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Name: Contakaazy
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Wallaby
Version: 22-May-2009
Released: 22-May-2009
TMX id: 1786004
LB Rating: 44,739
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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0:28.77   Acid+ 0:00.0044,739
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0:28.86   Drannn»UD+ 0:00.0943,899
0:28.87   Wallaby+ 0:00.1043,806
0:28.97   rad+ 0:00.2042,872
0:29.00   FT»ciRu+ 0:00.2342,593
0:29.01   X_Darkman_X+ 0:00.2442,499
0:29.07   Trek+ 0:00.3041,940
0:29.09   --LooK--+ 0:00.3241,753
0:29.11   Razor.+ 0:00.3441,567
0:29.12   DaKKoN+ 0:00.3541,473
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Author Comments

Blablabla *spam*
Except the MT and Scenery + Screenshot I made that map in 1 hour lol.
Wasted my evening yesterday for it...
Should be a continue to aurora , because I wanted to make a shorty this time
Finally it is no snow lol.
Hope to see some battles here
Thx for a little betatest: TaBle , Acid , -RazoR- , Ciru

>> Walla

User Comments
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  Wallaby 22-May-2009
I know I had already better tracknames
  Taka»LT 22-May-2009
There's a "Taka" in it , so it can't be better
  Acid 22-May-2009
xD Maybe ConTRakraaZy « would'Ve been more suitable
  FT»ciRu 22-May-2009
name is ok^^
  Wallaby 22-May-2009

-Nope it doesn't^^
-w00t , insane award , thx
Tuta -yes you are right , there are not huge differences @ the times^^
-thx for the feedback , yeah it should be hard because it is a...shorty^^ , but it shouldn't be that frustrating

Thx for all the awesome feedbacks , highly appreciated , also thx for the replays
  Leo.sûômî 23-May-2009
sry no award from me....

don´t know why but i don´t like the track

  Wallaby 23-May-2009
kk thx for comment tough
  Leo.sûômî 24-May-2009
ok i will drive it once more^^...maybe i´ll like it then ...

don´t know why i do this now... lol xD
  Wallaby 25-May-2009
JEEEEEEEE*US , dakkon finished my (transitional , megafullspeed) map *caughies* ^^
  DaKKoN 25-May-2009
C´mon, this isn´t all to transational...
(for real though!!)
This is a track with great jumps and drops!! Something completely different!!!
And it rox^^
  Wallaby 25-May-2009
hehe yes np^^
the comment was more a joke than a seriously comment^^
But I wasn't sure if the 2nd Jump up to the platofrm might be annoying for many players
  DeaD.oas 26-May-2009
lol, 4 beta tester for a 27 sec track? wtf

And i also got to say that I dont like the track

The jumps were ok, but creative, as dakkon said, is something else^^
seen about 20 times before? ^^
+ the whole track just has 1 CP, thats to less + I werent able
to finish the track with respawn, maybe i couldnt find the right route or whatever,
but atleast I wasnt able to
MT was great awesome though
  Wallaby 26-May-2009
Well , I can't remind all of the tmx tracks in past.(but I don't know another map with that start sry)
There are no "completely" new transitions anymore imo
I just made that what came up to my mind
And it were no really betatests , just short little "watches" , but is it forbidden to do that before a relase?

edit: thanx for this suprising LB boost^^ wished it would be 3 points more
  Nim 11-Sep-2009
nice screen!
much better then the old one
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 33 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  SkunkY 26-May-2009
Heya! The tracks that you make real quick are your best!
Although its indeed a bit short. But its great fun, not too hard and good flow!
Nice work!
  smoky 27-May-2009
great job dude.

keep it on

greetz smoky
  Cool-T 27-May-2009
luuuv it
great start, not too hard for me cuz i'm pretty noob at desert like others said it's a bit short tho but i guess the car just had too much speed in the end.

»» ««
  Hawis.ism 28-May-2009
Nice one Wallaby.
Flows very well
Simply Amazing!
  Stoney 29-May-2009
neat map wallaby
  FT»Osaka 29-May-2009
I thought I shouldn't award your tracks after FTC judging, but I said: "Heck Yeah... It's desert!" so I decided to award.
About the track: AWZUM! Fast, smooth, relatively easy comparing to your other tracks, transitional, desert... It has it all! It may be a bit too short but, well, it's a mini.
About MT: Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.
About the name... At least we can say you were creative
All in all, it's a 9.45/10 track for me, so you get your shiny!
  Dartz4 01-Jun-2009

Drove this online on ppo.

Too tired for long award so here is you m8

- Dartz4
  Joost»LT 05-Jun-2009
Didn't award?!

Super cool race, great ending section
& superb flow

Pretty easy actually, but always fun

  Pat 16-Jul-2009
a nice track

<<<< for you

i know my awards are short but they say all ;-p

see you
  Nim 11-Sep-2009
nice track!
great transitions!
nice speed!
  Park 02-Feb-2010
  HonG 30-Oct-2010
cool mappö walla...very easy !!!

  Loe 11-Sep-2012
funny Track
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