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Name: UL5 - Se Upp För Diket :D
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Tuta
Version: 06-Mar-2009
Released: 06-Mar-2009
TMX id: 1578263
LB Rating: 38,984
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:03.97   [CMC]Roa+ 0:00.0038,984
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:04.11   TMshock+ 0:00.1438,472
1:04.25   Zooz+ 0:00.2837,960
1:04.60   _Hawk_+ 0:00.6336,680
1:05.28   JumperJack+ 0:01.3134,194
1:05.60   pod.BanZzai (jljbanzai)+ 0:01.6333,024
1:06.51   rad+ 0:02.5429,696
1:06.80   *Garfovsky+ 0:02.8328,636
1:06.88   hyp+ 0:02.9128,343
1:07.06   Tuta+ 0:03.0927,685
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Author Comments

This track got chosen for the UL5 Round 1 and now it is here on tmx!

It has no MT, a little scenery but is challenging and fun It is a bit different from normal cup-tracks in snow but i see that more as a pro than a con

Bigger screen:
The screen was made before the last update and the track may look a little different from the screenshot.

Link to ul5:

User Comments
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  Tuta 06-Mar-2009
Someone tell me how to get a 1.04.xx on this??

thankyou for the awards BanZzai and minizyko
OLDA_X and wallaby big thanks for those words
Also thanks to cl_ment and Forgot10 for awards
Thanks Jumperjack for a really long award
lovely award roa big thx
Thabnkyou ichirou and rad! makes me happy
  CMC|Taylor 06-Mar-2009
GG for being selected for the UL5
You got really a lot of 20p in the final votes
  Tuta 06-Mar-2009

yeah, i dont know maybe because its different from a normal cup track?
some players think the exact opposite of the judges though; Its appearently an bumpy speedtrack
  MiniZyko 06-Mar-2009
Haha se upp för diket
Måste bara testas
  cl_ment 07-Mar-2009
For my 1:04.59 hmmm i will put the replay after 1st round
  breach 07-Mar-2009
Lol, you kept the name...

and really good changes to the map since version 1 wich i tested...
  Tuta 07-Mar-2009
yeah thank zooz for those changes

and thank you for the name xD and also for motivating me to send it to UL
  KiWiNiNjA 07-Mar-2009
Beware of the ditch, indeed.

Cool track, but that ice 'ditch' pwns me every time.
  Tuta 07-Mar-2009
i hope you dont take the respawn booster because that ruins it?
  tmjonas 07-Mar-2009
Sry Tuta, but after (trying to) train it in rounds mode I don't like this track anymore

Imho it's just not suitable for leagues and I can't follow the admins points for this one - nothing against you.
It is too boosty and buggy (or I just can't drive/avoid them) and that ice-part is just extremely lucky and annoying in rounds.
However it's still not a complete mystery why this track got chosen. It has got great ideas in it, and it is different as most of the other league-tracks. It's got more jumps than usual such tracks have and some really nice ideas.
However I just don't like driving it as I can hardly finish it without crash. For me it's rather a "who doesn't crash" than a "who is faster" track. In TA mode I reached 1.12.xx after 15min as a best result...

Still I love to see you begin to build technical maps m8!
  Tuta 07-Mar-2009
yeah it is odd, it seems like some people dont have bugs at all and some people find it loaded with bugs. I guess it is not a track for everyone, maybe its the skill of the drivers or the driving style, i dont know as i havent seen anyone who dont like it racing it.

But keep posting comments! specially interesting would be if someone pointed out more buggy places than the ice jump wich i know can be buggy a few times (althogh very rarely for me ).
  tmjonas 08-Mar-2009
well the ice-tunnel... wasn't even that buggy, it's more the whole section before what makes it hard to jump straight and with the right speed into the tunnel (the booster you cross)
apart from that I've bugs at following places (all of them are unsteady):
- at the first little "drop" at about 12s (rare, it's quite ok actually)
- at the diagonaljump with the red little ramp after the steep turn (almost always and it's quite evil if you have it to continue)
- at the landing on red ramp before the big tube (not too bad, but not rare either)
well and at the diagonaljump before the finish I've sometimes weird troubles too
but I have more and more the feeling it's only my poor driving
  JumperJack 08-Mar-2009
well, it's indeed a pretty speedy track.

going for the 1'04 soon. can't upload my mid 1'05 since it was recorded online. ah well, still crashed that run anyway... -.-'
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 11-Mar-2009
No 1:03?
  JumperJack 11-Mar-2009
well, a 1'03 is definately possible, but i still haven't had one good, crashless run. i always fuck it up somewhere on the track... -.-'

ah well, this low 1'05 is at least better than my last time...

edit: go to roa for your 1'03... -.-'

drove a 1'05"14 in match btw, but still no 1'04. next time better luck...
  Tuta 12-Mar-2009
gaaah, ul tracks should be around 1.10.00 and it kinda was before i uploaded it here

you are siiiick roa!
  JumperJack 12-Mar-2009
roa's icepart...
  KiWiNiNjA 14-Mar-2009
Haha, Roa showing off.....
  [CMC]Roa 18-Mar-2009
It's not showing off ^^, it's a real trick to gain speed and all the time avoid the bad landing Try it guys
  JumperJack 18-Mar-2009
yes, roa, i would have tried it, as long as you would've told me about it before the match...

but thanks for the tip, i'll try to use it the next time there will be a snow league track with such an ice part...
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User Awards
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  pod.BanZzai (jljbanzai) 06-Mar-2009
Great one
  MiniZyko 06-Mar-2009
Like this track

My time
  OLDA_X 06-Mar-2009
good map

.... .... OLDA_X
  Wallaby 06-Mar-2009
Cool Techie
Great mix of Speed and Tech
Cool Ideas and nice Reusepart

>> <<
  cl_ment 07-Mar-2009
Love track
  Forgot10 07-Mar-2009
nice track
  JumperJack 08-Mar-2009
tuta does leagues!! ^^

the track
well, to get it straight from the start, the track is pretty buggy, although most of them are easily avoidable with some basic bug prevention while driving. although, for some reason, after a little more than an hour training, i still haven't finished it without crashing even once, and that's kind of weird. still, this track is quite original and fun, and i only dislike the icejump (ok, i like it, but not in a league ^^ ).

the rest
you've made some nice basic scenery, and probably a funny name... ^^

the fun factor
well, for sure this track is fun to play, so that's a big plus. although the non-standard rare big time losing bugs are annoying. luckily you won't get them often. ^^

final rating: 8/10

excellent track!!
  [CMC]Roa 11-Mar-2009
This is a blast for a league track !!! sooo speeeed, really tech, bit frustrating with landings, cool idea with the ice some tricks are needed to win time, my time could 've been 1.:03.7x but this fu landing at end ! :/ anyway it's a very nice track !!!!!!!
  ichirou 14-Mar-2009
I like almost all parts of this track The ending is the only I don't like I think, could've been done a bit better. But really gj on this track!

from ichi!
  rad 15-Mar-2009
Awesome map! Great for UL! Fantastic job!
  Drave 09-Apr-2009
Cool track

For you


  TMshock 12-Jun-2020
really fun, very high speed. bit too many yolo parts, but it's good for ta.
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