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Name: Dusty Sand
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Andree
Version: 08-Mar-2007
Released: 08-Mar-2007
TMX id: 175928
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night Vehicle: Rally
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0:51.81   Oxyde+ 0:01.19-
0:51.92   Eviltim+ 0:01.30-
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0:52.33   'Q'+ 0:01.71-
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Author Comments

Track #16: Rally

A nice rally track with good speed and jumps
You cant give full gas all the time
Some places can you skip a small section of the track with a bump/jump

I have used the Sicile Mod
Download and place the zip:
\Trackmania United\GameData\Skins\Rally\Mod
Dont unzip the file

The Sicile Mod is awesome in Rally, please download it, its free

Use of the Media Tracker:
Intro: Yes, camara and text
Ingame: 3 ingame helpclips
Outro: usual Andree-style

Bigger screenie

User Comments
Showing 12 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Andree 08-Mar-2007
Thx MasterDisaster
This was made for TMO, have reworked some section to get the track more smooth. Also added much better scenery. Changed the mood to night also
Have added intro and improved the outro
Crap track coming soon, i think

Thx pitstep
Thx OLDA_X i always aim for a fun track, thx
Thx boxerlau glad you had fun
Thx Fistule
  TEP=Julien= 08-Mar-2007
damn , I maded an error ...
  Andree 08-Mar-2007
Thx alfonso
Thx Don Alfonso fun to see you award after alfonso
Thx TaBle
Thx Cephid authortime is bad because my lack of skills in rally
Thx RustyMike
Thx TEP=Julien=
Thx DaKKoN love to hear addictive
  DaKKoN 08-Mar-2007
  Andree 09-Mar-2007
Thx ohei2 i use the Dodge Redneck car by Starbuck During my outrowork i never went through the roof of the car, so maybe my skin is lower then yours. And i guess you did it on the wooden road, because i made the camera very close to the roof there

Thx ~Ganjaweeds~
Thx DEnGel
Thx Oxyde wonderful time
Thx Kendar nice to see you spent so much time on the track
Thx ORA more rallytracks, hmm, we have to see, but i guess i could do that
Thx Iquere
Thx JustCC
Thx YS|Jake
Thx PapyChampy
Thx Kev717
Thx Eh-Pebino
Thx Mirco the Racer what a brilliant -comment
Thx Cab awesome time
Thx HwanDoo

smok3y strikes again with one of the coolest -comments and also one of the funniest i have seen This is why i love getting awards from you, great awardcomments and always able to bring the smile to my face. Thx for always beeing around

Thx fonzie glad you liked the track so much
Thx sonzaaa super
Thx HAWK_GER glad you liked this rallytrack
Thx SniperZ your favorite rallytrack
WOW awesome -comment Hubby
Thx roph
Thx [ATP]HAVOC glad you also liked the screenie
Thx maphios
Thx [ATP]Eviltim awesome record great driving
Thx RedDog,csa
Thx x_TLS_x
Thx Dutchman
Thx Sk84funPrzemo 10/10
Thx =ITC=Speedy
Thx CMC*Wally
Thx Jet Black would love to see a track from you, dont use all your time on WOW.
Thx elkangaRoo
Thx RazoR
Thx speeddriverr
Thx KOBA0100 so nice to see you enjoy the track so much
Thx walkman
  wity 16-May-2007
You better didnt change the mood too pc is old you know.not easy too see where too go sometimes.
And i dont like jumptracks.i prefer too drive on dirty roads ;)Waiting for a new rallytrack of you
  Andree 19-May-2007
Well, i will make a new rallytrack, i try to stay away from night wity

Thx TuneUp
Thx rdg
Thx Master_Track
Thx Manu16
Thx CommanderCool
Thx crooms
Thx Vincent looking forward to see your time
  CMC|Taylor 13-Dec-2008
Erm... now that's truly crazy JJ
  JumperJack 13-Dec-2008
hm. really?!

you do see cronos, who drove a 50.92 online, right?!
  CMC|Taylor 13-Dec-2008
lol, I didn't even see that... usually dedimania records are much slower than TMX recs
But now, seriously, stop driving classics, you're only 2 recs far from me
  JumperJack 13-Dec-2008
pff nah. only one now. pay attention!!
  Wallaby 06-Apr-2009
Sry andree , but that track is really the oposide of smooth xD
A bit too lucky for an award I'm sorry
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 58 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  «Speedy»LT 16-Mar-2007
Great track
Wonderfull jumps
Great start & ending
As usual, awesome MT
Nice screen to
  CMC*Wally 17-Mar-2007
Excelent track with fantastic jumps and offroad parts ! Really fantastic job ! Fantastic combinations
  Jet Black 19-Mar-2007
Some good times on this track! I used to think I was pretty good at rally tracks, but this track has so many interesting places and tricky bits that a perfect time is only possible with a perfect drive Very nice offroad bits, unique jumps and tracks transfers.
  elkangaRoo 21-Mar-2007
Awesome track with very well done off-road parts! It's freakin' genious
  RazoR 09-Apr-2007
wooohooo that one is just the bomb. everything looks perfect and the mod matches perfecty. love it.
  speeddriverr 30-Apr-2007
cooooooool rally map one of my favorites
  Koba0100 08-May-2007
Best Rally Track Ever!!!!!

some really cool new ideas and an awesome layout!

  walkman 08-May-2007
no comment exept ---->

  BB TMU 17-May-2007
nice track fun to drive
  casserole 06-Jun-2007
  rdg 09-Jun-2007
great rallytrack with amazing offroad parts.
the mt is sometimes really important, good that you made it.
  Master_Track (TMBreak) 18-Jun-2007
great rally track!!
tricky for rallynoobs like me, but, for sure, great fun for everyone!!!!!!!!!
super setting of the jumps, turns and ingame hints
cool MT also!!!

for you, mate!
  ScrewD. Manu 10-Aug-2007
very good track, nice flow... and very nice times also
  CommanderCool 15-Aug-2007
Sos 4 late
ULtra cool track!
awesome Mod,MT,environment,track,jumps,flow,screenie,everything!
Another awesome track dude!
  crooms 16-Aug-2007
Very original track with some great inventive lines throughout.
Lots of fun, and very tricky
A super cool track

  Vincent 17-Aug-2007
Wow, that´s a creative design!
Quite hard to drive, but really worth the pain. I´ll try to post a time later...
  Razor. 03-Jun-2008
Wooow. Great Mix of Speed, Tech and Jumps.
A Must for every Rally fan!
  JumperJack 13-Dec-2008
mostly i'm not such a mod-person, but this track has got something... ^^

the track
a fullspeeder, not really hard, nicely flowing. you used the mod good as well... ^^

the rest
some nice mediatracker, nice scenery, what else should i say?! ^^

the fun factor
the track was fun to play, but some random landing bugs messed it a bit up. nevertheless a great track!! ^^

final rating: 8/10

great one!!
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