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Name: April Fool (MTC)
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Sivert
Version: 05-Apr-2009
Released: 05-Apr-2009
TMX id: 1667619
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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0:41.54   MasterGary+ 0:01.48-
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Author Comments

Seeing the theme of this months MTC I thought this was a great opportunity to learn how to mix With the excellent program ChallengeEdit by Skobidou it really wasn't that hard I wanted to make a track with good flow and apparent mixes I think I did and this track has mixes all the way Most of it is all out speed but there are techy parts in the middle

Mixes en masse

My first true mixmap, love to hear what you think of it

Feel free to try my other entry:

TIMEQUAKE (MTC) by   Sivert

User Comments
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  Sivert 05-Apr-2009

Thanks Wallaby, so pleased you like this one
Thanks koltafeuille, gr8 award
Thanks Peddy, btw you're absolutely right
Thanks Alcator, I appreciate it
Thanks g.ananas, that's what I was aiming for
WooooooooooooW fabian_sbg
Thanks F1, brilliant award
Thanks X-ray, gr8 award and time
Thanks pitstep, always pleased to recieve from you
Wow Black Dalek, thanks but you may overrate it
Thanks Ville, that's a real nice award
Thanks X_Darkman_X, gr8 award & time
Thanks chris_du_21, excellent award
Thanks Wraith, love that award
Thanks Mirak, nice award
Thanks Ravager, you put a smile on my face
Thanks MasterMe, sweet award
Thanks syko, nice award
Thanks FenixBLUE, I really enjoyed that award
Thanks breach, great award
Thanks KEV Fan, that was exactly what I was aiming for
Thanks smz
Thanks MExUnited, gr8 award
Thanks eyebo, those are touching words
Thanks Acid, for the award & the excellent run
Thanks PapyChampy, that's what I was looking for
Thanks BrummHummel, gr8 award
Thanks tmjonas, just what I wanted
Thanks RaZenKane, gr8 award
Thanks 4 the big words lauri7z
Nice award nRa Weasel
Thanks ArizerXion, nize award
Thanks eerkaaan, I'm Swedish too
Thanks Bloody, gr8 award
Thanks Seychellen 4 brilliant award & gr8 time
Ha ha... thanks MasterGary, brilliant award
Thanks plz
Thanks atipay2
Thanks Aurzuuu, gr8 time as well
  koltafeuille 05-Apr-2009
...And i have a better car than yoooouuu !
  Sivert 05-Apr-2009
That could be true... but I only get the bare steel base model in your replay
  Wraith 08-Apr-2009
yer i am still around just not much has i would like to be.i am sorry if i do not get to play more tracks,but i love this block work tracks well done nice flow,but my time low 50s is nowhere good enough lol still never masted anything apart from coast or well
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User Awards
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  KEV Fan 11-Apr-2009
Well mixing is something evil to me and I never wanted to award a mixmap on principle,
But I have to make an exception here. Sivert what you made here is just a beauty.
This canyon like feeling with the concrete built to the rocks is soooo awesome - I just could not resist to click on the "award button".
This is not just a map - it´s an experience. I it
Big award
  smz 11-Apr-2009
very smooth mixmapping !
  MExUnited 11-Apr-2009
A nice map overall!
The route is pretty good, nice scenery and design. The intro MT was nice, haven't seen that yet
The mixmapping as well, it complemented the track and scenery, not just garbage.
So here's your award for this one!
  eyebo.wp 11-Apr-2009
One of the cleanest and most beautiful of the MTC tracks posted so far. Some great mixes, but everything feels very natural and organic... and not forced. It's among my top5 favorites to win the competition. And even if it doesn't, I'm going to have fun playing this online for a long time to come.
  Acid 13-Apr-2009
Completely forgot about this one. At first i thought it wasn't that cool. But after getting the flow down ... and seeing the goodlooking mixes ... why not award it ? Also, i had a pretty good run


  PapyChampy 14-Apr-2009
Awesome work here.

I like the way you used mixing mainly for scenery. Great feeling, good looking, and superb flow through the map.

Really enjoyable and fun to play.

  BrummHummel 14-Apr-2009
Very entertaining!
Nothing to complain about
Just a superb fun race!
  tmjonas 14-Apr-2009
Kinda feel like KEV-Fan here..
One of my very rare awards for a mix-map goes to you, the canyon-platform driving is fun as hell!
Extremely entertaining, good looking and well flowing. Could have been a bit longer though

So clean mixing!!

  RaZenKane 26-Apr-2009
Very smooth,a challange, but not impossible. Very fun to play
  lauri7z 26-Apr-2009
you are a real genius!
  nRa Weasel 26-Apr-2009
Nice work
  ArizerXion 29-Apr-2009
GOOD JOB MIZING TRACK! (I mean mixing track. hehehehehe...)
Great Track & Mizing Track

Nice Decoration!

  eerkaaan 03-May-2009
Like kevfan said: I usualy don't like mixes but this one.... wow... I really like the feeling you have when you drive on a thight path with big rocks to your right and left. Great award!!

(sorry for my english, I'm swedish ^^ ) this track made my day,,,, It really did
  Bloody 26-Jun-2009
Cool mixmap, well layouted & fun to play. Good for rec hunting as well as online play.

Here, your
  Seychellen 19-Jul-2009
hey Sivert
What a great track
Inever see before such a desert map. Very good.
Great times are possible. Big Thanks for this map at you
  MasterGary 31-Jul-2009
Screenie is (too) simple
Intro is good
Outro is brilliant

You know I hate blockmixing when it is done just to show it off
But here it is a totally different story! It's just superb
Finally someone understood how to use it, as here it really adds to the challenge and to the fun you have while driving!
Wonderful all the way through

You really are more than just a MT-god

  plz 10-Apr-2011
  atipay2 11-Apr-2011
  AiR.Aurel. 26-Aug-2014

This map just force me to get a good time.

Just very nice map
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