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Track Name
Name: 8Bitter
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Siem»LT
Version: 03-Mar-2009
Released: 03-Mar-2009
TMX id: 1569065
LB Rating: 54,262
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:36.03   Roxer.+ 0:00.0054,262
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0:36.16   maphios+ 0:00.1353,087
0:36.44   *Garfovsky+ 0:00.4150,557
0:36.47   Leo.sûômî+ 0:00.4450,286
0:36.90   osna+ 0:00.8746,401
0:37.16   smok3y+ 0:01.1344,051
0:37.36   PPDA+ 0:01.3342,244
0:37.63   NoTimeToDrive+ 0:01.6039,804
0:37.67   paddya+ 0:01.6439,443
0:37.68   Joost»LT+ 0:01.6539,352
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Author Comments

Hi tmx,

This is a tribute to every 8Bit fan on the planet
I like 8Bit music, chiptune named and also 8Bit things like a NES, 8Bit Tie etc.. ^^
(I Don't wear that tie btw xD)

Something about the track:
-Ville thinks that it's my best track
-It contains a cool 8Bit car made by NGcs in the GPS and screeny* (bigger screeny) xD
-It's very smooth
-It has a nice flow I think
-And it's fun to race although it's a bit slow

Now Have Fun and Drive!

*If you want the car, pm me

Tnx to:
»Joost:You're lucky I didn't put sabrepulse music on the track
»Jonas: Click for bigger screen above And tnx for the award
»Peddy: Tnx Peddy for the award
»Tuta: Tnx Well, Tuta, read the author comments xD
»Ville: I'm blind, I only see a short award xD
»-RazoR-: Lol?
»Mania: Tnx for your lovely words
»Knuk: Strange indeed ^^"
»Voyager006: First I forget Sabrepulse Lol, the finish is worth 20 awards ^^ But it isn't fair that MT will make this track overrated then It's about the track, not the MT -.-"
»Leo.suomi for some nice words, tnx
»Arzga: Tnx for your nice words
»Snakey3000: Nice to have such a nice award from such a nice tracker ^^
»O$NA: Tnx But this isn't ment to be a noslider I can't noslide so
»tmjonas: Hehe, short award that says enough, really tnx
»Cartman: Hehe cool award
»Da Killah: Exacly what I like too
»Wallaby: Wow, awarded a track ON TIME
»Banjee: Tnx
»TurBo: Tnx ^^'
»Smok3y: Tnx
»Paddya: My racing line makes it special and great for Wr-Hunting
»Cool-T: It was ment to be fun
»Maphios: It's better to have a hard start than a hard finish
»Skilla: Tnx ^^
»GSP: Jau Tnx ^^'
»Reggae rida: tnx

User Comments
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  Jonas»LT 03-Mar-2009
  Joost»LT 03-Mar-2009
  Siem»LT 03-Mar-2009
3. xD
Why 2 placed reserved for u? xD
  FT»Peddy 04-Mar-2009
Why only 3 awards TMX???
  Siem»LT 04-Mar-2009
Tnx peddy
If you want more awards, advertise my track then xP
  Jonas»LT 04-Mar-2009
Hehe ^^
Look @ my new Track.. (this is not spamming^^)

"Very uuunderrated Islander by Siem!

"8Bitter by Siem»LT""

  Siem»LT 04-Mar-2009
Tnx mate ^^
  Joost»LT 04-Mar-2009
Sometimes I'm just too fast on the section before the CP.. and it makes that part damn bumpy
you'll probably see that wel in that 36.xx replay (not in mine)
  Siem»LT 04-Mar-2009
It isn't 100% Pro-proof then ^^
I'm not a pro so that's normal
  Joost»LT 04-Mar-2009
Ok 100% pro proof is never do-able, but I ain't a pro either
So if even I see that that section doesn't work well that way.. what must the real pro's think of it?
Cuz seriously m8 I can nearly jump into the last CP from that jump after that no-slide corner (yes it is.. FS no-slide ^^ )

  Siem»LT 05-Mar-2009
well, then I failed for real pro's
But that doesn't make my track bad I hope ^^
  Joost»LT 05-Mar-2009
No not bad.. just a pity cuz it doesn't fit to the quality of the rest of the track IMO
So because I like the track this much I don't like something like that
  Tuta 07-Mar-2009
real pro's know how to release the throttle in jumps to not crash
  Siem»LT 07-Mar-2009
Nice said tuta
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  TurBo»LT 08-Mar-2009
Love this Track!
really nice!
  smok3y 09-Mar-2009
Lovely track yet again
Loads of places to gain time
Loved the no slide zones
  paddya 09-Mar-2009
After driving this one again and again, I finally found my fun here. As always in siem-tracks, the ideal race-line is damn hard to get. Finish is a bit straight, too But nevertheless a very good track in the typical siem-style

Well done, !
  Cool-T 10-Mar-2009
tested it at PPO and i just had to award it
cause it's huge fun to race
sry for short award

  maphios 10-Mar-2009
Hehe what a funny finish
Great ending to a nice island track.
The start is quite unusual and hard at first but still challenging and doable after a few runs
The jump combos require some good control over the island car furthermore
Nice work here

  Skilla»LT 30-Mar-2009
nice easy map
  gsp 30-Mar-2009

jau Siem.

waht a sweet track... loveli speed, cute turns
only:A W E S O M E

here your >>>


  Reggae Rida 23-Apr-2009
nice and smooth layout

good job

keep it up

  Cheap Jeep 01-May-2009
Wow! Really a gr8 island track!
Awesome flow, smoothness and fantastic ideas!
That's what I wanna see
  davwader 23-Feb-2010
  eyebo.wp 26-Feb-2010
I love it!!! Ultra
Awesome layout!
  NoTimeToDrive 06-Apr-2019
Great Track!!
Big love
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