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Name: Download SnowChecker
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   pitstep
Version: 11-Mar-2009
TMX id: 1592990
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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0:33.32   Techno!+ 0:00.00-
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:33.63   Kaka+ 0:00.31-
0:34.15   [CMC]roaSone+ 0:00.83-
0:34.48   -Phil-+ 0:01.16-
0:34.49   freezer+ 0:01.17-
0:34.55   CraxX+ 0:01.23-
0:34.58   NT_nosteam+ 0:01.26-
0:34.66   pitstep+ 0:01.34-
0:34.68   Wallaby+ 0:01.36-
0:34.80   Lucario+ 0:01.48-
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Author Comments

hi all

little easy snowtrack
please look the gps for good jumps and wayfound
mt is complet

have fun

User Comments
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  Ville 11-Mar-2009
  Acid 11-Mar-2009
I'M not going to award this one I basicly subsribed to all your maps and awarded them
but this one's not good imo, for several reasons. It's a shorty, i love those, but only if they are
smooth/flowy/etc. I really enjoyed the start drop,the curve and the next drop. But the rest of the map
is a little too buggy and unflowy/unsmooth for my taste. The first bug drop is 90 % buggy (not that
bad ofc, butt a bit frustating when trying to make a good run) The offroad is unflowy and the drop from
that offroad ... it's areally nice idea, but doesn'T work that well. The crossing of thr two roads is often
buggy/bumpy aswell. And the last jump into/through the tube aswell. So all in all great Ideas but
too flawful for me to award it Keep up the good work, pit
  pitstep 11-Mar-2009
hmpf no problem Acid thanks for the replay

hey thanks Ville
thanks Peddy thanks for the replay
thanks paddya thanks for the replay
thanks MiniZyko thanks for the replay
thanks bachl thanks for the replay
thanks Wallaby thanks for the replay
thanks Kaka again great time
thanks smok3y thanks for the replay
thanks Roa omg i think 33 is possible...
thanks tmjonas thanks for the nice replay
thanks Mr.Brow
thanks hoheb
thanks Cephid thanks for the replay
thanks KEV Fan
thanks finfin
thanks OLDA_X
thanks Sivert
hey thanks CraxX thanks for the replay
thanks haker0srb
  FT»Peddy 11-Mar-2009
Maybe I'll make a better time soon!
My replay is crappy xD
  dagugstdu 12-Mar-2009
terrible race
  paddya 12-Mar-2009
And I thought I could get a time close to the top times... Low 35 seems possible for me... have to watch some replays for a better line^^
  pitstep 12-Mar-2009
34 is not easy but possible...kaka-Roa--->alien

thanks for the replays X3nz and Snipthib45
  [CMC]roaSone 12-Mar-2009
Yes it is Pit, but this is really hard to avoid the bad landing before the pipe :/, but I'll try to use a trick and Kaka will too imo xD
  pitstep 12-Mar-2009
yep i look your replay
  Kaka 12-Mar-2009
33 soon Pitstep
  [CMC]roaSone 13-Mar-2009
OMG he did it ! Amazing bro' !
  pitstep 13-Mar-2009
  Kaka 13-Mar-2009
Tchaoooo Bye Bye
It's finish for me, my job is complete ^^
  Acid 13-Mar-2009
W00T now that's a creative finish N1
  rad 13-Mar-2009
  MaB 14-Mar-2009
I stop trying this map, cause: you have to drive the first part without errors - full speed - else you can't make a jump in middle of the track. This is a bit frustrating when I explore a track the first tries.
  pitstep 14-Mar-2009
yep is not easy to drive smooth all the way,but is not lucky...
  Wallaby 15-Mar-2009
wow high lb
  Hubby 15-Mar-2009
wow.. what a crazy screenie
  Wallaby 28-Oct-2009
impossible to make kaka's trick oO (for me )
edit: lol that needed long time , congratz ^^
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Ville 11-Mar-2009
Nice shorty pit!

Really hard to master
Some cool drops and jumps, very smooth overall
The flow could have been better (the offroad is a bit of a flaw) but it's okay
Nice GPS!

User Award   FT»Peddy 11-Mar-2009
Cool shortmap.
Great starttransition and following turns.
The jump that is unsmooth in the GPS, too, is often not smooth!
But all in all the track is fun, so you get an...

User Award   paddya 11-Mar-2009
Great short track, pit! The only spot I really dislike is the jump through the tube, which can ruin a great run very often, because it's buggy...
User Award   MiniZyko 11-Mar-2009
Nice one
Me like i

User Award   bachl 11-Mar-2009
Wow cool snow Track
great jumps and hard to get the last jump in the middel (when you jump into the little tube) it´s a bit luckily...
good work go on
User Award   Wallaby 11-Mar-2009
I like it
Cool shorty

>> <<
User Award   Kaka 11-Mar-2009
Awesome Track
Great Job Pit
User Award   smok3y 12-Mar-2009
Lovely little snow hunt map
Some of the transitions really play well
And then some transitions need a little trick to nail them well
Superb layout and a very challenging race

Big Shiny Cup-->
User Award   [CMC]roaSone 12-Mar-2009
Amazing track Pit !!! as usual with you on snow
User Award   tmjonas 13-Mar-2009
I had fun!
Some nice jumps and turns.
However, I'd love to see you would spend a bit more on your tracks, as this one seems a bit rushed in a way. And it's pretty buggy -> not your faulth.
Still a fun and addictive track.

User Award   Mr.Brow 14-Mar-2009
Nice Speed
Nice Transitions
Awesome Smooth
Awesome Track
Big from me

User Award   hoheb 14-Mar-2009
very nice map
nice flow
cool speed

User Award   Cephid 14-Mar-2009
screenie is ugly but the rest cool
very smooth
some cool parts
cool to drive so nice for WR hunting
well done Pit
User Award   KEV Fan 14-Mar-2009
Fun map - easy to learn and fun to drive at FS
First turn right after first jump is a bit kinky though but I like it
User Award   finfin 15-Mar-2009
Nice map (:

Once a curve is bit too techy imo, but teh rest is all great

Nice flow, smooth jumps and transitions.

Keep it up!
User Award   OLDA_X 16-Mar-2009
Great snow map

.... .... OLDA_X
User Award   Sivert 17-Mar-2009
Brilliant short track with cool jumps and great mt

User Award   CraxX 02-Jun-2009
lovely track mate

the start-combo is just sick. the rest mindblo.Owing!!

get ya well deserved

User Award   in''' haker 28-Oct-2009
Masterpiece ... continue the good work
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