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Name: Download Technicae Supremacy
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   loozerr
Version: 09-Mar-2009
TMX id: 1587361
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 32,349
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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0:43.85   Roxer.+ 0:00.0032,349
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:44.51   tcq+ 0:00.6629,427
0:45.21   [CMC]roaSone+ 0:01.3626,329
0:45.85   Fallout Boy+ 0:02.0023,496
0:46.25   maphios+ 0:02.4021,725
0:46.44   loozerr+ 0:02.5920,885
0:47.23   JumperJack+ 0:03.3817,388
0:53.36   eyebo.wp+ 0:09.510
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Author Comments

Techicae Supremacy is, like you could've guessed from the name, a tech track.

It weights 1518 coppers. Not too much extra stuff, basic (yet quite natural) scenery and a few platform parts. It is pretty quick for a tech track aswell.
Like any tech track, it propably isn't too enjoyable before you do few test runs and get used to the optimal route. It also feels a bit "Old School". And this time I paid a bit more attention to signs than in my previous tracks.

time: 0:47.18
time: 0:51.00
time: 0:57.00
time: 1:11.00

No MT. Some blockmixes. Drive fast. Have fun.

User Comments
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  loozerr 09-Mar-2009
Thanks Fallout! Waah, hurts when first submitted replay owns my auth. ;]

Cheers SkunkY. Yup, I admit that it couldve been more clear but it wasn't meant to be a track which you learn in the first run. =]

Thank you Wallaby. Track's made for racing, why would there have to be scenery? Nah, just kidding, not my strongest point in maps really. ^^ At least it runs with weak PCs. ;]

Thanks Paddya, well, the tech part of it pretty much comes from avoiding sliding in the corners at high speeds, it isn't corner-after-corner-and-corner-again-tech tho. ;b

Thank you Forgotten! But aren't mixes nice when they're used well?

Thanks Paddy, I'm honored by the number of the best.
Thank you for the kind words g.ananas. :]

Thank you Ricardo Rix! Nice to hear that people have fun driving it. : P

Thanks Roxer. Game on witht he WRs eventho i fee that I've got no chance anymore, seeing the top1 time.

Thank you XmasTree! But mixes are cheating. o.O

Cheers tcq. It isn't WoW, it is the fact that I switfhed form wheel to joystick last week.

Kiitoksia Ville! Heh, tech island takes some time to learn.

Thanks Roa. Trackmania is a fast game, no point killing the speed with zigzag. ;b

Thank you eyebo. Nice to hear thet my mixing works, it is my first track with mixes! :]

Kiitos Makikou.

Thank you F1! C:

Thanks for the detailed award JumperJack. How can you mix the blocks wihtout making them "interfere"? ^^ Oh, and, the author time really is bad.

Thanks maphios. Heh, I actually discovered that "cut" by accident while testing the track, Then I made it easier to land and the blue sign is there to help aiming the jump. No idea if it works in other than cam3 tho.
  tcq 10-Mar-2009
Hmm, the more i drive it, the less i like the start ^^
  [CMC]roaSone 10-Mar-2009
C'mon guys let's go to 44.xx
  loozerr 10-Mar-2009
@Fallout, the lamppost has no collision. ^^

44? Nuts.
  tcq 10-Mar-2009
Recognized the cut o_O Will you fix it, or was that intentional?
Damn, 43 on a perfect run is possible.
  loozerr 10-Mar-2009
Yup the cut is intentional. :]
  JumperJack 15-Mar-2009
well, some blocks have these giant spaces of unused 'nothing', where you could place other blocks which only use that place. that way you mix 'em, and they don't interfere. ^^
  Roxer. 21-Mar-2009
Gogo tcq
  tcq 29-Mar-2009
Keep it rox
No time for nolife this map ^^
  Enai Siaion 29-Mar-2009
Very fun track to drive!

...mix track.
  loozerr 29-Mar-2009
Mix track, what's the big deal?
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User Awards
Showing 17 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   SkunkY 09-Mar-2009
Nice fluent semi-tech track.
I'm not a fan of mixing but you've used it in a good way so I'm fine with it.
Scenery could have been placed better to make the path easier to see but in the end its not hard to learn.
Once learned its a fun track to drive.
Good work!
User Award   Wallaby 09-Mar-2009
Cool one
I don't care what others think about mixes , I like it tough
Mixes are well used and the track is pure fun
Scenery could be better but ok^^

>> <<
User Award   paddya 09-Mar-2009
Not really technical in my opinion, but still a nice track
User Award   g.ananas 09-Mar-2009
Nice track
Cool jumps and great flow
User Award   Ricardo Rix 10-Mar-2009
well built track, solid racer, very enjoyable and good fun
User Award   Roxer. 10-Mar-2009
Great no-slide loozerr, in my opinion your best. Coot to play, not so hard but perfect for wr hunting so let's go
User Award   Xmastree 10-Mar-2009
Played this on ppo a few times i like it nice mix track good job
User Award   tcq 10-Mar-2009
Great Map, very cool ideas and well built transitions in it.
But BAD AT ... WoW sucks, you know
Nice to see ya back in tm m8.
User Award   Ville 10-Mar-2009
Nice techy map looz

Couldn't get a decent time (only gold, actually I got exactly that (51.00)) but I still had loads of fun
Not too mixed and the mixes are smooth
Overall cool track, good work.

User Award   [CMC]roaSone 10-Mar-2009
Yeah ! Great no slide track, very nice curves, great speed and good use of mix !
User Award   eyebo.wp 13-Mar-2009
Mixing done right.

You used mixing to make a wonderfully smooth speedy track with some great tech sections.

One of the most fun mixed tracks I've played ever.

Great work!
User Award   Makikou 13-Mar-2009
Great map, smooth mixing, addicting

User Award   F1 13-Mar-2009
Quality Tech Track!
the mixes flow smooth on this (which you don't find on many mix tracks) - all well done
User Award   JumperJack 14-Mar-2009
whoa. nice track!! ^^

the track
it's a basic and nicely flowing island track. even though i like it more when blockmixing is used on a way that blocks don't interfere, it's still well used in this track. ^^

the rest
simple scenery, that's about it. ^^

the fun factor
ignore fallout and tcq, they're just crazy. your authortime is good. ^^

final rating: 7/10

great track, especially for online driving!!
User Award   maphios 14-Mar-2009
Nice designed island track with a techy feeling.
I dislike the start though because it´s not easy to nail down and sometimes you have to drive it over and over again.
But the rest was very cool .
I don´t take the jump after the first CP as a "cut" it´s more like a challenging jump and for respawners there is a noobway
Good work

User Award   Forgot10 16-Jul-2009
great techy track
very fun to play
I don't like blockmixing but here you used it very well
User Award   Nim 29-Dec-2009
drove it on PPO, and it was fun!
real cool techmap with some cool ideas!

edit: my 666th award muhahah!!!
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