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Name: Download Left 4 SPEED
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   djac
Version: 22-Jul-2009
TMX id: 1972222
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 38,791
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night Vehicle: Coast
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1:06.50   Baemb+ 0:00.0038,791
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1:06.64   Sku+ 0:00.1438,301
1:06.79   DaKKoN+ 0:00.2937,776
1:08.82   djac+ 0:02.3230,671
1:08.90   skid orb+ 0:02.4030,391
1:09.11   HonG+ 0:02.6129,656
1:09.98   ohei2+ 0:03.4826,611
1:12.64   Psikopate+ 0:06.1417,301
1:12.67   sephrosasia+ 0:06.1717,196
1:13.86   WoodMan - ...+ 0:07.3613,031
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Author Comments

Hi all,

This one is called Left 4 SPEED, in reference to Left 4 Dead (crazy zomby shoot /FPS )
Now, the track is fast & tech, easy part, night mod.

huge jumps included .
red boost
-short intro


User Comments
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  djac 22-Jul-2009
( )

-- Thanks Hunter 4 complete feedback! Thanks skid orb superb comment+ (nice replay), Thanks Kent great , Thanks XmasTree for yr award comments, Thanks iRoC for the replay& Thx cayman»LT !! hehe,
DaKKoN , always something special and wonderful in your comment, positive also, + impressive time thx a lot for that. THE / MY GURU.
Thx sephrosasia , ultimately the main goal is to have fun + your nice time !
Thx ohei, nice & detailled award (right, the start is a little bit wicked but... ) for the rest, for the others two parts, i'm ok, anyway, good time!!
Thx HonG for your cool

  DaKKoN 26-Jul-2009
A new "Guru" track!!!
  djac 26-Jul-2009
Hi DaKKoN, Now I am far from your talent. so, I tried to make this one a little bit tricky and quite technical.
After few test online, I am aware of some defects especially towards the end & the second half of the layout before tunnel.
One day, I'd like to be able to do so in the same style of "Singularity" from you master_Guru which for me remains one of the best coast maps!
  DaKKoN 26-Jul-2009
How cool my map os so awesome for you it makes you cry... ^^

btw there is some time to improve...

Your screenie btw m8: AWESOME!!!!
you got a big version for my desktop??
  djac 27-Jul-2009
I have not kept this screen in a proper resolution!!!
but i have a link for you (trash) :


incredible time SkyniGht*
  DaKKoN 27-Jul-2009
Crap, skynight was faster then the time I holded back
Ah well
movie there m8!! You should have posted that in the author comments, so everyone can crank themselves up^^

Oh and next time you decide to make such a kick-ass screenie: Make it in a proper resolution Like 1280x1024 or something Beers m8
  djac 27-Jul-2009
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Hunter 22-Jul-2009
Cool track man. The start was indeed pretty darn hard but I've managed to get trough it somehow. That doesn't mean it was bad- really effective jump Whole the rest was good too, and I don't know why, but I really liked that simple last jump. The mt is also neat, so is the screenshot. Good job man.

User Award   skid orb 24-Jul-2009
I like jumps, even with boosts - if it's indispensable
The lamp at beginning of GP-part almost killed me
The jump in halfpipe isn't very smooth, but however fun
The rest of map is flowing well.
Nice FX-work
=> <=
User Award   Kent 25-Jul-2009
Great coastal track. Great jump transitions and maintains speed while keeping a perfect flow. Well Done!

User Award   Xmastree 26-Jul-2009
Wow nice track played it on ppo nice transitions fun to play Start was a little tough but once you got the line down was really fun and new and different
User Award   iRoC 26-Jul-2009
Good one
User Award   Cayman»LT 26-Jul-2009
Super coaster !
User Award   DaKKoN 26-Jul-2009

djac is back and BAM!!! What an addictive track again. You know what it is m8, don't put yourself so low on the "skill" department, since you bring something completely different to the scale. Pure raw racing and addictiveness!!! Serious!! I freakin' this track m8!! All your tracks have a few things in common: They all pack a huge amount of speed all over the track. Every single one of them. Also ALL your tracks are amazingly addictive and flow like I it^^ But I think the best feature is always: You really have to work for a good time. That's why it flows, it's addictive and the speed brings the rush I always have on your maps...
Allrighty, so far this was some sort of an ode to you, which you completely deserve!!!

This tracks starts off with a typical djac-start Not a PF this time though (good one ) , but it drives like one^^ So a stunning start, then the huge speed control with awesome corner sections after that. The " tech" part with the ingame colours felt strange, specially the fx.., but after getting used to: Awesome!! I even think it fits there greatly^^ Well after that some nice sections, I think the tunnel is brilliant Specially the coming-out there So damn awesome and flowy!! The last part is just ok. Maybe a little " boring" in comparison to the rest of the track, but it also fits the track again so no worries there!! I think you delivered the perfect coaster again m8!!! MT was btw cool Cams not all to flowy (like it;s moving in one direction and then instantly into another...) But still enjoyable!!

User Award   sephrosasia 26-Jul-2009
May I just say, I don't normally like jumps and bumps in coast tracks, but you're track has converted me!

Very nice track, great jumps and fast sections, awesome!
User Award   ohei2 27-Jul-2009
Don't like the start traversal since it pushes you to the right side, but the next ramp jump needs to be on the left side. It feels a bit odd.

Two parts are at the limit and you need to let go of the pedal not to break out and crash, but I take it this is a wanted effect.

The rest rocks.

User Award   HonG 08-Aug-2009
great speedcoast that blows me away

very cool stuff

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