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Track Name
Name: Electrica
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Wallaby
Version: 08-Aug-2009
Released: 08-Aug-2009
TMX id: 1791522
LB Rating: 62,249
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:45.49   Fulax+ 0:00.0062,249
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:45.56   Cartman»LT+ 0:00.0761,674
0:46.02   osna+ 0:00.5357,897
0:46.41   FT»Tobbe+ 0:00.9254,695
0:46.62   maphios+ 0:01.1352,971
0:46.66   SkunkY+ 0:01.1752,643
0:46.67   JakeOIL+ 0:01.1852,561
0:46.72   MaB+ 0:01.2352,150
0:46.73   Wallaby+ 0:01.2452,068
0:46.73   Mania»LT+ 0:01.2452,068
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Author Comments

@ Ville , I didn't change anything in the MT
The start iis nothing new , but the rest could have some impressive moments
Buildingtime: 2 Weeks

So that was an author comment , wasn't it?

Bigger Screen

User Comments
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  Razor. 08-Aug-2009
Maybe another Masterdome?
  Wallaby 08-Aug-2009
lool cartman you cheater , that wasn't the way I wanted that this transition works , but nice time
Seems to work smooth , so I won't update it^^
  Cartman»LT 08-Aug-2009
sry xD if u don the turn before noslide u easily can overjumb it ^^
  Wallaby 08-Aug-2009
I knew already you can jump too left , but that this platform left (I added short time before the relase to make it better looking) can be used as a transition I didn't see

But as I said , it doesn't annoy me , so an update is not necessary , it simply turned my hard AT into a noob AT^^
  Cartman»LT 08-Aug-2009
  Wallaby 09-Aug-2009
Time for thx-list

Thx Cartman for your nice award. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it Awesome (cheater) time btw xD.There are a lot of transitions indeed , but they are all easy this time^^

Techno Thank you

Thx Tobbe Omg , a full rating , I feel really honoured m8 . The old gps was made just for fun , I prefer them to the "ghost" gps' because they look more natural ^^ Although you are currently @ the last place your time is good tough!

AdavanOtt Thank you for your big award. Np because of your time . Thanks for your feedback tough , it's much appericated

Buchi Well , as I said it , you need maximal 10 minutes to finish the track. I'm happy that I was right , because I feared that you need even longer , which would turn the track into a hard one( Mainly because you aren't really the worst driver hehe^^)
At PPo you failed , but you left a decent time tough^^!

Thx gruebchen Great time , and awesome award m8. One question if it is allowed. Are you a german guy (because of your nickname)^^? I never heard of you , just saw you often in the leaderboard since some month^^

Thx HonG Since I was able to improve my drving skills , my friendship to the islandenvironment grew a lot , so it is possible that I stop my "snow"-rush a bit , and variate more in the envies.
Good time btw!

Thx Cool-T That was pretty clear that you prefer that two transitions , because I guess they were the most creative part in the whole track xD. Thanks that you like it so much.

smartyyy Thanks four your feedback! Only one thing I have to say... I wondered a lot in the last time about that^^
Quote ...
but somehow a bit strange such an easy track from u

I wonder why you are always suprised again. Except contestmaps I didn't make "that" hard maps for a long time now. , At least I made more easy than hard tracks since half a year

Skunky Yes , the pad is probably the reasom why the map turned out MUCH easier than the freezing isle's. I begin to prefer easier driving more than this hardcorestuff (except in snow!!! xD). Don't worry you won't see this mega-extreme horrormaps from me anymore I guess. (I guess I'm even not able anymore to make such an islandtrack , because I would change it then^^)

axeloo7 Thanks for your little feedback

Nitroguy Epic and easy tough , Well that is the highest goal I could reach. Thanks for your awesome words !

Hageldave Thank you! Getting an award from you is always a honour because you are so good @ creating tms stuff ^^
  smartyyy 09-Aug-2009
Maybe you´re right that your last maps aren´t that hard, but one thing is that i´m very bad at driving snow maps...
Most of your maps are snow, so you probably drive them much better and think they´re easier as they are imo.
Now back to me: I´m mostly driving and building island maps, so maybe its the same that i think your map here is easier than your other maps!
But dont care about that, i like easy maps as hard maps, if they are well mapped and fun And in the case of this map it is ^^
  Wallaby 09-Aug-2009

Thx s8ndm8n Glad to hear that . Yes , the transitions are easy to drive , and that is great to hear . Btw.. money , where xD???!?

Edge Also great to hear such words from you.^^ (*copying the text from s8ndm8n* xD) , thx for your time

Saftstein Thx very much too
  Cool-T 09-Aug-2009
here's finally my crappy time
  Wallaby 11-Aug-2009
continue thx later

btw 56k is already a decent LB , cool
  gruebchen 11-Aug-2009
@Wallaby: Hast du meine pm bekommen?
Es hat etwas mit meinem account nicht gestimmt,
so dass ich nicht sicher bin.

Gruß, gruebchen
  Ripper 12-Aug-2009
i drive this track but result is a "betriebsgeheimnis"

  Wallaby 12-Aug-2009
dein pech
  Ripper 12-Aug-2009
not really
  Wallaby 12-Aug-2009
monster thanks for your award , and your huge diversity of words xDD

thx sammon favourit , cool I feel honoured^^. About the difficulty...well I mentioned it already^^

Mania Thx for you award and your good time . The beachbounce is not really the most awesome part , because I guess THAT kind of startbeachbounce is easy to build and very popular^^

Brummhummer Getting a big award in an not preferred style is still VERY awesome for me , because it gives me the feeling I suceed tough

Ron Turbo An award from an "old" legend is always great , thanks !

tmjonas Thx for your award. About that motivation thingy... Well I feel a bit similar to that , I think I did a great Job , but I cant play that track for more than some runs Played it offline also not for very long time...well mainly only during I built it^^

fabif thankie!

Ville Dot-award or not , yours was longer than mine , because you put some text into your award

O$na Great time!!!. Awesome award m8 , thanks for all these awesome words

smok3y As I said the pad helped me a bit and...well , we discussed that already , you know ;D

Ripper You couldn't resist , heh^^!

Pat ...waht I said to a lot of previous awarders^^...

Thx list is not that epic anymore... , I'm not motivated lol
  Cool-T 14-Aug-2009
congratz for BOTW
  Fulax 23-Jun-2016
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 49 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  GrimR 29-May-2010
Some great smooth jumps and drops you've nailed here. And the map itself is awesome.
Nice work
  FT»Boinkerz 18-Oct-2010
Can't believe i forgot to award this after the beta and all, my bad walla <3

Thanks for reminding me
  STD|Tonda 18-Oct-2010
Smooth masterpiece!!

>> <<
  Sriver 30-Oct-2010
great one

awesome jump & transitions

>> <<

  JakeOIL 27-Mar-2011
Awesome Wallaby

Amazing flow

Long and cool jumps as well, with fantastic scenery !!!

Keep it up

See you
  DarkLordRacer 19-Apr-2016
lovely track
  Fulax 23-Jun-2016
  NoTimeToDrive 30-Sep-2018
So cool track!!

Sadly dedi'd not showing here!

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  banjee»UD 19-Apr-2020
Really fun one. The jumps are nice and I love the route cross-over
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