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Name: The Alpine Legend (TMX5A)
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Siem»LT
Version: 15-Mar-2009
Released: 15-Mar-2009
TMX id: 1607025
LB Rating: 17,993
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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0:43.37   Acid+ 0:00.0017,993
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0:43.39   PPDA+ 0:00.0217,943
0:45.38   eyebo.wp+ 0:02.0112,989
0:46.79   Cheap Jeep+ 0:03.429,479
0:42.45   [CMC]Roa- 0:00.92-
0:44.28   FT»Peddy+ 0:00.91-
0:44.87   Pacha»UD+ 0:01.50-
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Author Comments

Hi Tmx,

I'm here to present you my latest track
It's a mixture of good old Nadeo Style and Siemness Style
I did this because I think this where the tracks with the most fun!
Mix that with a bit of Siemness power and you'll get an awesome track

This track contains:
A cool intro matched with the music (TMO-Menu music!)
The good old Alpine race music!
A nice GPS ^^
A nice track offcourse !!
Sorry no hidden treasure ^^

Have fun, Siem
Extra Big Screeny ^^

NOTE: This a RACE track, NOT a fullspeeder!

User Comments
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  Siem»LT 15-Mar-2009
Tnx cold-d for you big award
Tnx Roa: What trick?
Tnx Peddy: It is respawnable, only hard, but in the old TM you couln't respawn so
Tnx Skilla: I only have one useless bug ^^ tnx for award
Tnx Jonas: Damn It has to be left xD I'm always too fast in MT >.>
Tnx B®aadje for you award
Tnx redfog: Tracks can be simple and good
Tnx Joost: Panic Talk FTW ^^'
Tnx Katzenklo: Thanks man
Tnx Cheap Jeep: The decoration is Nadeo oldschool style...
Tnx Cartman: Finally
Tnx SkunkY: Not every track is perfect
Tnx paddya: I like good old scenery
Tnx Enai Siaion: Tnx
Tnx Tmjonas: Now my award-list is complete ^^
Tnx Wall-E: For being a cool Wall-E
  [CMC]Roa 15-Mar-2009
Wait a bit I'm gonna try now

Edit : Look , Crap run but the trick is well executed ^^
  Siem»LT 15-Mar-2009
Lol, nice trick
Really nice found
  [CMC]Roa 15-Mar-2009
41.xx possible with lucky landing ^^'
  Siem»LT 15-Mar-2009
Success with it
  Joost»LT 17-Mar-2009
why did you update

EDIT: Saw you weren't in the list of all tracks competing in the 'MTC'
So I made a post in which I linked this track
So better thank me for noticing m8
  Siem»LT 18-Mar-2009
Oh man thank you, totally forgot that mate!!

The update, read jonas' award xD
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Pacha»UD 15-Mar-2009
heyy siem is a very nice snow map
i like it nice transition and nice flow
nice music and nice jump and speed (but the finish is slow) but is very very nice
very nice mt too
i love it


p.s (sorry for my time but my pad is broke i play with key board ^^héhé is for that my time is not good)
  [CMC]Roa 15-Mar-2009
Nice track Siem, nice old-school building skills, and transitions are powerfull too, they're smooth, it's speed sometimes really, and there's a trick that I didn't use on my replay, dunno if it's faster, but it's idd trickier , wanna try one day ^^, congrats Siem,
  FT»Peddy 15-Mar-2009
Hey, nice map!
Some really cool turns and transitions.
But there are some negative aspects:
» Not respawnable
» Very buggy (2-4 bugs a run)

But all in all I had fun and the map is cool

  Skilla»LT 15-Mar-2009
a little bit buggy

but when you now how you can avoid them is this map really nice
  Jonas»LT 15-Mar-2009
Agree with Peddy,
nice map, cool turns,
and nice Transitions..

I agree with the bad things from Peddy too..

And The GPS Text: "GPS Right"..where right?

GL for the MTC &

  Braadje 15-Mar-2009
insane track
cool and good for the MTC
  redfog 15-Mar-2009
Great flow and smooth track ! simply love it !
  Joost»LT 17-Mar-2009
Very cool snowmap here m8
Luckily you changed the ending well cuz I really like it now

Also really great start section I like it
Only what bothers me is those darn bugs
But that's all snow's fault, cuz I notice that on all snowtracks
Really great too that you removed the cut from the beta
*was fun on msn.. panick talk*

Well srry for late shortie.. but I had a priority project
So here's your
  Katzenklo 19-Mar-2009
Realy great track with LEGEND MUSIC!! =D

I love this track ^^

not realy smooth but ok =D

for you an award
  Cheap Jeep 23-Mar-2009
but the decoration
  Cartman»LT 23-Mar-2009
cool map

huge fun
great curves
nice ideas

here this it deserves.....
  SkunkY 24-Mar-2009
Nice track. Didnt like the first transition jump from one wooden road to the other. Other than that fun track.
  paddya 29-Mar-2009
Great track, siem!

Although this one can be quite buggy sometimes, it's very flowy in typical siem-style. As always, there are passages, where you can enjoy the scenery, because the part you're driving on is very very easy.

  Enai Siaion 29-Mar-2009
Nice old style snow map (shame about the landing bug though) that is also a lot of fun online!
  tmjonas 05-Apr-2009
Nice track, sorry for late award!
Great fun to drive this!

  Wallaby 24-Apr-2009
Quiet cool map
Not my thingy imo but nice^^

>> <<
  Mania»LT 13-May-2009
oha late
I remember playing this several times at ppo ..
so here you get you ^^
it's quite cool. most jumps and drops are flowy (only at this one curve I get often a buglanding ..)
and very fun !
>>BIG .award: <<
  eyebo.wp 08-Nov-2009
perfect blend of old and new here
makes for a very unique and fun map
great for online!
  Acid 31-Dec-2009
Except for the drop from the mountain, it's a fun map


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