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Name: Download Poco Loco
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   GR.
Version: 25-Feb-2007
TMX id: 156599
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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0:49.93   LIZT@Z+ 0:00.22-
0:50.18   Eviltim+ 0:00.47-
0:50.19   Koroner (i...+ 0:00.48-
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Author Comments

Poco Loco!

A bit crazy flat-out bay track with double re-use.
There's something I would normally never put in my tracks and that's reversed boosters but I did it anyway. Well they're for the re-use at the start because else it wouldn't work well so why not.
And I thought this track might use some directions so I made my first GPS!

MT: Intro (simple), In-game (GPS), Outro.
Coppers: 4666
Author time: 0:50.77
Total building time (incl. MT): 35 hours

Get song for this track here (1MB).
Place song (.mux) in folder:
\My Documents\TrackMania United\ChallengeMusics\...
Song will also download automaticly as long as there is bandwith left.

Enjoy all!!

Thx -=ITC=- X-MASTER There is GPS.
Thx =ITC=Speedy
Thx KiMi
Thx [ATP]NitroGuy
Thx *speedy* Whats wrong with the screenie lol.
Thx maphios Sry for hairloss.
Thx Narrow-Star
Thx Cephid
Thx [ATP]Jonkster_NZ Nice detailed comment.
Thx TopTrog Cheeerz!
Thx GD Cheeerz!
Thx puinbakker Im glad u like the music.
Thx ripbox Cheeerz!
Thx Fuubjuh Cheeerz!
Thx Micster
Thx InixXx
Thx smok3y
Thx DEnGel No rev boost=crash for sure.
Thx wildcat Nice word.
Thx F07Markus I dont mind reading more.
Thx Snakey3000
Thx ORA Cheerz!
Thx Buchi Yes tunnel can be hit but its pretty hard.
Thx MasterDisaster
Thx Darth_Vader
Thx MaB
ThxThx Robert1
Thx Seby
Thx [ATP]insane
Thx crooms Cheeerz!
Thx ~Ganjaweeds~
Thx DaKKoN
Thx JumperJack w00t right back at ya!
Thx Tonic_91
Thx SniperZ
Thx T_Z_ No its not me lol
Thx JuneRaT ~GER~
Thx Seychellen
Thx .Remix.
Thx Ersatz
Thx SoulFly
Thx ~5~pT
Thx Mirco the Racer
Thx Don Alfonso
Thx Nemisis_Ganda
Thx woosle
Thx [ATP]Eviltim
Thx Schnitzer
Thx Hubby
Thx broadsword
Thx Bodom
Thx Supernova
Thx |_x-X-x_|
Thx beethowenn
Thx Bye Tom
Thx gloofyy
Thx speeddriverr
Thx Haunted
Thx __Felix__
Thx TheGrinch
Thx MZ-shooter
Thx HighDriver
Thx ZeValoo
Thx shell animal
Thx ADIo
Thx MSL!
Thx etidu29
Thx Ville
Thx [CMC]Zeo
Thx [ATP]scottmc
Thx Pocho Ooh nice words.
Thx KiWiNiNjA
Thx Majestic
Thx ErManito
Thx Larry*C
Thx Maniac
Thx razer499
Thx mythos
Thx XTL Textiles
Thx Tobbe
Thx Legend.
Thx Crazy_horsE
Thx GT40³
Thx Mr.Brow
Thx [WDC]taxifahrer
Thx finfin
Thx abmangoog
Thx Lynx007
Thx smz
Thx Redrot
Thx traKmaniaK
Thx x_Tomas_x
Thx eyebo
Thx c4rr0t
Thx Quickracer
Thx Nahe
Thx FT»paddy
Thx »Blacer
Thx koke95
Thx atipay2
Thx Wallaby Yay thank you Wallaby for 100th award!
Thx sonicandmariosm
Thx Nibor
Thx TM Tube
Thx WAB Nah just some guy.

User Comments
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  Seby 30-Apr-2007
I'm waiting for a new [GR]Map
Did you already start building a new one?

Greetz, Seby
  Fytrim 23-Aug-2007
Yes i wan't a new [GR]Map.. het liefst stadium:P
  GR. 02-Nov-2007
Im back! New [GR] maps here: :
"TZERO by   GR."
"Bongo Bong by   GR."

And thx TMX for CLASSIC! Whoohoo!
  LynX_LynX 15-Jul-2008
go on tracking
all of your tracks are very great
even the No-Release-Crap in your trackpack is good
i would give you an award for this track but TMX says that i have to register my comunity code (i have done it )

  GR. 28-Jul-2016
Thanks Lynx.
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User Awards
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User Award   sonicandmariosm 24-Aug-2011
User Award   Nibor 26-Sep-2011
Amazing Track
User Award   TM Tube 02-May-2016
Nice GanjaRider
User Award   WAB 04-May-2016
The picture is great , for this an from me .
Who is the man in the picture , are you that ?
User Award   frm09 30-Nov-2017

Good track!! Maybe Mucho Loco is a more descriptive name.
User Award   xeqzion 29-Jan-2018
old but gold
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