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Track Name
Name: Last Day On Earth
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Cayman»LT
Version: 27-Jul-2009
Released: 27-Jul-2009
TMX id: 1986714
LB Rating: 39,630
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:50.24   Gear»+ 0:00.0039,630
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:50.30   Cayman»LT+ 0:00.0639,346
0:50.65   osna+ 0:00.4137,689
0:51.03   maphios+ 0:00.7935,891
0:51.09   smok3y+ 0:00.8535,607
0:51.69   gruebchen+ 0:01.4532,767
0:51.73   NoTimeToDrive+ 0:01.4932,578
0:51.84   SleezE.+ 0:01.6032,057
0:51.89   Edge+ 0:01.6531,820
0:51.93   rat_in_car+ 0:01.6931,631
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Author Comments

Hey !

Well, I'm proud to present you my new track, Last Day On Earth. It is island fullspeeder with a lot of straight jumps and some 90 degrees curves... hehe sounds like an oldschool map.^^ But it is not at all oldschool I think, because of the number of jumps, there are still some transitions and only one stunt. x) Track isn't that extremely hard ^^ easier than Pure Lightning for sure. xD Exactly intermediate difficulty, so I think it is driveable for online... All checkpoints are respawnable if i didn't forgot anyone, for some i made a special-placed redboosters. Yes, there are parts, that faster is to take them no-slide, so all island freaks go 50.xx ^^

I n f o r m a t i o n s
Intermediate island fullspeeder
Length round 50 seconds
Coppers: 5999
Mood: Sunrise
Respawnable checkpoints (I think )
Again mega-bad AT
No music

M e d i a T r a c k e r
Intro - I tried to make a very stylish one
In-game - Like always GPS, but finally improved GPS informator ^^
Outro - Ordinary one, what to expect

B e t a - t e s t i n g
Again thanx go to LT team & Wallaby !

S c r e e n i e
I love your sick screens Jeffguy ! Thank you a lot again m8 !

A d v e r t i s e m e n t
A track of which I got inspired to build an island ! It still deserves more attention !

Crown of the Kings by   Ville

A very creative one !
Crealisation by   Siem»LT

F i n a l W o r d s
Upload your replay please and leave some kind of feedback - what kind - you choose
Have Fun !

I m p r o v e d V e r s i o n !
Since today there is available improved version of the track ! Improvement by Rat_in_car ! There are added:
Custom signs
Red sky & red water
Custom music that fits the atmosphere
Finally it gives the climate of last day on earth !
Gbx File
Zip File
The locators should load very quickly !
Thank you a lot Rat !


User Comments
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  Cayman»LT 30-Jul-2009
50.57 is awesome, but if you can better, try to beat us
  Cartman»LT 30-Jul-2009
yeah i will try to
  Cayman»LT 30-Jul-2009
Gear ! oO
We are gettin' so close to the human's, TM & island car possibilities !
Now me....

Well... how it was?:
You: 50.69? don't remember
Me: 50.62? don't remeber
You: 50.43
Me: 50.36
You: 50.31
Me: who knows...
  JamesMallow 30-Jul-2009
I Didn't Enjoy The First TechSquare(The Floating White blocks)To Hill Transition(Too Many Crashes)
  Cayman»LT 30-Jul-2009

Np James...

EDIT: Look at the improved version of the track ! (author comments)
  Gear» 04-Oct-2009

  Cayman»LT 04-Oct-2009
Omagad !
Lol, and yesterday my tmuf has destroyed so i can't play it... o.O
But n1 !
  rat_in_car 16-Sep-2013
Because was temporary domain, is no longer available.

Proper links for download improved version:

Of course all locators still works on improved version.
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User Awards
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  explorer 31-Jul-2009
very good track ! awesome! for you cayman
  Alex!»LT|fos 01-Aug-2009

I really have to say that i love your island tracks :]

Amazing Track with a lot of speed, smoothness and some great transitions, the track is fair throughout and finishable for every beginner :
Mediatracker rocks too!

Well deserved best of the week track

for you!

  osna 01-Aug-2009
awesome track!

woohoo!!! what a ride!!
the track makes a lot of fun!! it is not hard so nearly everybody can finish this track!
the track is unbeliveable smooth!! i really enjoyed the track because of it's smoothness!#
the sceenery is great!
the MT is awesome! i really like that GPS sign!! that looks damn awesome!!
at first i have driven the track fullslide. i have beaten your AT and thought there could be some more...
and than i looked at the TMX recs and was stunned! crazy times dudes!!
so there are some parts for noslide action
awesome work!!! -->

  s8ndm8n 02-Aug-2009
That is just an amazing piece of work cayman
  1Zaitsev1 02-Aug-2009
not played it your replay was enough !!!
  BrummHummel 02-Aug-2009
Crazy track!
Very good work
  'Buchi' 02-Aug-2009
wow, amazing Track

a huge level of smoothness, speed and well... greatness
awesome MT work as well, really stunning work overall

  Poziokat 03-Aug-2009
Nice speed & smooth track
Good job again cayman
  QuinX 05-Aug-2009
exellent job

great layout and flow

a master piece
  Leemay»LT | Inactive. 06-Mar-2010
extreme island transition poweeer

great track, dude
there are soo much soo smooth transitions in it... i tought... wow
really nice work

~ 50
  FT»Shock! 20-Mar-2010
very nice!
very smooth!
  broadsword 20-Mar-2010
Hell yeah!
This is the kind of Island-maps I've been looking for
Pure awesomeness throughout the ride
Only thing is that the wallride is a bit tight.. sure adds some spice, though

Simply a marvelous job!

  Bye Tom 20-Mar-2010
Amazing map, incredibly smooth and also pretty easy!
Good work, I really enjoyed my ride!
  nickrev 21-Mar-2010
very nice
  ReviiLo :x 22-Mar-2010
wtf great island track
one of the best...
great here and cool mt more of these tracks
Rating: 9.5/10!!
( i miss only a camchange )

  Jet777 22-Mar-2010
As I said on PPO, I never actually finished, but the part of the track I DID drive was fantastic.
Seriously, no flaws, all as smooth as you can possibly get
4 U!
  Tuta 24-Mar-2010
Awesome track! A real joy to play flows so awesome and love all wallrides and jumps and stuff SUper job

<--from: >>Tuta<<
  NoTimeToDrive 17-Jun-2018
Fantastic Track!!
Good job
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