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Track Name
Name: Pepsi 500
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Hastings
Version: 12-Mar-2007
Released: 12-Mar-2007
TMX id: 182361
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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Author Comments

Stage 2: Desert

My online series continues with a bunch of Desert tracks. Here is the first track, and my first one at all, "Pepsi 500" (1100C), a simple oval Multilap race with some jumps, high speed and the name of a NASCAR circuit.

MT includes a short introduction and an outro.


User Comments
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  Hastings 12-Mar-2007
Sk84funPrzemo Hehe, thank you. Actually the construction phase was governed by a huge blank space in my head, so I created this simple oval circuit. When you have no ideas, the track should be perfectly calibrated to balance things.

DaKKon Thanks, cowboy. Yes, it's pretty fast, you're mostly over 400 km/h. The first round is really easy to handle at moderate speeds. The second round can be tricky at some spots at these high speeds. The third round ... oh man ... it's like the top level in Rodeo, you gotta have your car under control. Everyone who drives more than 3 rounds in a row is a Desert grandmaster. Concerning the low copper count ... doesn't that come natural in Original environments?

Andree *laughing* Oh my dear Andree. *laughing again* Someone give me mate some more Pepsi! And order him a video camera. ^^ Now ... thank you, and you're welcome. Yeah, the jumps are long, but for Desert quite controllable I think. Wonderful award (or report?) you've written up for me. You make me proud.

MasterDisaster Yay, thanks. It is a little track, and rather short, but still a challenge when you're out for good times, online.

Kendar Hehe, thanks a lot, mate. I am surprised but glad you like it so much. There's neither thinking nor red boosts involved here.

gadget Hey, thanks! Yeah, it's incredible how much you can build up here ... without a single booster!

smok3y Thank you! It doesn't look like that, but I had a lot of calibration work to do, timing the jumps, forming the bends and watching out for traps.

TaBle Thanks! I appreciate your award a lot, coming from an experienced Original veteran.

JakeOIL Thanks a lot, Jakou!

HAWK Thanks!

Ersatz Thank you.

Kiwininja Thanks!

Orca1007 Thanks, I'm surprised there are so many who think as you.

Ricardo Rix Thanks Ricardo! I never ever expected this track to get so popular. After all, I spent less than an afternoon at it, the MT is crappy and there are these glitches. Still, it is one of my most popular tracks, although I have many tracks in store where I spent 10 times more time than here, still this one, along with Baja 1000, is a classic! Whouaaaah! Plus it is so incredibly simply. I am flabbergasted.

kicaclo Thanks!

hippie Thanks a lot, hippie!

Wonderful times y'all! I release the gas once for a short time and that makes me lose an entire second? Wow!
  DaKKoN 12-Mar-2007
Well about the coppers, My latest desert is a good example for that with 5000 coppers
(Though it isn't really designed for online play... )
I don't think I can pull off a 3th round... The speed I had by finishing this one... Damn...
  Kendar 13-Mar-2007
I don't like to have to think all the time.
Sometimes I just want pure, simple, racing, fun!!!
  MrA 29-Aug-2007
As I post a replay but couldn't award it I'll say why.

Its a good track up to the point where I think you were able to test it (i.e. lets go by your author time and replay time). After that things start to happen that changed it abit, there is some uncertain landings and desert glitches which really started to spoil the ride. Sure, some guys have dealt with this and gone even faster, but for me it felt like the essence of the track was lost slightly at the very highest speeds.

Im probably too harsh.
  Eviltim 12-Dec-2007
The track is fun, but a bit too easy for my taste (I'm in the top 10 first try).
And as MrA said, glitches at high-speed on this track kind of bring down the experience a little.
Nice job though

edit:Haha, nice job Hastings. Both your tracks with names based off of real races when classic at the same time. I guess I'll have to try harder here, as I had more on the table
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User Awards
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  Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) 12-Mar-2007
nice track men:O Good work nice ideas and not very coopers-that's good
also nice short mt and overall exelent work
  DaKKoN 12-Mar-2007
YeeeHaaa !!!

I gotta lot more respect now for NASCAR drviers
Damn that was fast
Great ideas and very addicitve !!!!
It was awesome to crush your time
And the low coppercount makes it even better for online play.
I think this one will see a lot of play in MP since it is VERY easy to learn but pretty hard to master
I hope this one will get the 's it deserves. Here you got mine !!!(And a time )

  Andree 12-Mar-2007
Nice name of the track, you got my attention: Pepsi
Since i drink more Pepsi Max then a normal small village in Norway i just have to load such a map
So what do we have here
NASCAR-racing track
I buckle up, like Tom Cruise in a movie i cant remember the name of
Just one little touch of my Pepsi Max before i start the engine
Since i have tuned the sound to zero i have to make some sounds to simulate a car going to fast in all curves
If someone taped me playing this track it sure would be a hit on Youtube
One norwegian dude dancing away on the keyboard and making enginesounds
Some nice jumps, the one up on the mountain always make a norwegian dude smile
Great jump on the second round, i feel the G-power when i fly and fly and land before the CP, another sound comes out of my head when i continue the race
As i reach the goal i have to shout out: Addictive

Time for more Pepsi Max and a new try on this great track
And just before i gonna test the next track on my list, i had to chew some bubblegum when watching the great outro
Thx for this great track, i enjoyed the race a lot

  MasterDisaster 12-Mar-2007
Eheh...this is a little track but it's BIIIG fun man
Addictive and fast
Cool multilaps
Really really really cool to drive..great speed feeling
Should be awesome for online

  Kendar 13-Mar-2007
BIG AWARD for this cute little map.
For an oval track, it packs a LOT of FUN.
The jumps are layed out perfectly and the banked turns are fun to scream around.
Some landings are a bit unpredictible which keep me holding my breath throughout the race.

Thanks for keeping TMU Fun!!
  gadget 13-Mar-2007
Amazing map.
Incredible speed.
Normally I don`t like Multilap tracks so much,
but this 2nd round is just breathtaking.
Exceptionell long jumps & again that crazy speeeeeed. Yeah.

  smok3y 13-Mar-2007
Wahaaaaaa I beat the Author time after 20-25 tries
Wow this map is addictive
Lovely oval race ground
Awesome curves
And marvelous build up of speed
And nice huge Big air jumps
Thank god it had 2 laps, on the 3rd lap id have flown off to the Moon on those curves

  TaBle 15-Mar-2007
really cool layout
like that round mode
great work
  JakeOIL 24-Mar-2007
and and Hastings!!!

Lovely Desert map !!!
Great design, smart building, fabulous jumps, unbelivable flow...
Like Dakkon and Andree said : ADDICTIVE!!

The jump from start to first CP in the second lap is obviously my favorite part... always a pleasure to do it and hard to miss IMO!!

Nicely done !!

Big GG for this "must have" track !!!
  HawkGer 31-Mar-2007
Great track, what a wonderful work !
Superb flow, good idea, nice concept and highly addictive thi one !!!
my ...
Greetz, Hawk
  Ersatz 12-May-2007
Full Fun
N1 for online fun!
Big for Great mapper
  KiWiNiNjA 29-Nov-2007
Very nice, very fast.

A rare multilap that I find addictive

Well done

  Orca1007 29-Dec-2007
Very good track .
  Ricardo Rix 14-Jan-2008
i ilke this a lot, unbelievable addictive, simple but fun. the worst part is only the 2nd lap and the final big jump, get enough speed and the landing is a biatch that flips you out, but despite this, it's pure racing and adrenaline pumping magic - might be back to shave a 0.01
  kicaclo 23-Feb-2008
Wonderfull, nice, really good hasting
  hippie 02-Mar-2008
great track, very fun with good jumps
simple but addictive
  Kyblou 05-Jul-2008

Great track

Nice one
  Wallaby 05-Jul-2008
Great Multilap
Perfectly made from lap one to lap two
Both jumps have a different distance at the same place and both are smooth
Great For online

~bronze ~
  Minstrel 18-Dec-2008

That was fast
I love it!!
this track deserves more 's

Keep tracking!
  Yannou 21-Dec-2008
Awesome track !

for u
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