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Track Name
Name: Fingers Crossed
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   DaKKoN
Version: 10-Jul-2009
Released: 10-Jul-2009
TMX id: 1933860
LB Rating: 48,109
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Multi
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:05.94   Cartman»LT+ 0:00.0048,109
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:05.99   Zemano !+ 0:00.0547,890
1:06.17   osna+ 0:00.2347,102
1:06.18   maphios+ 0:00.2447,058
1:06.60   Joost»LT+ 0:00.6645,220
1:06.85   Wallaby+ 0:00.9144,125
1:07.64   MasterGary+ 0:01.7040,667
1:08.31   MaB+ 0:02.3737,734
1:08.54   Acid+ 0:02.6036,727
1:08.82   DaKKoN+ 0:02.8835,502
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Author Comments

This is my entry for the XR-Crossover contest

When I started this track, I had a different "thought" about the concept of the contest... I simply misunderstood the rules... After fouling my mouth () severly I figured it would be a waste to just let the track go... Since the finish part was so hard to change to make it fit the rules. But I did in the end After a huge amounts of tweaks and deletes and replacements I think I now have a good track

Before I adjusted the last part both parts were about evenly long ABout 35s each.. Now 1 is about 1s faster though But the funny thing is you'll always see the other car there, so it isn't such a waste
I worked way to long on the track though... Just finishing it yesterday and today tok more then 10 hours... (Only MTing and screenie...) But then again I test it WAY to much during the creation of MT (Or building for that matter...)

Coppers: 6500
Average speed: +/- 820km/h
Length: 15,2 km
AT: 1.08:84 (I think...)
MT: Full package. Intro, outro and ingame. Loopcams, "center-warnings" and an arrow pointing the right boewl-direction. Also I added 2 GPSes... 1 for the left route and 1 for the right route Depending on which side you drive when you go for the GPS
In the intro I showed the 3 Crossovers there are in my track. The base is basicly a huge islander with 2 routes. Both have to be taken to finish it properly

Anywayz, I wanna thank smok3y for giving it a nice run, same goes for Acid and LooK. Thx guys!! Valuable info was made there!! Although I changed quite a bit still.... ^^

Here's the Wallpaper (plz tell me when it doesn't DL anymore, cause then 10 people already DLed it... Then I'll re-upload it... Thx!!)

Beers to everyone and lend me a feedback!! Thx!

User Comments
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  DaKKoN 10-Jul-2009
rastamon019 - Thx for the fast there!! Great you liked it!! How about a time??
Speedy - Thx m8!! Im great you like all those things!! ^^ How about a nice and fast time??
Julel - Thx for the kinds words!! Nice use of the )L( ^^
SiH - Killer there m8!!! Thx!! I'm glad you mentioned the parts I tried to complete the best here!! Good one!!
cayman - Thx there m8 Nice words I'm glad you could apreciate a track like this!! I'm just missing that ultra-fast time from you^^
Fran_de_Kler - Thx for your there!! Despite the bowl and center probs!! Thx!!
Stoney - Nice as always, thx m8!
DD HOMI - Cool ^^
--LooK-- - First of all: Thx for the test m8!! You made some stuff clear to me. Specially thx for your persisitance... I will never trick you into testing a new island track for me Next time I'll ask 1st And thx again for such a wonderfull there m8 You always know how to make me feel good^^
Joost - Thx there m8 Again a very nice (I'm getting spoiled here.. ) To be honest, this is the 3rd version of the track... The 1st crossed @ the start, but then the routes were simply equally long But to fit the rules I had to make a little change *(quite big actually... )* I dunno which one is faster tbh Awesome there m8!!! Also nice time!!
Cartman - Fun ^^ Hehe but where's your time?? I mean you are one of those legends on island
XmasTree - Thx for the nice there m8!! And you're more then welcome for the screenie I got it meself as well as my current wallpaper...
Osaka-San - Thx a lot m8y!!! Hehe wlel to be honest, as long as you take it to the max-speed, it must work out... But still thx for the nice words!!! I think it turned out quite nice idd You rock m8!!!
SkunkY - unbelieveable Hehe Skunky actually enjoying my map Awesome!! Hehe well I think it was important not to go TO extreme here, since it is for a contest But it is idd quite tough 1st tries to center it all out... But thx for your nice words m8!!! They are greatly apreciated!!
maphios - Thx a lot for the nice words there m8!!! Also you drove an awesome!!! time!! I think " rewarding" is the key on this track idd , since you have to put up quite an effort for a good time Which makes yours even more impressive!! Greatly apreciated m8!!
Zubitxu - Thx!!
Ricardo Rix - Hardcore like your tracks??? Hehe Well you might be right idd about which env. suits my style the best^^ But your is funny as hell m8!! Thx!! Hehe I have to tell you though, it already has to be quite a big stamp now... Oh and nice time
O$NA - What a wonderfull there Thx a lot m8!!! I'm really honoured I was the one to give you that feeling again in a long time And your time is also very impressive!! Stay tuned, cause more islands are coming up^^ I;m also glad you enjoyed the intro, cause I worked quite hard on that, to show the cross-overs
Reven-Zamano! - Thx for the for the screen... Hehe I assume looking @ your ultra-fast time you also enjoyed the track Thx m8!!
Pat - Thx for the there m8!! I know how you fetl about it idd on PPO Beers!!
  Hageldave 10-Jul-2009
why dont you upload your screen to a normal image host or at least somewhere where I dont have to wait 30 secs to dl it? (eg filefront)
  paddya 10-Jul-2009
Just mirrored the Wallpaper Speed should be acceptable for all users...
  Wallaby 10-Jul-2009
that one loop-screw thingy sucks and ruins always my time.
Rest was awesome , so feedback later atfer I managed it to make a good time
  DaKKoN 11-Jul-2009
Sorry Hageldave... I'm noob that way... (But do you like it?? )
But thx to paddya it is now online as long as he choses it to be^^ (Thx m8!!! )
And well I guess I'm waiting for good feedback, cause boy you drove a good time there Walla!!
  FT»Osaka 13-Jul-2009
FS for the crossover contest???
K, testing
  Joost»LT 13-Jul-2009
@ Osaka-San: Insane Trackers already exists
  FT»Osaka 15-Jul-2009
wopz. Then Dak should enter
  Cool-T 15-Jul-2009
but the IT clan doesn't exist anymore
  osna 15-Jul-2009
OMG the screenshot is awesome!!!
  Zemano ! 16-Jul-2009
  DaKKoN 16-Jul-2009
IT also sounds like it would be a clan full of nerds....

I'd prefer clan OMA or 1MA.
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 33 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  PPDA 16-Jul-2009
Mad map like Dakkon map
Great one , but one day i will eat you
Sorry for my english , anyway this crasy multimap need an award i think
  eXStream 17-Jul-2009
Very cool track.
Nice technic and style
<======= 4U
  XCS SanKa 17-Jul-2009
It is a beautiful track, very fast and really not easy.
The intro is incredible, I really loved it.
Once at the track itself is rather smooth I think for the best players (because I'm a noob so it's not smooth for me xD).
Great track.

< SanKa >
  Acid 17-Jul-2009
Awesome Screeny, great map and MT Work, great Work m8 !


  nick122020 18-Jul-2009
25 award
Well, it's nice track - no comments
>><< for you, man
  Edge 21-Jul-2009
Wow...what a track....
it has something uniqe...great jumps..awesome speed!!
Very enjoyable!!

Well done!!!

  Black Dalek 21-Jul-2009

I think the title is quite apt. 'Fingers Crossed' you might finish the track twice in a row. Seriously though this is one bloody awesome track.

I don't think this track likes me much because it gave me a punishing. Unfortunately I didn't finish it too often. Those tunnel drops killed me... lol. Fortunately it's a very well executed track with great design and construction mixed with my favourite, high speed. I do like tracks that require a certain skill and precision when driving and I think this is one of them. It has good replay value too.

Both routes were very cool although I found it easier to drive left at the start rather than right. Lots of nice scenery to pad out the track and the MT work is brilliant. Loved the cams in the tunnels.

Well done. Good luck in the comp.

Gold Award

Black Dalek

PS. Nice screenie.
  smartyyy 21-Jul-2009

great jumps, so smooth...
when i saw the rules of the crossover contest first, i thought about simple tracks
never thought about a fullspeed track like this
on the other side this track could easily become frustrating if you dont get one of the "Stay in center" jumps

  Cheap Jeep 22-Jul-2009
  Wallaby 22-Jul-2009
30! ^^
Much better then your crossover-coasttrack which I dislike
Great jumps and drops , and nice "crosses" ^^
Great Speed and also very much fun
Bit frustrating to get these centered long jumps , but I dont care that much
The bowl sucks tough!!! xD
Besides that it is simply an awesome Track , huge fun online and offline , and I would say it was one of your best tracks.
Great Screen aswell xD.
Your MTC shorty was a bit too high rated by the judges , and I'm still behind that opinion , but I think here a high position would be deserved

>> <<
  pjw 25-Jul-2009
Woo, this one's a speedy one!! Great track w. crazy construction and excellent transitions. I haven't managed a clean run yet, but this one will keep me coming back until I do...

Nice job!
  Sivert 02-Aug-2009
Lots of cool jumps and critical sliding turns
Well calculated and loads of fun
Brilliant screenie

  Josiane 14-Aug-2009
Really nice and hard track, I love it !
And I will eat PPDA !!
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