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Track Name
Name: Three to 1[TMX5A]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   maphios
Version: 09-Mar-2009
Released: 09-Mar-2009
TMX id: 1586971
LB Rating: 29,952
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:53.60   Rom+ 0:00.0029,952
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:53.98   1Zaitsev1+ 0:00.3828,678
0:54.49   [CMC]Roa+ 0:00.8926,968
0:55.31   maphios+ 0:01.7124,218
0:56.10   freezer+ 0:02.5021,569
0:58.11   dave666+ 0:04.5114,830
0:58.21   lmx+ 0:04.6114,495
0:59.21   eyebo.wp+ 0:05.6111,142
0:59.41   DaKKoN+ 0:05.8110,472
0:59.82   X_Darkman_X+ 0:06.229,097
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Author Comments

Hey all

It´s time to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of TMX !
And so I decided to take part at the MTC March.
The aim was to build a track which represents the 5th anniversary of TMX.

Idea of the track:
For me TMX represents not only a lot of different tracks but also all the different game modes you can play in TM (Race, Stunt, Platform, Puzzle).
So I decided to built a track which includes not only one Mode but three, to represent the diversity here at TMX.
The track has three totally different parts which all last 20 secs:
- Stunt/PF Part
- Platform Part
- Race Part

To keep the track interesting for experienced players and beginners I tried to design the track not unfair but still challenging. So it´ll possibly take you some tries at first to get the platform part done. Also the track might feel not that super smooth as others around here but remember that also TMX had some up and downs (server crashes, DB lost, ...) and so has the track. But don´t be afraid it´s easier as it seems .

~3000 Coppers
- AT: 58.79s
- Intro: , I tried to be creative
- Ingame MT: (see contest below)
I also added some helping ghosts at the Platform Part, so nobody should get lost (just drive forward at the CP´s to activate them)
- Outro: , different cams and some action

To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of TMX I decided to give you some Coppers.

I have hidden 5 TMX birthday signs all over the track.
Your job is to find and to hit them. Then you will get a secret code.
Post this secret code here in the track comments.
The first one to post one of the 5 codes will get 500 Coppers!
But attention you can only win one time, so only one prize pro person!
And be aware, some signs are not easy to hit .

The signs should load automatically but if you have a low internet connection, download the sign here:
TMX Birthday sign

And put it into:


1. DAC-SP (blingerstinger)
2. 3AU8 (
3. LA09 (zaitsev)
4. KATH (lmx)
5. Pi31 (jonathan)

Enough text now. I hope you enjoy the map and have fun here !
Go racing

User Comments
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  maphios 09-Mar-2009
Thanks to:

Blingerstinger thanks for the award and the nice words. Good to hear that you liked the intro !

Also thx for the award FT»Wallaby. I´m aware of the fact that the race part isn´t super smooth, but TMX had also some up and downs, so I thought that would be a quite cool metapher .

Hey Dartz4, good to hear you had fun here. And thanks for the nice words !

Yes Sir, thanks a lot lolo for the award .

Always a honour to get awards from great mappers, so thank you pitstep for the cup .

Big thanks lmx for your nice words and the award. Also thanks for testing an early version of the track, I always appreciate your feedback ! And a nice time from you here.

Now, Mr.smok3y that´s a crazy award ! I´ve already read it more than 5 times and it still creates a smile on my face . Amazing feedback here and big thx from me for the nice words and the replay!

Black Dalek thanks a lot for your award, I´m curious what the contest will bring, but I´m sure it will be a hard fight .

Thanks for the wishes and the award Ville ! I´m glad you liked the idea.

Also X_Darkman_X thx a lot for the nice words and the award. Also a good time here from you, the replay is highly appreciated !

Great time freezer and a super award! Thanks for that and the feedback, will be hard to beat your time .

I´m happy you enjoyed the MT Dr.Eile :cooll:! Thanks for the nice words and the award.

Wow, Roa that´s a killer time for sure! 54.xx . I´ll have to watch this amazing run. And yes, the loop is a bit bumpy sometimes. But I tried several different solutions there and though this one seems to be not perfect it was still the best one I found. I hope you hadn´t too much troubles there.
Thanks for your award and the amazing replay!

Nice award FT»Peddy ! It´s highly appreciated.

Hehe GrandMaster-D, sorry I need that karma myself . I´m glad to hear you hang in there and finally made the platform part. Yes, you have to learn the jumps there, but I think you can make them quite good then. Also thanks for your feedback at the intro and your award&replay .

sek` Zaitsev, amazing time man . I never thought that Roa would be beaten that quick. Will have to watch both replays together to see where you get in front of him. And thanks for the award !

Also big thx for the award Cuba.CZ. Sry again for the rule problems with the contest. But you did a good job finding all the signs .

I know that some people could face some troubles at the platform part iRoC so I tried to create it in a way that you can get it good after a few tries but still challenging for the experienced players. Anyway I´m glad you liked the MT work and had fun here !

Thanks for the award SkunkY ! Maybe the racepart feels a bit short but actually all parts are pretty much 20 s long if you can drive in a clean run and I wanted to balance the time of all parts .

That´s an amazing run Rom ! Thanks a lot man for the great replay and for your award. I know there are some parts which aren´t supersmooth but as I already said to Wallaby the history fo TMX has also ups and downs and wasn´t straight forward so I think this fits quite good .

Hey Acceleracer_01 thx for your award and the feedback ! Yes, the platform part seems quite hard at first but I think it´s learnable quite quick .

Thanks list continues below!
  Blingerstinger 09-Mar-2009
Do I post only 1 code or more?
Ah nevermind DAC-SP
Ingame login: blingerstinger
  Cuba.CZ 09-Mar-2009
Omg I thought I have to find them all :/
login: cuba.12
  Blingerstinger 09-Mar-2009
I posted first! So I get 500cp
  GlitchDetector 09-Mar-2009

login: glitchdetector
  Blingerstinger 09-Mar-2009
sorry glichdetector but I said that one first.
Try to find others: hint: 3AU8
  maphios 09-Mar-2009
Damn, looks like I wrote the rules not clear enough
The idea was that one driver can post only one code and therefore win 500 Coppers one time.

Anyway, good work Cuba.CZ and Blingerstinger.

But as Cuba.CZ already posted all the codes it´s kind of senseless to go on.
I´ll think about it, maybe I´ll add some new ones or something.
Until that the competition will have a break, sry for that.
  lmx 09-Mar-2009
just give away 500c for the first 4people that beat the at
  Cuba.CZ 11-Mar-2009
Thx maphios. But finding the first sign is very easy, so it wouldnt be very competitive, and thats why I thought i must find them all.
Btw how you was able to delete codes from my comment? You have reported it?
  maphios 11-Mar-2009
Yes, I´ve seen that you deleted the codes there .

I probably won´t update the track only because of the codes, because there are some great replays here and I don´t want to destroy them.
So as long as there is no major problem with the track (cut, huge bug , etc..) it will stay as it is.

Maybe I will start the contest simply again with the already known codes (DAC-SP, 3AU8) not counting anymore.
That would make 3 more codes to find then.

Contest is open again.
  1Zaitsev1 11-Mar-2009
ok .... so I take : LA09 then (sure I found it) acc: zaitsev_the_jumper
  Dengel 11-Mar-2009
nice intro/screen/idea of track!

but the track is terrible (for me)
  maphios 11-Mar-2009
Thanks for your opinion anyway dengel. I know it´s not everyones taste to put 3 totally different parts in one track. Some people like such crossovers some don´t.
I´m glad though you let a comment behind .

@zaitsev: good work, I will reopen the contest then
  lmx 11-Mar-2009
reopen? nice nice i try KATH
  Kymo 13-Mar-2009
I already found 3 more !
But one of them is thooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh !

Login: kymo
  maphios 14-Mar-2009
Sry Kymo but all codes have been already found (look at the track details for the winners).

So the contest is over and I´d like to thank everybody who took part here.
There were some problems at first with the rules but I think it finished off quite well .
Thanks to:

Wow, such a cool award and furthermore this great feedback, thanks a lot DaKKoN ! I´m very glad you liked the screenshot and the loop (it´s not easy to get good loops in bay and there are still some minor problems with mine). Also good to hear you took your time to read the track details here and changed your mind by reading them . Yes, I know that PF´s can be pretty boring especially when driving them more often. But I didn´t see another way to include a Stunt part here in the track and that was my goal. So thanks for hanging in and finally awarding here .

Hehe, pjw, we both know that there are other standards in the world of platforms. Also for me it was hard to judge this at first. It seems quite easy for us, because we can get the part without respawning within less than 3 minutes. But still for most of the players this can be a quite hard job. So i set the difficulty to expert which I surely wouldn´t have done if this was a platform only track . But I´m still glad you had fun here and liked the MT work (it´s right, it took me quite some time to get the replays in the intro working in that way) and big thx for your award !

Always feels good to get an award from you Sivert ! Also good luck to you in the MTC, I think it will be very hard to judge, so I´m happy I needn´t do that . Thanks for your award and the nice words.

Great award tmjonas ! Thx a lot for your words and the feedback, I´m really happy you like the track and my work here. Yes, I know that I haven´t released much stuff lately and I should go more often to the editor . My last two tracks took pretty much time but I try to let you wait not so long as last time .

Thank you very much Jochem! I´m a bit speechless about the win but totally happy ! Thx for your nice words and the award.

Thx a lot °pob°KekX° ! I know you put some serious effort in the MTC and I´m glad that there were no problems and all went very well. Great job by you !

Thank you very much chris_du_21 for your detailed feedback and this great award !

Also Draco35 thx for your award and the kind words .

Hey paddy« I´m glad you had fun on this track here, thanks for your award .

Thanks for this nice award eyebo !
  AdriVic 14-Mar-2009
  Wallaby 16-Mar-2009
I awarded it already before I was judge.
Will give the feedback here as a comment then , when final results are avaliable
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  riolu! 14-Mar-2009
Wow, very cool one!

I love the MT work and the nice PF jump!
A bit hard Platform part, but hey - it´s Platform

Here´s your well deserved award
  DaKKoN 14-Mar-2009
Well now, you made it hard for me to this track. I like your idea, but after 3 times your PF is done for me. (PF's in general...) It just takes to long... I really like the platform part, although it feels a bit lucky from time to time.... And the race-part is also very nice! The start though screws a bit with the integrity of the track. Also the replayability... So after a while I decided not to award your track. Until I read the complete the whole track-details... Hehe you made it all sound good and cohesive. So I turned my opinion because there is some good mapping going on.
The little cam-shake-effects on the PF... The water-ramp to cp-grid transition is somehow brilliant if you nail that!! Platform is exciting and race challenging and fast. I love the loop. It is rough, but smooth^^
Anywayz overall a well deserved for you m8!! The screenshot looks awesome!!

  pjw 15-Mar-2009
Very, very creative idea to try to combine all aspects (and all cars! ) of Trackmania into one track. I had fun playing it--it's obvious that you put a lot of work into it (and I'm sure the PF part took a long time to design). The platform wasn't very difficult, but that's okay--I know you were trying to appeal to all TM players, so that makes sense.

Nice job!
  Sivert 15-Mar-2009
Supreme combo pf, platform, race Great mt and superb fun Good luck in the mtc

  tmjonas 21-Mar-2009
Genious idea!
And very well executed.
Well I think that says everything. This is one of my favourites for this MTC, really great work as usual. Would love to see more tracks by you!

  Jochem =) 26-Mar-2009
You totally deserved to win!
So nice track, nice mix of the genres!
Nice scenery, MT and AT

  KekX 28-Mar-2009
Congrats to 1st place in MTC March, TMX 5th anniversary

Well done!
  chris_du_21 22-Apr-2009
Awesome track

Wonderful intro
Excellent PF, really great
Platform... okay i'm not fond of platform tracks ... a bit hard to get correctly (as Acceleracer wrote : it's platform )
Race, great
Superb outro

  Draco35 15-May-2009
really great combination! nice PF and creative intro!
  Nim 05-Dec-2009
toatally amazing!
  eyebo.wp 01-Jul-2010
Cool track! Nice combination of styles.... PF -> Platform -> Race
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