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Name: Way Too Hard For You!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   pjw
Version: 26-Nov-2006
Released: 26-Nov-2006
TMX id: 18866
LB Rating: 9,971
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Platform Style: Stunt
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 2m Diffic.: Lunatic
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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World RecordPenByDifferenceScoreLB
1:30.14 + 0s  X-ray+ 0:00.009,971
Top 10PenByDifferenceScore  LB
1:57.24 + 10s  SkyFight3r+ 0:27.100
1:58.81 + 10s  Kerebatem+ 0:28.670
3:04.92 + 40s  miko5+ 1:34.780
4:26.47 + 90s  sogard7+ 2:56.330
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
Replay is "locked" to protect solution (for 30 days).
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Author Comments

Well, my lunatic-difficulty tracks were popular in TMS and TMN, so here's the first TMU installment.

This track is probably harder than anything you've played, and I'm guessing that a lot of people will never see the first checkpoint (despite a couple of clues). It's okay to hate me; I don't mind. I am curious to see how long it takes someone to make it through with no restarts...

I have to mention X-ray here as well--the track is better than it would have been without his excellent feedback and beta-testing.
I suppose you can hate him a little too, if you want.

User Comments
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  W@R 27-Nov-2006
You're so right ... I haven't even seen the first checkpoint
  Rax 27-Nov-2006
looks like an tough track, something im going to have to try later
  JumperJack 27-Nov-2006

i managed it to jump over the house at the top of the hill, right after the start... but then i just land beneath between the trees...

lol i'll give up until someone uploads a replay
  Rax 27-Nov-2006
I belive you will have to wait 30 days after the replay is uploaded as thats how it works on tmx
  pjw 27-Nov-2006
Wow, so far it's defeated everyone then? (Except for X-ray who tested it, obviously.)

I guess my online-genitalia must be ENORMOUS! Mwahahahahaha!

Seriously though, I hope everyone doesn't just give up on it...I *did* validate it with no restarts, and it's not like I'm superhuman or something; you just need to figure it out...
  Rax 27-Nov-2006
dont worry i wont give up, its nice to see something hard for a while
  pjw 27-Nov-2006
X-ray, thanks for the comments and the award!
I *think* they lock the replay for 30 days on platform tracks...or is that just for puzzle tracks? I'm not, yeah, if you don't want to spoil it for the lesser mortals you may want to hold off...
  maphios 27-Nov-2006
Man pjw this is really a killer track !!
I haven´t figured out the start yet ( i really want to burn this house on the mountain down )
One question about the hint: is it placed just left of the start ?? the sign ??
I tried so many times to jump on the left side of the house, but it didn´t work.....
Anyway i keep trying
  pjw 27-Nov-2006
Yay, maphios spotted the clue! Nope, it doesn't mean jump on the left side of the house--although that house *is* useful--you probably wouldn't want to be without it...
  CAR-AZY 28-Nov-2006
I found out the trick of the start, but i am yet to get it to work, just missing a few mph, a few more tries before I go completely insane
  X-ray 28-Nov-2006
Nah platform replays don't get locked anymore... remember Coast Psychosis...
@CAR-AZY: If you found the right solution it shouldn't be that hard to gain enough speed...
  Rax 29-Nov-2006
Maybe ill talk to the crew about possibly locking platform replays again
  smok3y 29-Nov-2006
I know i have to hit the top of the roof of the house at start to land on the platform accross the ocean..but i cant control the car to do it
Forget whats going to happen after that
This is for people who can play coast ...not me a n00b here
I give up PJW
  pjw 30-Nov-2006
smok3y, thanks for the award, and "kill my ass and burn my pants" made me LOL in real life.

Don't worry man--coast is tricky if you're new at it. A buddy at work describes it as "like driving a school bus". Judging by the skill you show in the stadium environment, it wouldn't take you very long to catch up and be owning people if you wanted to. Don't be too hard on yourself.

JumperJack, thanks for the award--did you watch X-rays replay? Did that help any?

X-ray, thanks for the great replay man! Hopefully someone else will rise to the occasion.
  maphios 03-Dec-2006
Wow X-Ray, amazing replay !
never thought i have to go left to the grass to make the first jump.
Great design pjw !!
  smok3y 04-Dec-2006
XRay that replay is awesomeeeeeeeeeee
WoW n more wows
How did u manage it
Superb..i couldnt have even thought of that way in my dreams
Thnx a looooot
  pjw 14-Jan-2007
Rax, thanks for the award! I'm glad you finally finished it, and I'm glad you had fun!

Edit: Snfu, thanks for the award and the great replay! I'm glad you enjoyed the track. Yeah, that start is a bit sneaky. Regarding the last jump, there is a technique so that you can make it almost every time...

Edit2: SkyFight3r, thanks for the award! I'm glad you enjoyed the track, and I'm happy there are people out there who like a challenge. I enjoyed your replay, and made a loud "Awwwww!" when you had to restart on the final jump...nice run!

Edit3: paddy, thanks for the award! (And yes, this series is pretty difficult.)

Edit4: miko5, nice job, and thanks for the replay!

Edit5: sogard7, thanks for the replay; it was fun to watch!
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User Awards
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  X-ray 27-Nov-2006
Hey pjw
As I said while betatesting, this is a really cool platform track...
Very interesting ideas and a couple of challenging bits that easily 'kill' you if you don't pay attention.
I think it was a good decision to split the track, 5 minutes would have been truly long... and it would have been much harder to make it without restarts.
You redesigned the offroad section a little (it's better than before) and the hint you added is well placed (Seriously guys, the first part should be possible if you think a bit; there's a hint)
I prepared a replay around 1:30 but I am not sure whether I should submit it (On the one hand only a few people will probably finish it without a replay... on the other hand it would reveal the secret of the start).
Come on, I know you can do it! (And yes, you may hate me if you want )
  smok3y 29-Nov-2006
What was this
I still havent managed half way thru the map
I wonder what am I doing....
I did ask you to make a way way too hard .....
But this is beyond "way way"
As it is I'm new to these environments..and the one im the best n00b at happens to be coast....
i can't even control the car on a staright map forget a way way too hard...even a lil hard map on coast is way way too hard for me
for the sheer mind boggling map here
  JumperJack 01-Dec-2006
and this track deserves and award too!!!

after some days i tried this one again, and if you make a track where i even can't come close to checkpoint number one... after 4 DAYS, you deserve an award, and another for the validation of your track

this track is soo hard, but it's soo smooth too, it's soo difficult too, and it's way way too hard for me

an for you
  Rax 14-Jan-2007
Finally finished it so heres an award. got a perfect run up until the finish ill do it perfect eventually
  Kerebatem 15-Apr-2008
WAY too Hard for me because i didn't find the right WAY at the first jump after 1,5 hours Then i had to take a look at the replay What a confidence trick... the worst thing is yet to come... i saw the direction sign at start and i meant no harm by it But i have had great fun with this toture track only the jumpobstacle before finish is a bit too lucky i think (or maybe i simply don't catch the right WAY)
  SkyFight3r 04-Oct-2008

This is my new account, the same skyfighter like before, thats why i'm sending my replay only now.
First of all, i love your Way To Hard For You Tracks, they're all really challenging. Thats what i like as a platform fan!!!

Waiting for new desert track ^^

Of course, award for you!

  Nim 24-Oct-2009
Great Platform, but much too hard for me!
I know the track because I watched an Replay
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