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Name: [PF]Pure Freakness
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   »Lazy Trackers
Version: 11-Jun-2009
Released: 11-Jun-2009
TMX id: 1843798
LB Rating: 8,063
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 2m Diffic.: Lunatic
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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0:18.00   CraxX+ 0:03.230
2:03.15   » n4meless«+ 1:48.380
2:03.15   franz-josef666+ 1:48.380
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Author Comments

___________________Pure Freakness__________________

Amit: Hey, can we make a duo PF?
Braadje: Sounds great, who makes the first part?
Amit: I'll make the first part.


Amit: I'll send it to you.


Amit: Got the file?
Braadje: Yes.


Amit: Are you finished with your part?
Braadje: I got now 1 minute and 40 seconds.
Amit: K.Fine.
Braadje: I'm sorry I'm not a fast tracker.


Braadje: Here's the track I'm done.
Amit: Ok.Fine, I'll do the MT.
Braadje: I wanna make the screen

Well that's the whole story behind the track.
Now about the track itself.
This track is a 2 minutes long PF,
that means that you've to press forward all the time.
If you don't... the car will crash.
The track is smooth and got a lot of transitions.
The design is made in Walla style.


Mood: Sunset
Coopers: 8344
Intro: 18 sec
Ingame: 6 sec
Outro: Only FX colours.

If you like this,then you'll love this one too.

[PF]Break Down by   »Lazy Trackers


User Comments
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  Ville 11-Jun-2009

IMO PF tracks are like short movies. Should be, actually. In this case, it's not so. In this case, the track is as entertaining as watching 2 minutes of 2 guys shooting each other. It has been seen before so many times. First time, it was probably nice to watch. But after I saw it 50 times more - yeah, it became boring. REALLY boring.

If I had to describe this track with 5 words, I'd say: loops, wallrides, turbos, jumps, platform. Basically, that's what I saw. I'd say that there are enough of these tracks... and too less those that actually are FUN to watch (O RLY-series is a good example).. but that's just my opinion anyway and well, if some people like these maps, you can continue building them.

Another thing what pisses me off with this track (and several other samelike PFs) is that I feel like you rushed with it and just wanted to put it in TMX as fast as possible. I can see it in few jumps, which are not smooth, a couple of flawy places and the lack of MT (I don't see why there isn't either outro or ingame MT, doesn't really make sense that you see the same thing twice..). But, that's just my opinion again.

This one's not entirely bad. The scenery is pretty great, even though it reminds me of the PL/PR tracks because of the huge number of poles. Also the intro has really great FX usage.

Sorry if I sounded offensive, and honestly this is nothing against you guys, only against this track
  Braadje 11-Jun-2009
I understand your opinion
  Mania»LT 11-Jun-2009
I think walla style emans this huge amount of poles which you used in your duo walla
  Braadje 11-Jun-2009
that's right mania
  Amit»LT 12-Jun-2009
Thx everyone for awarding.
  Braadje 15-Jun-2009
lol this track got 32 on tmnfx
  Amit»LT 11-Jul-2009
47 awards at TMNF
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  » n4meless« 11-Jun-2009
SImply awseome PF Track.
It even belongs to the best i've ever driven.
Phantom Fake is sure better, but this one ain't bad at all..
I still remmoned a naions upload...
  Wallaby 11-Jun-2009
Oh my freaking god.
LT is spamming dozens of awesome maps today
and it is truely "spamming" cayman , you two , the other PF , the other duo... waaah
Well PF is awesome , but what the hell does that sentence in you author comments mean o__O
You should recognized already I'm the worst PF builder ever xD
Anyways awesome job

>> <<
  Leo.sûômî 11-Jun-2009
awesome work
  franz-josef666 11-Jun-2009
W O W ! ! !
  CraxX 11-Jun-2009
wonderful pf action

great work

  Der-Kleine 11-Jun-2009
Here's your cup!
  Mania»LT 11-Jun-2009
great stadium pf.
some really great flips and stunts.
nice work.
>> BIG <<

  Cartman»LT 12-Jun-2009
awesome work u two!

the trasitions are cool and mosly smooth

some cool ideas

well deserved...

i had a lot of fun to watch it ^^
  wantedboii 14-Jun-2009
  Jonas»LT 14-Jun-2009
LT's are the kings of PF's..

Really, that was an amazing ride!
Creative Jump, smooth landing,
creative Jump, smooth landing..

Speed, flow,
Speed, and flow!


  Nibor 15-Jun-2009
A hole shit Track...

...if you don´t use a cut.

Great Design and speed - excellent PF

  Cheap Jeep 03-Jul-2009
Damn cool PF!
  TaBle 03-Jul-2009
sorry guys, forgot to award this one
superb PF-track
9 / 10
  chris_du_21 07-Aug-2009
Awesome scenery
Awesome smoothness
Awesome jumps
Awesome loops

Super Awesome PF !

  Big Sourire 26-Jan-2011
[...] it's ... AWESOME !!! very good map guys !! you can be proud !
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