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Name: SnowDown
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Djoszee
Version: 14-Mar-2007
Released: 14-Mar-2007
TMX id: 185312
LB Rating: 28,353
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:03.76   JumperJack+ 0:00.0028,353
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:09.12   Djoszee+ 0:05.3614,052
1:12.60   Bloopy+ 0:08.844,767
1:14.01   Ricardo Rix+ 0:10.251,005
1:15.51   Snow Bone+ 0:11.750
1:18.64   smok3y+ 0:14.880
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Author Comments

Please award if you like it.

The track
Welcome to SnowDown, an icecold showdown!. This is my second stadium snowtrack for United, which is also my second submission in March's edtition of the tmx competition
This track is complex in several ways: You race into each other, above/below each other and near each other. The track is easy to complete, but hard to set a good time. Some of the technical elements require a lot of prescission. As you continue racing this track, you will see it from all angles. Some elements in this track:
- speed and technical
- snow to ice (to snow to ice) transfers
- engine cutters
- climbs and falls
This track has a lovely flow, and checkpoint restarts work of course.

intro: yes
ingame: not needed
outro: yes

Please take your time to submit your replay. I would like everyone who plays this to submit a replay (even if it's just a training lap), because:
- I can see if my track is enjoyable
- I can see if my author score is perfect/good/poor
- We can have a nice battle for the WR, something I like alot


Author Time: 1:09.12 (I'm quite sure that 1.07 is possible)
Coppers: 1927

The scenery is used to race next to and through it. It will not block your path and I'm sure it won't bore you. Some of the scenery is used to make the track a bit more challenging, you will find you when you give it a go

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Feedback and awards very much appreciated
Please upload your time for more competition.

User Comments
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  Djoszee 14-Mar-2007
Thanks T_Z_
Thanks smok3y : I'm glad you like the sliding on the ice If you think the track is complex, then I'm sure it will be accepted
Thanks Bloopy : Maybe it's a bit long
Thanks JumperJack : Nice time
Thanks Andree : I'm glad that a snow expert like you likes this track
Thanks Markus : Nice comment mate
Thanks ~Ganjaweeds~ : I'm glad you like my track
Thanks Ricardo Rix : Nice comment, and I do have to agree with you on the trees. Maybe I should 'invent' some other kind of snowy obstruction
thanks bigxxx I'm glad you like it
  T_Z_ 14-Mar-2007
Nice screenie
Cool intro
But i don't like the start, a bit to long? and the track is a bit confusing, hard to find the way and I hate driving on the ice ( call me a noob )
Sorry, at least I gave feedback
  Djoszee 14-Mar-2007
No problem TZ. I don't think the start is that boring. I wanted to use the start both to give an overview of the track and make some speed.
At least you didn't say the track was bad, just not your cup of tea. Maybe you can try again later and get to know the track using restarts. I think the signs are good enough, although you might need a testlap or two
  smok3y 15-Mar-2007
Howz that for a funny n00b replay
The skiddly widdly ice parts are too tuff to handle
  JumperJack 15-Mar-2007
in this current time, i even made a time-loosing mistake at the final part. that costed me about 0.5 seconds.

so i'm quite sure that 1'02"xx is possible!!

come on djoszee, spend a littlebit more time on the author time, since you know the track very well, i should've expected not to beat your author time with 5,36 seconds...
  Djoszee 15-Mar-2007

I hope that is not a cut, I will check it tomorrow.
  JumperJack 15-Mar-2007
ok, check it, i think i took the right direction...

-edit- hm, you should watch your author time with my replay together, with the whole outro you've made...
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User Awards
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  T_Z_ 14-Mar-2007
Hey, I drove again like you said, and dude, I was a little blind a while ago, I guess I'm not used to the signs in the snow, but yes, they're pretty clear
Cool screenie
Nice MT work
It's still a bit hard (for me) to drive across the ice
But the track is nice and calls for good reflexes
  smok3y 15-Mar-2007
Ya ya this is sure complicated
It took me a good 10 tries to figure out the way
Nice design used here
Good ideas
Nice thoughts with the re-use of the snow skidding area
Should be fun to see cars online zippinga ll around you
  Bloopy 15-Mar-2007
The signs do their job quite well. I was able to find my way with just a couple of tries. At first I found the track a bit awkward to drive, but once I got used to it, it became kind of addictive!

You made some good use of the engine cutters. I like how the track is laid out as a whole, and the ice slides are a highlight. The rest of the track is perhaps a little bit too uneventful.
  JumperJack 15-Mar-2007

you got to drive this track a couple of time to get used to it, but when you got the flow, it's awesome!!

superb work, mate, this is one of my favorite alpine tracks!!

an for you
  Andree 15-Mar-2007
Nice intro
Nice start of the track
Have a nice and interesting layout of the track
Takes a few times before you learn the track, but then you see the beauty of the track
Good work

  Markus... 17-Mar-2007
great track again Djo
i was wondering about the difficult here because i cant remind that style in your building
but its wonderfull made with cool jumps...difficult corners..much ice...öhm maybe because its a alpine track?
nice MTwork and nice speed
i really like the motorkillers here 2

great map Djo

here your
  ~Ganjaweeds~ 17-Mar-2007
Awesome fun maps.
Cool mt work.
Nice snow disgn
Good job .
  Ricardo Rix 26-Mar-2007
great map, superb offroad, you really show just how good the offroad can be in alpine, my only problem is the number of trees which always seem to catch me out, but this is a small negative on an all-round brilliant map.
  Bigxxx 30-Apr-2007
Funny map man ,
Love your screenies
Nice work on this alpine map
  Snow Bone 09-Jul-2007
Speed: 9.5
Turns: 9
Jumps: -
MT: 8.5
Scenery: 9
Screenie: 8.5

Overall: 8.9/10
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