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Track Name
Name: Coyote~
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   pitstep
Version: 07-Mar-2007
Released: 06-Mar-2007
TMX id: 173161
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Desert
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0:51.87   Acid+ 0:00.00-
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0:51.89   rad+ 0:00.02-
0:52.52   Keenou+ 0:00.65-
0:53.45   Grobi+ 0:01.58-
0:53.47   SneezR+ 0:01.60-
0:53.69   [CMC]Zeo+ 0:01.82-
0:53.82   ludix+ 0:01.95-
0:53.87   pitstep+ 0:02.00-
0:53.88   EasyX+ 0:02.01-
0:53.92   n3crid(inactive)+ 0:02.05-
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Author Comments

hey all
here my 2nd desert
i found a bug on tmu-desert (look this track)
mt is complet:intro-ingame-outro
little pf-start

i hope you like it

have FUN

i hope the start is better...

User Comments
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  pitstep 06-Mar-2007
thanks ora yes is a bit slow
thanks powershot for the award
thanks -=ITC=- X-MASTER allways can build this bug...number 5-3-2 in the editor
thanks [ATP]insane hmm yes the start is not the best
thanks Cephid my friend
thanks boxerlau cool comment
thanks TaBle yeah you like my finish
thanks OLDA_X
thanks Appendix
thanks Andree
thanks TYZZ
thanks gadget
thanks °U° F-a-R-k
thanks smok3y
thanks ~Ganjaweeds~
thanks Cab great time
thanks DaKKoN
hehe thanks Markus...
thanks evolm
thanks MasterDisaster my friend
thanks [ATP]HAVOC
thanks maphios
thanks don alfonso
thanks KEV171
thanks Remix
thanks grobi great time
thanks laessig
thanks fonzie
thanks ohei2
thanks sonzaaa
thanks HAWK_GER
thanks RedDog,csa
thanks Crump
thanks Peddy
thanks x_TLS_x
thanks buchi
thanks jumperjack you are to fast
thanks swesebbe wow great comment
thanks [CMC]Zeo cool big comment
thanks squirrel my friend late?n.p.
thanks again Acid
thanks Master_Track
thanks Richard W.
thanks DEnGel
thanks [ATP]Eviltim
thanks Keen np
thanks Ricardo Rix thanks for the replay
thanks ludix
thanks -HR-n3crid
  X-MASTER 06-Mar-2007
I Dont Understand It But I dont Need To Know That
but i think its fun and you use the bug suuppppeerrr
  pitstep 06-Mar-2007
hmm lol yep my english is bad sorry
  DaKKoN 06-Mar-2007
For the 1st time after racing a pitstep track I felt disappointed...
I don't like bugs in general and the one @ the start is NOT smooth. Therewith comes that 4/10 times the cam won't go back to normal until AFTER I come @ the boost after the corner... Then there is the jump up the hill and then down to make a jump into tunnel. 8/10 times I hit the roof of the tunnel there. So I couldn't enjoy the track much. I did however loved the track after that. The drop from off-road through hole and into speed and the last bug is quite funny actually, but all in all not enough for an Mainly because I can't enjoy the start and need way to much tries to get to the fun/great part of the track. The replay was quite good, but (Hey I'm bitching now anyway... ) but had a few flaws going through the car instead of gliding over it
I hope you can respect this opinion and I;m looking forward to your next masterpiece


Now after update: -->
  pitstep 07-Mar-2007
hehe no problem dakkon

i have UPDATE the start...i hope is better
  smok3y 07-Mar-2007
Yop Yop its super fine for me even now
  Appendix 07-Mar-2007
The update made the track downright perfect!
  Grobi 10-Mar-2007
Sorry Cab :-)

Little room for improvement left. Low 53 for me I think
  OLDA_X 10-Mar-2007
Ok new variant is better
  smok3y 13-Mar-2007
Grobi beat cab in desert
I thought the only one who could beat him is viandox
  Jake 13-Mar-2007
grobi is one of the former TMO freaks
  Grobi 14-Mar-2007
LoL...hello Smokey ;-)
  smok3y 16-Mar-2007
Thnx for the introduction Jake
Hi Grobi, its an honour to meet a legend from TMO
Hope to see more awesome replays and also maps from you
  Grobi 16-Mar-2007
Not too easy to convert to TMU smokey. Still working on it.

I never did a single map. I think its better for all players if I let those players build maps who are able to do it (like you) ;-P
  X-ray 01-Dec-2008
The PF is broken in TMUF = unbeatable classic
  rad 17-Jan-2009
Open it in tmu
  Acid 22-Jul-2010
It worked, thanks radek
  rad 03-Apr-2014
Turned out to be pretty easily beatable in tmuf I've missed some 51s.

Edit: totally failed the end now and one part in the middle.
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User Awards
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  Richard W. 07-May-2007
A very nice and cool Track pit
  Dengel 21-May-2007
fun fun fun !!!!
  Eviltim 01-Aug-2007
This is a fun desert track.
Good flow. Fun jumps and turns.
I like the transitions on this track.

Great job pitstep!
  Keenou 01-Aug-2007
Sorry for late award Pit, great one!
  Ricardo Rix 22-Aug-2007
some real great aspects of this track, which far outway the negatives - not keen on the reverse boosters and the very narrow ending. The rest though is uber cool and the design is jaw-dropping, very inventive and the most important part - the track is very enjoyable to play .
  ludix 31-Aug-2007
Nice track!
  n3crid(inactive) 02-Sep-2007
It's pretty cool to jump arround that track!
That's a real cool track!
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