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Name: Download TMX 5th Anniversary - Snow
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   TMX Community
Version: 22-Mar-2009
TMX id: 1630094
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Snow
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0:57.09   Kaka+ 0:00.00-
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0:57.60   Cayman»LT+ 0:00.51-
0:57.63   [CMC]roaSone+ 0:00.54-
0:57.84   freezer+ 0:00.75-
0:58.31   ichirou+ 0:01.22-
0:58.54   Acid+ 0:01.45-
0:58.97   maphios+ 0:01.88-
0:58.98   FT»Tobbe+ 0:01.89-
0:59.22   Fallout Boy+ 0:02.13-
0:59.45   NitroGuy!»UD+ 0:02.36-
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Author Comments


TMX is celebrating its 5th anniversary! In honor of this event, we've got seven tracks for you to play and compete on. The idea is that one track is released every day for a week, each time in the shape of a different environment. Everyone is invited to submit replays to these tracks and score points. Most points by the end of the week wins. Please keep the following rules in mind:

o You may submit replays to as many of the seven tracks as you like.
o Cuts are NOT allowed (should there happen to be any).
o You score 1 point if you finish in the top 10 of a track, plus another 1 point for each other top-10 player you beat on a given track. In other words, the best driver on a track scores 10 points.
o The person with the highest total score once the contest is over wins!

For more information on the contest, visit this thread!

This Snow track is the third track released for this contest. Author: Crooms

Have fun, and good luck

User Comments
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  paddya 22-Mar-2009
I bet 100 coppers, that Kaka will win here
  Jozii 22-Mar-2009
I'll take you up on that. Deal?
  paddya 22-Mar-2009
  MrA 22-Mar-2009
crooms me ol fella, you cant submit a replay on here due to beig the author
  crooms 22-Mar-2009
Ah, didnt know

@Acid. It does share a little bit of Alpine Antics, It was going to be called Alpine Antics 1.9
  Acid 22-Mar-2009
Yeah After driving it for the first time i now see how hard it is. That part with the angled piece and the booster ... it is hard to not loose speed there. I'll get a 58 eventually ...
  smok3y 22-Mar-2009
paddya hope on your stars that kaka actually drives this track
  paddya 22-Mar-2009
He will drive it^^ I'm sure. He can't bear a record by Roa on a snow track xD
  Cayman»LT 22-Mar-2009
But I think Roa will have wr
I will drive track tomorrow
  [CMC]roaSone 22-Mar-2009
56 in on the place soon ^^'

I haven't said who will make it
  Alcator 22-Mar-2009
Well, I don't like this track much, it's unsmooth for me, bumpy, and I'd even say "overcomplicated". The several occasions where there's no smooth transition from downhill slope to normal wooden platform kill the impression for me.
  Cayman»LT 22-Mar-2009
So, I think 3rd place after Roa and Kaka will be good for me
  smok3y 22-Mar-2009
Holy mother of Gods, kaka is here
  KiWiNiNjA 23-Mar-2009
Hehe, by looking at the screenshot I feel I have played this track before.
  smz 04-Jul-2009
Hey crooms, ever noticed how seconds 12 to 22 on this track are exactly like seconds 20 to 30 on alpine antics ? ^^

I see Acid pointed that out allready. But i still had to post here It was going around my head for some time till i finaly wished them right after each other on MWS

Nothing wrong with it though, both are cool tracks
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User Awards
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User Award   paddya 22-Mar-2009
Great track! Some really great ideas, good flow! I like these mini-transitions and the techy parts Some place for time improvement, too.

My time follows tomorrow
User Award   Acid 22-Mar-2009
I just drove Alpine Antics online and then i saw this. Immediatly saw the similarities. Overall great Map here.
Fast and challenging racemap with some cool transitions. I can't get close to the AT yet, we'll see. Nice Work crooms


User Award   twoeagles 22-Mar-2009
Snow is my worst environment, but this track deserves the award I give it! Nice and smooth lines, even for a tech, but I won't be posting a replay any time soon, until I actually learn how to drive this environment! LOL (I will put it on my 60k server for others to enjoy and perhaps award though!)
User Award   smok3y 22-Mar-2009
The AT is bananas

The track is Bananas too
Awesome build Crooms
Superb layout
Very techish but still the track can be done FS
And the layout is awesome
Loads of variation in the race
Challenging zones
And a good use of almost every section in the editor

Big Shiny Cup-->
User Award   riolu! 22-Mar-2009
It´s great!

The turns are well calculated, the track itself is awesome and the outro is great!

Here´s your well deserved award -----><----- !!!!
User Award   F4B! 22-Mar-2009


WooooooooooooW how you can make so cool track in so short time?? thats mysterious
It's really cool that you have so many (cool) tracks in such a short time, can build

User Award   Sivert 22-Mar-2009
Real nice transitions and some truly unusual
A couple of rough spots to keep me on my toes all the way
Real great outro

User Award   tmjonas 22-Mar-2009
One of the best snow-tracks I've played recently
You impress me again and again! I always think "crooms track, well that has to be awesome" and it turns out more than awesome
Great technical track, easy to play (perfect for this competition), some nice speedsections as well and huge fun!
Brillant stuff m8.

User Award   [CMC]roaSone 22-Mar-2009
Pooooh, just what I want, great feelings in snow with Croomsy, very nice job mate, you rocks definitely, it's so well made, perfect mix about everythings you can find on snow ! !!!
User Award   Kaka 22-Mar-2009
Great Job Crooms
Big Award
User Award   maphios 23-Mar-2009
Had some fun here
It´s pretty hard to nail down the deciding transition where you have to land good enough on the booster to take its full power.
But it´s worth to be patient here on this good looking track.
The momentun is what decides here

User Award   Frx ben75 23-Mar-2009
Nice track!
User Award   Renegade Crew 'Dust' 23-Mar-2009
Really cool snow track haha... Love it - Well done Crooms!!

The flow and the tecnical bits comes together really good imo. Supported with some great ideas

Crazy WR times hehe.. Don't think I'll ever get that fast in the snow envi lol... Great driving guys!

Big from me!

User Award   Dr.Eile 23-Mar-2009
This is a great map.
Challenging and absolute fair.
You don´t have to be a superdriver to finish this, but it helps
The award is not enaught!

Best regards
User Award   Cayman»LT 23-Mar-2009
Awesome !
User Award   bachl 24-Mar-2009
Great Track
There is maybe just normal way but it´s still big big fun to drive and to improve the time
Good snow track
User Award   ohei2 24-Mar-2009
For me this track is tech overdose, but it's well mapped without doubt. Some parts are really great.

Now if I could just drive at least a gold medal...
User Award   Ville 25-Mar-2009
After a few runs it's pure pleasure to drive

Good job!!

User Award   MW?! 25-Mar-2009
nice track
the tunnel turn was difficult it took me 3 tries
anyhow heres the award
User Award   FT»eyebo 15-Aug-2009
Amazing map. Truly amazing.
Insanely addictive.
Perfect map for a 5th anniversary map.
Awesome work crooms!!!

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