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Name: Download DevilTrap
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Acid+DaKKoN
Version: 23-May-2009
TMX id: 1789885
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 20,910
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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0:47.72   Acid+ 0:00.0020,910
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:47.79   Wallaby+ 0:00.0720,725
0:47.85   ichirou+ 0:00.1320,568
0:48.05   MasterGary+ 0:00.3320,042
0:48.43   -nikotin*+ 0:00.7119,043
0:48.44   rad+ 0:00.7219,017
0:52.48   DaKKoN+ 0:04.768,395
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Author Comments

Hi there -community!!!

Here is a creation of 2 crazy guys.

DevilTrap is created over a long period of time. We had a few struggles to finish it, but finally the product is finished We are both pretty satisfied with the final track. There is not to much to say actually, cause you just need to go race the track!! The name DevilTrap has a purpose... Hehe

Now go and enjoy this duo!!

Work-sharing as follows:

Intro: 90% DaKKoN
GPS: Acid
Outro DaKKoN
Scenery: Mostly Acid
AT: 47.80 - DaKKoN

Special thanks go to Hageldave for the wonderfull screen!! Thx m8!!

Beers to all and hf!!

Acid the douche
and DaKKoN, aka. sir douchealot

User Comments
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  Acid+DaKKoN 23-May-2009
Thanks to the following People:

Thx Wallaby « Thanks for the Replay, too. Very nice Run.
Thx Pixel
Thx FT»ciRu
Thx Mauri
Thx Julek
Thx -nikotin*
Thx Skilla
Thx -RazoR-
Thx pitstep
Thx Wraith
Thx DeaD.oas
Thx Ripper
Thx B®aadje»LT
Thx Mania»LT
  -nikotin* 23-May-2009
Holy map, award is coming!
  Wallaby 24-May-2009
that stinks -.-
  -nikotin* 24-May-2009
You are right Wallaby -.-'
  Wallaby 25-May-2009
I wish tmux would be not so dead
  FT»tuutti 25-May-2009
awesome track.. but i dont have enough motivation for a good award..
  X_Darkman_X 25-May-2009
Hey Acid and Dakkon.

I have a Question. Is that a Race or Platform-Track!?
Today on TMX is the Style "Many Transition" but in this Map a bit to much or not?^^
Great MT-Work but i don´t like really the Map. Sry.

Mabye next time.

PS. I saw on the Mapcomments ingame. Dakkon have the same Colorcodes as me



  Nukedragon 25-May-2009
I got right the same problem.
Usually i really like ur tracks dakkon, and the one of acid as well ofc

One bad thing about this track is, that way founding without gps is almost impossible.
Also, the track is on the whole too hard for being a speed track.
--> maybe its just because u alaways gotta respawn because i dont know the way.

For example the start, there arent even signs which show the right way o_O - GPS watching shouldnt be the only way to find the way^^
After that there are several parts which are simply scenery overloaded - that makes way finding even harder.
for example that loop at ~15s. - signs are totally missing here as well.

Another thing are the ghosts which u gotta follow after respawning - that one of the first cp wasnt even showing the right way o.O.
It was jumping down to the finish. not going left through the loop. These ghosts should just disapear there, not taking any wrong way.
Using a 2nd way to come to the right speed to go on driving should be used just very few times at a track. I dont like it because i easily dont see
the real track this way ^^

The problem is, that u know the track just very well (high skill too) - because u build the track by uself.
This way u dont see the problems which guys like darky & me will get.
Other guys had the same problem on the demo on my tracks as well - and they showed me what i was doing wrong.
And i was mapping a lot there, i had around 500 tracks.

When i wanna have some fun, i always come here and download some tracks.
Than just double click and play^^
And that doesnt work with tracks like this. They lost thier "plug & play" function.

Sorry for the hard criticism,
But there are just too much devil traps,
nice MT work anyway


  Acid 25-May-2009
WoW, Thanks a million times Nuke and Dark ... I don't think there are two many transitions , at least that isn't the main problem. And speedmaps without transitions are boring anyways ... at least if you're name is dakkon Well what Nuke said ... that's definetly the main problem. If you build it youself, you loose the thought of drivability to others ... you know what i mean. DaKKoN'S and my Style ... not really a perfect mixture. We're just two different douches.
Anyways ... thanks very much for taking the time to give contructive feedback, especially to Nuke, awesomeness dude. Worth alot more than ... no comment at all ... -.-'' Well we knew it was a bit extreme ... Anti-Plug & Play-Map ... definetly ... we had fun though ^_^
  DaKKoN 25-May-2009
Thx Darkman!! for taking the time to react!!
Also (even more ) thx Nukedragon for this great constructive comment!!

Let me explain a few things (not disagreeing with you here, just laying out our ideas^^)
Initially we decided NOT to make it respawnable at all... Until I drove it a bit more to validate for upload and it struck me I really disliked it being not respawnable... So I decided to make some respawn ways. But since we had the idea of NO respawns, it was undoable to drive the same way on every point... Thus those extra roads were a need... And tbh I really like following those ghosts Hehe.
So the track is hard cause Acid and me are "sort of" pro-drivers. (Well Acid is anywayz...) And idd cause we build it. We 1st build the track and then added the scenery. Thus making it obvious for us to see where to go.
And that 1 CP-ghost... Well that was my fault... Hehe I knew I would hear that from people... Hehe

Anywayz, you pointed out some interesting points. Thx!!! Beers for you!


ps Thx for all the nice awards/words peepz!!
  Hageldave 26-May-2009
actually not completely my screenshot xD
who did those borders round the little screens?
  Nukedragon 26-May-2009
actually great Acid & Dakkon !

Im really looking forward to your next tracks guys.. !
  Acid 26-May-2009
DaKKon did those Hagel, i searched a Font and he made the Typo
We'll see Nuke ^_^ You can look forward to my next map though and I'm sure DaKKoN has got plans aswell so be prepared
  FT»Osaka 30-May-2009
DAMN! This track's damn hard! WTH did you think we are, Dakkon and Acid? That drop after the loop is !
Anyways, if I EVER manage to finish, you'll get an award, for sure!
  axeloo7 28-Sep-2009
my bad Time ist 1:20 Time

  MasterGary 28-Sep-2009
that loop-exit ruins all my 47.xx

I mean cooooooooome on -.-
I had -0,31 on my 48,06 BEFORE the loop already

Just f*ck it -.-

I'm out
Screenshots are loading
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User Award   Drannn»UD 15-Jan-2011
this is the most impressive desert map i've played this year
really smooth, many coooool jumps and good flow
greez, DrannLr
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