enjoyed this one. Excellent design.
User Award   MasterGary 04-Oct-2009
Brilliant stuff

Easy to finish, hard to master --> superb

Start and finish are very tricky

User Award   Vincent 04-Oct-2009
Pretty good Coast track, smooth and challenging!

Also lovely Scenery and funny Outro style.

Too bad that I´m such a lousy Coast driver...
User Award   wardav 11-Jun-2010
Perfect done
Good technical speed up
User Award   Xmastree 01-Feb-2011
add another award here played this on ppo really nice design and flow great job
User Award   Stoney 04-Feb-2011
fun map got lost a bit first time
User Award   Basskid 05-Feb-2011
User Award   diplo | mp 07-Feb-2011
User Award   Alex BF 07-Feb-2011
Excellent tech map
>>>> <<<<
User Award   Rava 07-Feb-2011
great coast techer. Love it!
User Award   yukon 07-Feb-2011
great track

perfekt for online

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