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Name: Download The Canyon
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   RayRay
Version: 24-May-2009
TMX id: 1794297
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 23,073
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Multi
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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0:47.61   Acid+ 0:00.0023,073
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0:47.67   rad+ 0:00.0622,898
0:47.79   RayRay+ 0:00.1822,549
0:47.92   TRT-Simon§+ 0:00.3122,171
0:47.98   Cayman»LT+ 0:00.3721,997
0:49.97   Sivert+ 0:02.3616,210
0:51.34   shaund+ 0:03.7312,227
0:51.64   miciomamao+ 0:04.0311,354
0:52.08   ikNo+ 0:04.4710,075
0:56.41   Drave+ 0:08.800
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Author Comments

This can be driven two ways.
You can drop down the hole an then jump little left.
You can drive beside the hole and take the loop.
Both ways are equal in time, almost..


Thanks for the award Fender
Thanks for the award warik gav gav gav
Thanks for the award Sivert Yeah, i know you can do better runs...

User Comments
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  Ignition 30-May-2009
Sorry - but this track is bad from the start till the end.

The layout is not really good, there is no ingame cam in the loop, there are not enough cp,s and not all cp´s are working so, that you have a chance to do the track.
  RayRay 30-May-2009
Hehe, this is not a full speed track, you got to have a litte feeling to make it, but a good player should know that..
  shaund 02-Jun-2009
I am still chasing the and author trophy though so give me a chance
  RayRay 02-Jun-2009
The AT is 47.94
  ikNo 03-Jun-2009
This is probably the hardest track in the TMXHistory. No one will be able to beat that record. You can't imagine how happy i became when i got the bronze medal. Ur a freak @ desert (i mean it in a good way) and i know you since before. You're swedish right? Or am i totally out and ridin' ma bike?

This is a authortrack. Totally. I wont award it because i hate it more than anything else in the world due to the difficulty. (Still i mean it in a good way..somehow..)

Gl&Hf with this one tho
  RayRay 04-Jun-2009
Jepp, you`re right ikNo, i´m swedish.

But i did´nt think the track should be so hard to master.
It is really smooth when you get it right, both ways...
  ikNo 06-Jun-2009
I...... dunno about that. Well, ofc it's extremly smooth when you get it right which is about 0.4 in a million. After the 3 checkpoints the jump back to the road suck's incredibly much I lost about 1-2 secs there all the times. It's extremly hard to nail it right becuase of the angle you're jumping in in it.
Otherwise than that it's a nice idea to put it all in a canyon

  WoodMan - moved to TMX NF 19-Jun-2009
This track was too much for me too handle. I think putting a loop-cam in the loop would improve things a fair bit, because that loop slingshots you into the rest of the track and I had to keep hitting my 3 key each time I went through it. I did manage to make it to the finish a few times but unfortunately my times were too embarassing to post, lol.
  RayRay 20-Jun-2009
Thanks for the feedback WoodMan..
About the loop-cam, i personally don´t like camchanges if i can´t control them myself.
I change camview with buttons on my pad, then i can do as i like.
  FT»eyebo 28-Jun-2009
I didn't really have fun on this one, so no . I can see it's nice if you drive it well, but I like tracks that can be fun at slower speeds too.

Thanks for the karma though!
  Frx ben75 30-Jun-2009
Sorry, this track is too unsmooth!!!
For the next time, you should try to make a smoother track!
  RayRay 02-Jul-2009
Hehe Frx ben75, the track is very smooth if you can handle it.....
Just look at the replay of TRT-Simon§ and cayman»LT ........

And now you can look at my replay, i drove it the other way, and it´s smooth that way too... and almost equal in time....
  Frx ben75 03-Jul-2009
It is perhaps just a bit too hard for me!
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User Awards
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User Award   shaund 02-Jun-2009
Plain and simple

Hard to perfect but addictive.

the map,

User Award   TweesT 05-Jun-2009
Nice track! Original,fresh,awesome idea!
User Award   Sivert 06-Jun-2009
Brilliant but real tough track All about speed control Had better runs going but always threw a jump slightly to the side going off track

User Award   breach 09-Oct-2017
You make trackbuilding seem easy, but the way you build you ingenious tracks just blows my mind every time i drive you tracks. I hav´nt seen this track until now, and i love it. As most of your maps there are some quirks and tricks to them that makes them fun over and over.

It´s been a long time my friend and i hope you are well. All the best

Your friend breach
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