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Name: Download »CurranT
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Ciru/Cool-T
Version: 23-Jul-2009
TMX id: 1974225
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 13,036
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Rally
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0:52.03   smok3y+ 0:00.0013,036
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0:52.48   mysen dk+ 0:00.4512,359
0:52.64   Joost»LT+ 0:00.6112,119
0:53.05   Forgot10+ 0:01.0211,502
0:53.32   Wallaby+ 0:01.2911,096
0:53.48   OLDA_X+ 0:01.4510,856
0:53.50   ExS+ 0:01.4710,826
0:53.70   FT»Marky+ 0:01.6710,525
0:53.71   Ciru/Cool-T+ 0:01.6810,510
0:53.96   Razor.+ 0:01.9310,134
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Author Comments

_______________________ »CurranT« _______________________

Welcome to the first duo track from Ciru and Cool-T, both members of the FT clan. it's a speedy rally track at sunset with lots of jumps and transitions and a great flow aswell. it took some weeks to finish it but we are very proud of the result^^
the track is pretty easy overall but needs some precision at some places.

_____________________ Who did what? _____________________

The Track

1st Part: Cool-T
2nd Part: Ciru
3rd Part: Cool-T
4th Part: Ciru

Scenery: Cool-T

The Mediatracker

Intro: Ciru
Ingame: Cool-T
Outro: Cool-T

_______________________ Some Facts _______________________

» Many jumps and transitions

» Nice scenery

» Full MT with GPS

» around 2300 coppers

» Noobways with ghosts

_______________________ Betatesters _______________________

~ Tuutti

~ Wallaby

~ Cartman

~ Cheap Jeep

we had quite a few betatesters on ppo but i don't remember all the names

_______________________ Final Words _______________________

The name was chosen by kastun, thx to him

Screeny is made by Cool-T: Bigger one
The author comment too xD

Now have fun, we hope you like our track

_______________________ Showcases _______________________

Revenge of the Non-Coloured.. by   FT»tuutti

underrated desert tech

User Comments
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  Ciru/Cool-T 23-Jul-2009
  Razor. 23-Jul-2009
I'll try out later
  riolu! 23-Jul-2009
Sorry for my crappy time
  Cheap Jeep 23-Jul-2009
I don't know if you know...
But CurrentT=
Ciru and
  riolu! 26-Jul-2009
Umm some more awards would be nice >.<
  Wallaby 30-Jul-2009
tmo seems to be not really popular this summer
  Joost»LT 24-Aug-2009
Definetly needs some more attention

And the times are bad too ^^

  Ciru/Cool-T 26-Aug-2009
thx joost for the masterpiece
wow this time >.>
  Cool-T 17-Jan-2010
thank u smok3y for your detailed feedback.
i never had the problem of jumping too far since my rallyskills weren't that good back then .
i will use your tips in my next rally tracks (if there will be any )
  Wallaby 23-Jul-2010
1 year old muhaha
  FT»ciRu 23-Jul-2010
pff, Möchtegern xD
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User Awards
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User Award   Razor. 23-Jul-2009
Pretty much likeable.
I adored the ending very much, but I'm also glad you changed it, it's way easier now.^^
The start is also one thing that's pretty cool.
Overall a great duo - Nice jumps, cool flow, and so on.
What more do you want? Also not the hardest track
User Award   FT»tuutti 23-Jul-2009
Cool-Track guys. Very nice jumps and stuff. the track feels technical, thats nice.

User Award   riolu! 23-Jul-2009

Great speed, great MT, great scenery, great transitions, great ideas and Freakin' awesome start^^

I just love the track!

Great work you two!

<-- I want more like this^^
User Award   Cheap Jeep 23-Jul-2009
Stunning work!
User Award   Pat 23-Jul-2009
ciru and cool t a very nice mix

--> aaaa BBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGg >>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<< for you 2

its the best rallymap since a long time i played

very nice work

see you
User Award   Wallaby 25-Jul-2009
Finally I'm not too lazy to write an award here xD
Great Rally FS track with some awesome transitiions , great Ideas and a beautiful Scenery.
Not really hard to finnish , but hard to master , because some parts are a bit hard to drive. Especially that ones with the foreverblocks.
If you are too fast it can be very annoying
I like every transition in the track. The start is so creative and works well , but I simply have problems to drive noslide the next turn=))
The track is also great for timeattack because the "frustrating" moments are only in the first 2 parts. The last 2 parts are chilling and easy if you ask me , and I appericate that , because I don't crash then if I have an awesome rush^^.
Nice to see a transition upwards with that grassblock , reminded me on sparkplug , because I mainly see it as a landingramp after a drop
The part @ 11 seconds down to that foreverblock , oh thank you , I noslide the curve before and hell I'm always to fast then and lose the control ^^
My personal highlight of the track was the section with the transition with the "?"-looking block. Also love the finnish section. The drop to the grassramp is so smooth (not like in my rallytrack )
MT is also top quality. Nice Ideas with the cams in the intro and beautiful outro aswell

Personally it doesnt beat sparkplug but it is better than Lunacy imo!!! xDD

Great Job you two

>> <<
User Award   Cartman»LT 26-Jul-2009
this is totally amazing
User Award   'Buchi' 30-Jul-2009
What the Heck!
That may be the most underrated Track on TMX

I cant really think of a better Rally Track to be honest... I dont even know if there is one xD
Amazing Transitions all over the place

you 2 can be very proud of your work, all my congratulations
maybe it will get some more attention in the future, although its already to late for best of the week

User Award   Cayman»LT 30-Jul-2009
Played on ppo...
It's a masterpiece !
User Award   --LooK-- 31-Jul-2009
I discovered the track on ppo yesterday and it's just awesome how you've created this track !
It's damn impressive, with so many nice transfers !
Offroad parts are so well designed !
Also superb scenery !
Well nothing to say, it's a masterpiece for sure !
Great work here Cool-T and Ciru !

-- --
User Award   Skilla»LT 02-Aug-2009
Great One ;-)
User Award   Joost»LT 24-Aug-2009
----------- -----------
I ain't saying it often, but this one is IMO a masterpiece

And it is an absolute perfect blend of styles
Cool -T's, stylish and fun jumps & drops ...
combined with
Ciru's creative style

Just one frkn hot blend

And it does not only depend on the start...
each corner is quite easily no-slideable,
but it needs skill to take it faster...

I just love the corners in this one

And then the finish was nice too, not that spectacular or creative...
but fun and certainly original

The intro wasn't quite my taste though...
I felt that it was kinda rushed and it was a bit to normal... for such a stylish track

Didn't watch the outro yet... will do that if I make a better time

gogo 51.xx anyone?

as you may have noticed...

awardcrown => for this masterpiece
User Award   ExS 25-Aug-2009
nice track
User Award   Forgot10 28-Sep-2009
Nice simple track
User Award   Revmo»UD 14-Jan-2010
Wow !
This is one GREAT map !
I got informed about this one because I recently built a rally shortie that turned out to have almost the same start as this one... And I had a truckload of fun trying it !
Simply genius : the jumps and transitions, the way you made the checkpoints respawnable...
I'm not fan of the MT done here though
But still, this is some masive rally ownage !!

Posted a replay
User Award   smok3y 15-Jan-2010
Brilliant track...

With a lot of places that could have been made better
I am not going to go gaga like the other above..guess you guys have already had enough compliments
Im gonna tell you what you didn't see

Starting from the word GO!!
Nice start section
Good offroad bit, try to get a little bump and you gather speed and then the nxt right turn to drop down the paddy field is absolutely bumpy and i over shoot the jump making it a "break hard to make the next right turn"
Ok i did a little maneuver there
Then the drop down to offroad dirt and the left turn to ramp jump to plank..too fast everytime and i hit the uphill plank and loose all the speed
From there on the track is nice

Guess you should always leave some space for the people who can drive faster than when you tested the map..i always go with 2 blocks extra for the faster guys, or if you are fast enough then you can make good calculations, you missed that in this map

But then again it is a marvelous duo work with amazing build quality and a great challenge
Take the feedback as positive, cause i want to see another duo by you guys that'll be a MASTERPIECE

Big Shiny Cup->

User Award   Nim 02-Jul-2010
totally awesome
one of the best rally maps
User Award   OLDA_X 10-Jul-2010
I play this map online now

.... .... OLDA_X

User Award   FT»Marky 23-Jul-2010
that is

Rating : 9.8/10
User Award   mysen dk 23-Jul-2010
NICE track
GREAT fun 2 play
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