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Name: London Rain [BT #1]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   TMX Community
Version: 01-May-2009
Released: 01-May-2009
TMX id: 1735834
LB Rating: 35,023
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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0:41.03   1Zaitsev1+ 0:00.3733,111
0:42.61   Voyager006+ 0:01.9524,945
0:42.88   Hamster+ 0:02.2223,549
0:43.09   Jaypsi+ 0:02.4322,464
0:43.16   eyebo.wp+ 0:02.5022,102
0:43.17   Dingo.O+ 0:02.5122,051
0:43.20   MasterGary+ 0:02.5421,896
0:43.24   JakeRay+ 0:02.5821,689
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Author Comments

TMX Blog Track #1 - London Rain, by Siem.

The Blog Track series is a series of tracks created by famous TMX members and great track builders around the community, in association with the TMX Blog. London Rain is the first track in this series, and Siem is the author.

A message from the author:

Quote ...
This track really represents my style, Siemness Style.
It's a techy style without any (also not needed) CP-ways
It's easy to race and hard for WR-Hunting so also great for the pro's
And with a simple, but very nice MT, you've got a masterpiece I think

I also want to thank Jozii that I could make a TMX Blog track (in my style)
Ville for nice betatesting and also my team


Larger screenshot here.

Thanks for playing and awarding or commenting the track

User Comments
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  Siem»LT 02-May-2009
It's uploaded

»Mania: Wow thanks, I'm glad that I'm the first of the BT tracks
»Wallaby: Nah, that drop is awesome ^^
»Jockis: Thanks mate
»Zaitsev: Thanks
»Jonas: Thanks mate but I use Fireworks CS4 for it, not gimp or that other thingy x)
»Acid: lol thanks :')
»Cuba.CZ: wow thanks
»trackracer11: Thanks I think it's good for ppo ^^
»GSP: Two words A W E S O M E AWARD the funiest award I've ever had Post it on my tm(x) profile
»DeaD: Thanks mate that's a long time ago I've read sth from u ^^
»Massa: Fun is cool
»X_Darkman_X: Tech bay rocks ^^
»Tmjonas: Wow mate, thanks for you lovely words !!
»SkunkY: Maybe, but I think/hope it's fun from try 1 ^^
»B®aadje: Lazyness is in all of us ^^
»Frx ben75: Thanks ^^
»Joost: I think it's for everybody the same, easy to finish hard to master
»Wraith: Tnx
»Hawis.ism: wow thanks, really thanks !
»MasterMe: tnx
»Hageldave: I already build some techy tracks ^^ And for the outro, yeah yeah, I'm lazy xD
»LooK: Wow thanks ^^
»Ville: Hehe thanks
»alex!: Thanks
»Leo.suomi: Thanks
»g.ananas: Flow power :')
»KiWiNiNjA: They also said that 'Duo Tech' was a FS :')
»Micster: Thanks for your nice words
»Mr.DvD: Thanks
»Speedy: 30 Thanks
  Jonas»LT 03-May-2009
Congratz for showcase siem!
  Mania»LT 03-May-2009
screenshot is recycling
but it is very nice , a cool position
  Siem»LT 03-May-2009
It was too cool to not use it ^^
It's also took from this track so what's the prob mania? ^^

And thanks jonas
  Joost»LT 03-May-2009
yeah gratz on showcase
Will check it now
  Siem»LT 03-May-2009
Thanks Joost
  Mania»LT 03-May-2009
Quote ...
It's also took from this track so what's the prob mania? ^^

I didn't say it was a prob
it's awesome^^
gratz for showcase btw.
continue thit style :]
  Siem»LT 03-May-2009
I will, I will continue with my awesome Siemness style
  SkunkY 04-May-2009
What's so smelly here? lol
  Leo.sûômî 06-May-2009
mmmhhh i disagree with gsp

the track has a lot of transitions...

and there are many LT tracks without transitions....
  Siem»LT 06-May-2009
Every track has mini-transitions, but you can't say this has real transitions
  SkunkY 06-May-2009
This transition discussions are too funny..
  Siem»LT 06-May-2009
You've got a point somewhere Skunky ^^
  Mania»LT 07-May-2009
[Tech? This is almost FS. ] lol kiwi ^^
you call it speedtech
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Nim 23-Mar-2010
lovely speedtech
  SEnpgm 13-Feb-2011
Very nice track
  Loe 10-Jun-2012
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