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Track Name
Name: Destiny
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   JumperJack-Wally
Version: 08-Mar-2007
Released: 08-Mar-2007
TMX id: 175465
LB Rating: 58,228
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night Vehicle: Stadium
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:51.43   JumperJack+ 0:00.0058,228
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:51.89   SMiiE+ 0:00.4655,103
0:51.90   CMC*Wally+ 0:00.4755,035
0:52.76   TimeBreaker+ 0:01.3349,193
0:52.92   Tom.CZ.73+ 0:01.4948,106
0:52.99   alcoholic_tpgn+ 0:01.5647,631
0:53.18   Ricardo Rix+ 0:01.7546,340
0:53.31   TheDarkBlazer+ 0:01.8845,457
0:53.78   Eviltim+ 0:02.3542,264
0:54.72   Sivert+ 0:03.2935,878
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Author Comments


Please award our tracks when you like them. We consider an award as an excellent feedback for our hard work. And please upload your personal record too, that's a great way to keep the track active and challenging. Thank you…

The custom images and music used in this track will be downloaded automatically. So when you’re not connected to the internet while playing, or have got a slow internet connection, please download these largest files before playing the track!! The rest will be downloaded automatically very fast.

Download the music (~4,1 MB)
Place this file in this folder:
My Documents\TrackMania United\ChallengeMusics.

The Track
This track is the product of a month of community building. We, JumperJack and Wally, both have build two parts of this track. We decided to make a full-speed track, however, due the space-problem, we later decided too to make it into a speedy tech track. Due this, there’s one corner that can’t be taken at full speed. The whole feeling of the track is great, you really got to pay attention to the driving continuously when you want to set a good time. Due the smallest mistake, you could crash and land somewhere where you don’t want to be. It’s a matter of attention!!

Coppers: 2729, to keep the lag low.
Platforms: 3
Off-Road parts: 4
Loopings: 0
Wallrides: 1

- Intro: yes, by JumperJack
- GPS: yes, by JumperJack
- In-Game: yes, only a camchange
- Outro: yes, by JumperJack
- Music: yes, Chop Suey by System of a Down, chosen by Wally

- Author: 0'51"43
- Gold: 0'55"00
- Silver: 1'02"00
- Bronze: 1'18"00

Bigger Screenie

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User Comments
Showing 17 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  JumperJack 08-Mar-2007

  insane 08-Mar-2007
lol, just released a track with the same song yesterday
will test it soon guys, screen looks promising
  JumperJack 08-Mar-2007
haha, really?! lol, then it's the fact that i still haven't played that track of yours my biggest mistake!!
  CMC*Wally 08-Mar-2007
Wow Insane it's the longest award i have ever seen :D:D

heh screenie is better without my name
  insane 08-Mar-2007
heh, np its a great track
Here's what i meant with the sign bug:
Dunno whats the problem there
  Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) 08-Mar-2007
I have seen only one longer coment by JJ in Smok3y's Black or White
  JumperJack 08-Mar-2007
wow, awwwwwesome award insane...

only mine at Black OR White is longer...

however, that sign-bug is veeery weard... could you maybe play wallies track: "Mini Drift" too sometimes, because if it doesn't work there, the problem is at you...

@wally: since artemis' arrow, i decided that the author name wasn't something to place on the screenie, only something like a signature by the one who's made it. i'm sorry mate - if you want i can change it and put your name there too...

-edit- sorry, i've changed it!!

tnx przemo - thanks for such a wonderful award, was a great pleasure to read!!
tnx insane - no GPS sign?! oh yeah, there is one, take a careful look!! about the intro, i wanted to make something static and nice, and to my opinion i've made that, but like you've said, it can indeed be a bit boring... and the outro, well, i totally understand you. i just found out the 'anchor' option in the mediatracker, and i went for building something with that... to enjoy the outro, you got to look at it like being in a rollercoaster or something... however, again, i'll get your point!! and the billboard problem i can't understand... thank you for that wonderful award, the longest i've ever got, and i think i can speak for wally too then!!
tnx markus - wow, an award from someone who doesn't like the specific style, they're awesome!! thank you markus!!
tnx jojo - when insane wouldn't have written such an awesome award, your award would've looked even cooler, thanks!!
tnx Sivert - superb award, but ehh... an untouchable author time?! i decided to drive a decent one, but not a perfect one, so i gave it just five tries... lol
tnx MasterDisaster - lovely award!! the wallride might be a bit small, but i placed a small one due that i didn't had any space left. however, when you drive it a couple of times, you'll get used to it...
tnx TYZZ - wow great award!!
tnx JuneRaT - i'm happy to see that you like it that much!!
tnx T_Z_ - if you would've looked at the billboards, you would've found out that the first 15 secs are from wally, then the wallride and 'tunnel' is mine, the two drift corners are wally's, and the last offroad parts are mine again. so you were totally wrong...
tnx Ricardo Rix - lol, blame me for that ultra difficult part... myself, after having driven it a couple of times, i haven't crashed about once there anymore...
tnx ORA - the fun is where it's all about, isn't it?!
tnx GT rip - thank you!!
tnx smok3y - and with some crash - bang - boom, again an excellent award... you give the best... they're always so extremely funny to read!!
tnx *speedy* - sorry mate, there was no room for extra lights there...
tnx HwanDoo - silver is a better color anyway, isn't it?!
tnx DaKKoN - 60 minutes and 150 tries to get gold?! and you're even a non-stadium fanatic?! then this award counts twice as much for me!!
tnx SMiiE - great award!!
tnx ~Ganjaweeds~ - i'm happy that you liked it!!
  insane 08-Mar-2007
darn, now i have to edit the award just to make it longer
Nah, j/k, but the billboard didnt load correct for me on wallys track aswell...
could be my uberlow settings, well nevermind it then
and yes i see that GPS sign, jsut its not more than black with a few golden stripes for me...
  JumperJack 08-Mar-2007
weard, then there's really a problem at your place, because there should be a huge, very clear 'GPS'...
  T_Z_ 09-Mar-2007
lool, i failed everything!! Incredible It's my PB
  CMC*Wally 09-Mar-2007
59.7x is max for me ! Nice time JJ ! I can make drift better and will be -0.2 But everything here is wallride, it's giving much GL !
  JumperJack 09-Mar-2007
i'll upload my best time too sometimes...
  smok3y 10-Mar-2007
Beautiful screenie
  CMC*Wally 10-Mar-2007
Heh Smok3y I'm not an Einstein This drift is inspirated by Artemis Arrow by JJ so it's good bcs of him
I'm happy that You like this map guys !

  JumperJack 13-Mar-2007
tnx Tonic_91 - again such an awesome award...
tnx HAWK_GER - and you're the one who makes the 'difficult-to-finish-at-first' tracks, so that award counts double to me!!
tnx gadget - an awesome award from an awesome track builder!!
tnx HAVOC - when you can't find the transitions between the different parts, then it's awesome, the teamwork worked out well!!
tnx Jonkster_NZ - wow, one lovely award with just the best positive comments!! and about the outro, i wanted to try something new, and i found out that many people doesn't like this outro, so i guess i'll keep on making the kind of outros i'm used to. however, i think i've really learned something when building this one...
tnx pitstep - your awards are always sooo cool, i'm really happy that you liked it!! and i'll test your four latest tracks too, i won't forget them, they're in my 'to test' folder for a long time now...
tnx Eviltim - wow, again such an awesome award!!
tnx Hastings - i'm happy to see that there are still some people who think this track is easy...
tnx Rustie's - amazing award!! ^^
tnx BrutalDeLuxe - lol, a jackjumper is a huge ant, beleive me, and i'm not one of the smallest persons on earth either... and i really liked to jump with you around too!! ^^
tnx Zippage - i'm glad you're back!! ^^
tnx TimeBreaker - wow, that award is just... awesome... it's simple amazing... i'm just speechless... amazing, amazing, amazing!! ^^
  Master_Track (TMBreak) 28-Apr-2007
sorry but I can't award it -I don't have the skills to finish the track
  JumperJack 07-May-2007
doesn't matter master_track, it's kind of a difficult track anyway...
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 30 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  [ATP]HAVOC 12-Mar-2007
Apologies on delay of this award, somehow never ran this track.
Thought I had, I watch for all your tracks. Props to Wally and
yourself for a wonderful track. Is a little tight after the 1/2 loop landing to grass road transition
to keep a straight line to miss the pole. I myself would have left the pole
out of this location. But your 2 guy's effort has proven very well. It is extremely
hard to tell where 1 builder left off and the other started. The sign of good
teamwork. Intro, short simple nice effective, music choice..thats a gimme, love that song
Cool screen.
All around super quality track, thanks for the effort you 2 put forth.
I really got some enjoyment out of this track. Please consider another team-up as this was
a real pleasure to run.

  Jonkster 12-Mar-2007
Superb Track!

Congrats you two for the creation of this epic masterpeice!
Its really quite something.

Beautiful intro , looked really snazy with the cool camera angles and the quick transitions between them

Fantastic start section, real tight and flows like a dream when you find the right line. Great level of diffulcult here.

Perfectly planned offset jumps. They add a real wow factor to the track, look and feel great.

Lovely offroad drifting, that also raises the adrenaline levels as you see the scenery flying past ominousely close

Great speed, nice tech aspect, smooth flow, nice jumps.

The outro looked great to begin with. But one trigger!? It got a bit monotonus, and at times I saw way to much of the car, and not nearly enough of the track. Try mixing up with more triggers and a variety of anchored and free cams... Just my opinion though, and it is really a great track.

JJ <-- --> Wally

  pitstep 14-Mar-2007
great speedtrack
perfect to drive
cool mt
great work guys
  Eviltim 14-Mar-2007
Very nice full speed stadium track.
Good flow, high speed and very challenging (which is good ) for a full speed track.
I will post my record later when I get a better time .

Great job JumperJack and CMC*Wally!
  Hastings 15-Mar-2007
Wonderful diversity, good jumps, a good low difficulty, nice layout.

  Rusties 10-Apr-2007
This is a amazing track !
This is an amazing screenshot !

  BrutalDeLuxe 15-Apr-2007
Very good one again little ant ^^
I like all the jumps it's realy cool to jump with you :lol: .
And good MT work again GG
  Zippage 30-Apr-2007
dang have i been away this long

sweet and sexeh, quality build my friend

  TimeBreaker 28-May-2007
wait wait wait... what the hell
i really didnt award this great track already?????
omg shame on me

now this track is really one of the very very best duotracks ive ever played

the screenie looks pretty cool
the intro is great, love thoise stripes used and all other effects
the gps is a bit different to all other gps i know, but still its a cool one, and you dont really need a gps at all so i dont care
the outro looks great dudes is it only 1 cam? looks simple but cool to view
the custom signs and especially the great custom music rock
the scenery and all the blue atmosphere is cool and totally enjoyable
the track is just awesome
its almost fullspeed , superfast, smooth and got a brilliant flow
the start section is already cool, a bit tricky in the first treis but then its easy
then theres a cool jump to plattform with a bit steering to the first wallride, this one is also tricky cause its not like the normal wallrides you all know
well after soem tries you will learn it
then the grass part, which is already beautiful, and another jump from road to road, this time a vertical one
then a little curve where you slide, but you can doit without loosing aceleration then some anlged plattform steering while looking for the obstacles
then you drive again a bit road with the only curve than cant be done fullspeed a very nice curve i have to say
then soem offroading, a left curve on road where you slide again, another grassspart where you need to go left, and seconds later, youve finished the track
whoaaaa this track is simply amazing
im so happy drivign this track simply amazing work is done here
i cant say i dont like anything on the track, its just a perfect work , and wow 31 awards is not much when thinking of how awesoem this track is

  TheDarkBlazer 28-Sep-2010
one of the best FS tracks ive ever played....Im stunned....This track is perfect....I cant wait to start hunting WRs..
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