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Track Name
Name: T¡meless
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Braadje
Version: 31-Mar-2009
Released: 31-Mar-2009
TMX id: 1656178
LB Rating: 27,638
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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0:30.33   Kaka+ 0:00.0027,638
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0:30.55   Mania»LT+ 0:00.2226,435
0:31.28   Acid+ 0:00.9522,443
0:31.38   Trek+ 0:01.0521,897
0:31.42   GutzZ+ 0:01.0921,678
0:31.67   Mirak+ 0:01.3420,311
0:31.92   FT»Peddy+ 0:01.5918,944
0:33.51   Sivert+ 0:03.1810,251
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Author Comments

I haven't build a snow track for a while so... it where time for me to build another snow track
it's my best snow until now and I've put much time in the MT work so please wait until the pictures are loaded
smooth again, no special music, around 30 seconds
hope u enjoy

Music: Default
Style: Race
Difficulty: Intermediate
Author Time: 0:31.94
Game: TMUF

If you like the track please

have fun and thx

User Comments
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  Braadje 31-Mar-2009
Thx FT»Peddy the start is the best part from the track isn't it and I wanted to make the track longer but I where out of inspiration in the end and I where too lazy for it

Thx vlf I use a free program called photofiltre it's not the best program to edit pictures (photoshop is better) but if you know how to use it it's a nice program

Thx Kaka nice little thx a lot

Thx Acid Wow a big thx I'm really glad that you liked it that much

Thx Leo.suomi»LT Thx a lot m8 for this great

Thx Alex»LT nice m8 thx for that

Thx FT»Cool-T yep I know it's short Peddy said the same but it where too hard and I where too lazy to build another part

Thx Cartman»LT always nice to get such a nice from a teamm8

Thx FT»Wallaby i'm sorry about the first part I didn't know that aurora started almost like that

Thx Mirak for my 10th

Thx Mania»LT always nice to get an from you mania

Thx FT»tuutti thx for your

Thx X_Darkman_X nice mini

Thx Jonas»LT thx for your long m8

Thx Sivert I'm really glad that a great tracker like you liked it so much

Thx »"ÐrAvE° Thx m8 nice

Thx MI I'm really glad you liked this already older track of mine. ^_^
  Kaka 04-Apr-2009
sorry guy
  Mania»LT 04-Apr-2009
lol kaka xD
you are no 1 ^^
was fun , the battle^^
  Kaka 04-Apr-2009
Thx Mania
But you can beat me one day with training
  Mania»LT 05-Apr-2009
underrated like the whole BOTW list is completely frozen xD
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  FT»Peddy 31-Mar-2009
Great track!
Very nice and smooth transitions, not very hard and flowy.
The start is awesome, the following parts are very good, too.
I like this track!
But I could be longer...

  Yozora 31-Mar-2009
Heya !

I just love... Nice jumps and drops ! nice speed ! nice flow ! Very fun to play

for a Masterpiece

ps. Very nice screen ! what program do you use ?


†¢s vlf†«™

  Kaka 31-Mar-2009
AWESOME Transitional Track
Big for You !
  Acid 01-Apr-2009
Awesome Map. Short and packed with great Ideas in perfect execution, smoothness, flow, creativity and fun. Nice Layout and superb flawless MT Sweet Screeny aswell. Near to a Masterpiece, really great Work


  Leo.sûômî 01-Apr-2009

This map really deserves an award!

Very funny transitions but tht map isn´t hard
fun to drive !

Take my !


  Alex!»LT|fos 01-Apr-2009
heyyy m8 ! :]

Great snow map ! I enjoied some great smooth transitions here! Great ideas , its easy to find the way! MT is nice as always!

well deserved


  Cool-T 01-Apr-2009
great one
it has easy and cool transitions
very cool start and good flow
but it's too short imo

  Cartman»LT 03-Apr-2009
great map

nice speed

awesome smoothness

cool trasitions

nice design

  Wallaby 03-Apr-2009
That is what I call a track
Super snowshorty!
Love the transitions and Jumps , track feels not rushed imo.
Transitions look like some intensive work
Scenery is also amazing
Screen aswell
The first transitionrow reminds me a bit on aurora lol xD

BIG >> <<
  Mirak 04-Apr-2009
Very nice track
Good job
  Mania»LT 04-Apr-2009
I just spent 2½ hours on this track ! (hey , fits to the track name xD )
And I can tell you something :
It's ultra - addicting Oo.
this is just such a masterpiece.
I love every singe curve , every singe jump,
every singe transition.
And there is such an insane flow here.
Awesome fun to hunt the rec here
and that is the most important

deserves >30 's
here's mine :
>> HUGE <<

ps: good luck kaka for re-hunting
  FT»tuutti 05-Apr-2009
Nice track braadworst!
Great start with nice transitions, and nice transitions all over the track too. MT is very well done.

  X_Darkman_X 05-Apr-2009
Nice Coaster
  Jonas»LT 05-Apr-2009
Very underrated!

...many Transitions..
..they're so smooth..
and so creative..


..amazing Scenery.. looks so beautifull..
I love it!

and then the ideas.., CREATIVE..!

It's SO Underrated!

more Guys!
  Sivert 05-Apr-2009
Love the smoothness and allover astounding transitions Coupled with great mt this is a masterpiece

  Drave 10-Apr-2009
Yeah,very good job

For you


  GutzZ 23-Nov-2009
AWESOME track ...again
Great ideas and nice high speed (although I don´t like speed tracks at snow^^)

GreetZ GutzZ
  MI 21-Apr-2010
That is a lovely Track
I like the way you gave the track it's own pattern which makes it seem all of a piece


  Crazy Cat 15-Jun-2011
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