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Name: Opposition [MTC]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Hageldave
Version: 08-May-2009
Released: 08-May-2009
TMX id: 1753786
LB Rating: 33,401
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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0:43.01   Cartman»LT+ 0:00.0033,401
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0:43.22   MEFjihr+ 0:00.2132,422
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0:43.72   maze+ 0:00.7130,092
0:43.84   Zeref+ 0:00.8329,533
0:43.91   NoTimeToDrive+ 0:00.9029,207
0:44.40   Hageldave+ 0:01.3926,924
0:44.89   PapyChampy+ 0:01.8824,641
0:44.90   breach+ 0:01.8924,594
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Author Comments

actually i just reneged on a promise I once made publishing Exhaust, which was not building another tech track ^^
well here you go: a smooth tech track surrounded by some lovely scenery and of course on a 2 x i dunno field which is this months task.
feedback and times are highly appreciated

get the screenshot here

User Comments
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  Hageldave 10-May-2009
Thanks to

  c4rr0t 09-Sep-2009
wow nice track! only problem is that it's too hard for me...)

but how did you do the fog effect?
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User Awards
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  Ripper 08-May-2009
awezome !
  Wallaby 08-May-2009
Great Techmap
Great solution for the MTC also
Even easy to drive for me , so I like it very much.
Oh and the Scenery around that map was " M G"

>> <<
  Cartman»LT 08-May-2009
great map

huge fun


absolute awesome

well deserved...
  PapyChampy 08-May-2009
My goes to the design of the map, which is outstanding. very interesting constructions.

Nice overall speed and no-slide turns.

However, the map is, unfortunately, too hard and precise to be really fun. Some passages are especially unforgiving, such as the final straight to the finish after the U turn tunnel.

Not very intuitive, a map that requires many runs to grab a piece of fun on it.
  maphios 08-May-2009
PC is right, this one isn´t that easy to master.
BUT i think this map deserves to be driven quite a few times.
The last 180 in the tunnel is maybe a bit too harsh and unexpected at first and you have to brake very hard there. But precision is the winner here and you need lots of it to master this track.
And finally you get such an entertaining ride that totally pays off the pain you got at first .
I liked the concept here more and more but especially unexperienced drivers won´t make it to the finish i suppose.
Great MT work here too.

  Andisch 08-May-2009
Jeezuz Christ! Awesome map! best map for MTC May Yet
Great work!

  BrummHummel 08-May-2009
Now i have 2 favs for the MTC May
Unbelievable what you (and the others) can build in such a narrow space.
(I also tried it and i sucked hard xD)
  Sivert 08-May-2009
Excellently calculated sweet smooth track
Great mt and nice screenie

  SkunkY 09-May-2009
Well, this is a track I wouldn't normally award because it has too many speed-changes. I dont like when there are boosts and then hard turns. Either boosting and jumping or hard turns. But again considering the theme its understandable and with some practice the track becomes good fun.
  FT»Peddy 09-May-2009
Very nice!
It's techy for a hagel-track xD
Great smooth jumps m8!
I like the map

  Black Dalek 09-May-2009
Awesome track.

Great layout and transitions although some were a little hard. But after some practise I managed to get a good time. Nice mix of speed throughout. Trying to take the corner with just enough speed as to not slide out but enough to make the jump that's coming up. This track makes the player really have to DRIVE the car to get a good time but that didn't deter me.
Inexperienced drivers might have a a problem but it's worth the challenge.
Smooth tunnel jump at the start. The jump up to the second checkpoint got me every time as did the tunnel jump near the end, but once you get the line and speed they work well. Some well calculated jumps and drops thoughout.
Scenery is good as is the MT. Those cams in the tunnels grabbed my attention... nicely done. (Wouldn't want to watch it if I'd had a few beers though...)
Good luck in the comp.

Black Dalek
  tmjonas 11-May-2009
Love it!
The last turn in the tunnel is quite hard, but except that a brillant track with nice technical parts, but also great speed parts. Very well calculated and exciting to drive!
You did it again.. Also a marvellous scenery! MT is nice as well!

  Mania»LT 11-May-2009
awesome how you could combine a 2 tiles thick map with cool tech challenges and great jumpy fun
>>BIG <<
one of my fav's at this mtc
good luck !
  pitstep 19-May-2009
cool noslider
nice ideas
fun to drive
  DaKKoN 19-May-2009
Simply an awesome map!!
Hard tbh to get a clean run, but worth the tries!! Flow and creativity! The techy character is a little cinfusing without a few warnings, but the track is fun enough to learn where those spots are!! Not the best track I drove so far in the MTC< but seriously on of the better ones!! (my taste!!!) The scenery btw looked As did the MT --> Outro!! I (L)ed it!! The screeny is a winner for the theme!! ^^
Good luck in the contest m8!!

  Alcator 31-May-2009
Judge's comments:
Above average design, MT and fun factor. Good work!

  NoTimeToDrive 10-May-2020
Lovely techy track!!
Hard to get it right!
Thanks Mister
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