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Track Name
Name: Evolution (TMX5A)
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   tmjonas+Acid
Version: 15-Mar-2009
Released: 15-Mar-2009
TMX id: 1607463
LB Rating: 43,971
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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1:12.99   Acid+ 0:00.0043,971
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1:14.88   X_Darkman_X+ 0:01.8937,139
1:15.26   tmjonas+ 0:02.2735,766
1:15.50   DaKKoN+ 0:02.5134,898
1:16.13   eyebo.wp+ 0:03.1432,621
1:16.60   rad+ 0:03.6130,922
1:20.13   Aedco+ 0:07.1418,163
1:23.75   smok3y+ 0:10.765,078
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Author Comments

Happy birthday !

… 5 years passed by…

We are very proud to present you our entry to this special MTC march 09! Right after we heared of the theme, we sat together to transform our ideas into an exciting track.
The basic idea was to represent the whole history of and the whole development of tracks with this track. Firstly, the environment was to decide.
We took desert as one of the first TMO-environments.
Then we started in the style of about 5 years ago and slowly approached our time, the present. We did this as consequently as possible and as a result of this MT, track and scenery are in this scheme.

The intro shows the whole history with cams, ghosts and words.
The outro represents the history of with its cam style. Beginning with simple cams, they get more and more complex and to end it we salted it with effects at the last cams.

The track is divided into several stages of the building-history:
- a straight oldschool part with low scenery
- the beginning of crazy TMO-layouts
- the well-known evil old technical parts
- the beginning of diagonal jumps
- the new style which came up, speed-tech
- parts with the new forever-blocks
- the first complex transitions
- the recent development with frustrating transitions
- speeed at the end

It starts with a low scenery at the beginning. Then in the TMO-days crazy layouts came up with jumps through holes etc. That slowly turns into a more realistic scenery-style. Also the new forever pieces are an important factor with its water and pillars.

We strongly worked together in this track so it’s hard to say who built what.
The intro is made by tmjonas, at the outro and scenery we worked together.
AT and GPS are made by Acid.

Basic information

Environment: Desert
Coppers: 4733
AT: 1:12.99
MT: intro, outro and GPS
Style: track-history
Screen: made by Wallaby, thx!

We really worked hard on this track and we hope, you’ll enjoy driving (and watching) it!

Cheers Acid and tmjonas!!

User Comments
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  tmjonas+Acid 15-Mar-2009
Thanks go to the following People:

TaBle Glad you liked it
Skilla Sweet award
paddya Great Award dude, also Ty for the suggestion with the Loop-Cam
Jonas»LT HeHe
hoheb Very appreciated
Sivert Good Luck to you aswell
X_Darkman_X Nice Time
FT»Peddy Hehehe, sure the basic idea is nothing special, but we tried to make the best of it.
smok3y Yeah ! Patience ftw. Thx for the Repla m8
iRoC HeHe, watch the GPS, it's not that hard after all
Seychellen Appreciated Sey
pitstep Big Thx
Ville Np ^^ Even simpler ? Hm ... better contructive critisism than no comment at all ^.^
Ripper Woot ... we'll see
Joost»LT Yeah, the Trackname rocks
Hageldave Glad you liked it/Smoothness ftw ^.^
Lawler Really appreciated, Ty
DaKKoN Thanks for your honest reflection m8 Also pretty nice Time, you're doing good Always appreciated ! Beers
°pob°KekX° Thank you
FT»Wallaby Yeah, we did ... HeHe
MT»Cheap Jeep
  tmjonas 15-Mar-2009
that was me above here
  Acid 15-Mar-2009
Finally done, indeed ^.^ Rocked to make this with you
  Golo 15-Mar-2009
Hehe, the first duo in an MTC?

Sounds great
  Wallaby 15-Mar-2009
You'll get feedback first with judging ^.^ like all others
(Except the 2 I awarded before I was judge xD)
  [CMC]Roa 15-Mar-2009
It seems to be an amazing track ! but one transition is really weird !!! the one before the looping, never pass through it, dunno why
  Acid 15-Mar-2009
HeHe Roa, i know that one's a little tricky. That's the one were we wanted to show how frustrating some transitions are. Well, it's not that hard, watch the GPS, then you'll understand . you can't drive this one in "the normal route"
  tmjonas 15-Mar-2009
yeah that should signify these "idealline transitions", maybe I've overdid it there though

and yes acid, it rocked to make that track with you, was good teamwork!
  paddya 15-Mar-2009
Let these idealline-transitions-builders see, how frustrating their transitions are for other players
  tmjonas+Acid 15-Mar-2009
Loopcam fixed (thanks paddya)
writing mistake in intro fixed
new AT -> 1:12.99
  tmjonas 15-Mar-2009
better time follows
just had no time.
  Joost»LT 16-Mar-2009
Stupid name
I have exactly the same name
(but it's stadium track so it competes in the MTC at TMNforever)
But I'll upload that one today here too

I like both your tastes of tracknames tho
  Wallaby 17-Mar-2009
I heard a guy is complaining that I make the Screenshot...
If you want to discuss , pm ME pls -.-' , I don't bite
  DaKKoN 21-Mar-2009
MT is awesome!!!
The story is great, but I disagree on 1 sentence: "Transitions become more and more important"... That's probably personal, but that is not the case for me...
Besides that there was 1 thing really dissapointing. 2 dudes making awseome tracks and also good MT in general; The amount of clippings with the cam were WAY to high...

Besides that: Looked awesome!!!
  eyebo.wp 21-Apr-2010
I was so happy to get a clean run, I had to make a video.

It's on YouTube, here's the link.
  tmjonas 31-May-2010
Just happened to watch it (your account page -> your youtube account). Really great run, was a pleasure to watch!
  eyebo.wp 01-Jun-2010
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Cheap Jeep 02-May-2009
Really really nice smooth fantastic awesome flowy desert track!
  eyebo.wp 21-Apr-2010
I finally got good enough to appreciate this track.

And wow! What a map! From two of the best desert mappers I know.
Great to see all the different styles that desert has been built in... all melded into a very cohesive and fun track. It's amazing how well you've connected everything together.

Amazing track. A true to joy to pull off a clean run on this beauty.
  Adsun 29-Apr-2012
/\ What he said
  FT»tuutti 01-May-2020
Better late than never!
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