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Track Name
Name: Beautiful Morning
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   iRoC
Version: 03-Jun-2009
Released: 03-Jun-2009
TMX id: 1818410
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Coast
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Author Comments

Hey there,

this is my entry for the Fun Trackers mapping contest. It's a technical coast track with some nice transitions and a 7-second-re-use.

No blockmixing:
All environments are allowed: It's coast!
No Multilaps (not more than 1 lap):
Include a re-use of at least six seconds: There is a re-use of seven seconds.
Min. five respawnable checkpoints: There are five of them.
AT between 40 and 80sec.: 58.48
Name your track “TRACKNAME [FTC-R2]”
You may submit only one track: I won't upload another one.

So much for the rules... I added some custom music: To Die For - Silence tells more. This is a slightly depressive but very melodic gothic metal song which in my opinion perfectly fits for this track. It should load automatically. If not, you can get the .mux-file here and copy it to My Documents\ TrackMania\ChallengeMusics. There are no custom pictures or anything like that in this track.

I believe that this is my best coast track so far and I hope you like it

User Comments
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  Wallaby 03-Jun-2009
Hehe first FTC map for round 2 ^^
  Ignition 03-Jun-2009
All in all a nice track with some good ideas.


.) the mood "morning" is not really good, because there are many parts, where it is too dark and you cannot see very much
.) corners after hill up - parts are no good idea
.) there are no signs and inserts which would be helpfull by doing a track like this
.) the whole part with the second transition with the broken road is no good idea

Therefore no award this time - sorry!
  Acid 03-Jun-2009
I just noticed that i hate this one block, that very steep culry one ... the car alwas flipps on top, even when i brake ... lost alot there -.- Rest is perfect imo, well the finish doesn't work 100% of the time.
  iRoC 03-Jun-2009
Ignition: No problem, I didn't expect the track to be loved by everyone. I like tight turns and transitions, others don't
I can see everything, maybe your monitor is a little too dark? Or mine is too bright . Signs on coast are laughable, that's why I made a gps. Some mt-arrows or something like that during the race would have ruined it. For the next update (if there will ever be one) I want biggers signs for coast

Acid: I wanted some harder parts in the track, and for me it works to brake and steer left on top of that thing. Sorry about the finish, but just a finish block after the offroad part would be too simple

thx franz-josef666
thx TaBle
thx tmjonas
thx Acid
thx _cros_
thx warik gav gav gav
thx Mr.DvD
thx Psikopate
thx mysen dk
thx yukon
thx Frx ben75
thx PPDA
thx alex!»LT|fos
thx »"ÐrAvE°
thx Acceleracer_01
thx nickbamb
thx lowfly
thx gadget
thx Sunspinx
thx DaKKoN
thx XCS SanKa
thx Nibor
thx Ezom
thx R.A.J.
thx [CMC]Pray
thx |ATS|The Zanar
thx ichirou
thx smz
thx ichq
  trackracer11 05-Jun-2009
You can use those GP sign blocks, you know, those blocks with the sign on the back?
  iRoC 05-Jun-2009
The gp-block-signs are too big and too ugly
  Jeffguy 06-Jun-2009
AND they have clips.
  riolu! 08-Jun-2009
Damn, I was faster than PPDA, but crashed in the tunnel >.<
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User Awards
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  XCS SanKa 21-Jun-2009
On the whole it is a good map with good fluidity.
Although the re-use is simple in it's consctruction, the track is very adictive, and technical enough to make a good time.
In terms of decoration that is perfect in my opinion, nothing to say.
The MT is really well done.
Good luck for the second round.

< SanKa >
  Nibor 26-Jun-2009
Amazing Coast Map
  Ezom 28-Jun-2009
So nice coaster

  R.A.J. 30-Jun-2009
great track
beautiful design
very nice ideas
cool mt
well done

  Pray.sKillz 26-Jul-2009
  ¤ATS¤The Zanar 06-Aug-2009
Very smooth coast
Great flow
Awesome for wr-hunting

  ichirou 18-Aug-2009
Don't know how I've missed this one... it's great

Very nice intro, maybe little bit too long but the camera shots looks really good. The track is awesome. The start is nice and drop is good even though it's a blind drop. The transition after the shore part (not the first broken road) is a bit hard but I had no trouble after little training. Good use of that weird "water-road"-piece. The re-use is very nicely done and the shore part is nice to drive so it doesn't hurt to drive it twice

from ichi!
  smz 29-Dec-2009
Realy nice track !
  ichq 18-Apr-2020
Deservedly Classic
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