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Name: » Kinetic
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   FT»Snakey
Version: 15-Feb-2009
Released: 14-Feb-2009
TMX id: 1513619
LB Rating: 51,234
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Island
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0:47.50   Cartman»LT+ 0:00.0051,234
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0:47.68   Sriver+ 0:00.1850,069
0:47.89   [CMC]Roa+ 0:00.3948,710
0:48.36   FT»Snakey+ 0:00.8645,668
0:48.59   FT»Tobbe+ 0:01.0944,180
0:48.71   FT»Boinkerz+ 0:01.2143,403
0:48.77   smok3y+ 0:01.2743,015
0:48.98   Jaypsi+ 0:01.4841,656
0:49.00   -TyR+ 0:01.5041,526
0:49.05   Amit»LT+ 0:01.5541,203
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Author Comments




How long is it ago I released my last track except the FT-Track and the Star-Campaign? After I finshed my latest track "Vacation" I didn't feel fit for the TM-Track-Editor.
That was more than a half year ago, but finally I made a track again. Before that I had some tries already: I tried to build a desert-map, but failed (that was already before Star-Track), then I tried to build Rally and failed again, and just some time ago I tried to build Island, failed because I found it too hard. Now I made it and I'm releasing another try. In my opinion it is a bit jumpy, but I like it very much.

It's an island-map called » Kinetic filled with some transitions, some nice jumps, three offroads, one loop and two wallrides. It has got a lenght of 10km, that are normally driven around 48-51 seconds. The special thing here is, that the map has NO red booster! So it was hard to make it "easy", smooth and CP-workable. Finally I could create three CPs with three CP-Ways ^___^.


- Environment: Island, Sunset
- Coppers: 6000
- Difficulty: Expert
- Number of CPs: 3
- Lenght: 10km / 49 sec.

- 15 Jumps / Transitions
- 1 Loop
- 2 Wallrides
- 3 Offroads
- Scenery

- Intro
- Ingame
- Outro

This time I had lots of beta-testers! Thank you:
velocity / boink, Peddy, tuutti, paddya, Wallaby, tmjonas, cuba.12, Leo.soumi, Cool-T and Siem!

Bigger one!

Thank you for reading, downloading, sending replays, awarding or just giving some feedback!

User Comments
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  FT»Snakey 14-Feb-2009
Thank you for all the awards!
Thank you, FT»Boink for your really nice award and awesome replay!
Thank you, Jonas»LT for you nice award.
Thank you, adi__! Short award ^__^.
Thank you, paddya! Your award is awesome and thx for the replay ;D!
Thank you, FT»Wallaby for your very nice written award!
Thank you, FT»Peddy that you like my track so much
Thank you, cuba.12 for that awesome award! Thx, thx and thx again!!
Thank you, Alex»LT for your nice words!
Thank you, Gerbe! Good that you liked my track =]
Thank you, Bye Tom! THX! You're right, the end is a bit hard and bad.
Thank you, FT»tuutti for that nice award!
Thank you, Cartman for your nice short award.
Thank you, HonG for your nice award =]
Thank you, FT»Ebou! Thank you for these niiice words!
Thank you, MW?!! I enjoyed your award ;D
Thank you, TurboFreak for your nice writing.
Thank you, Ron Turbo for the cool award!
Thank you, Ville fo your nice award!
Thank you, Acid « Tmo-Addicted ». Thank you for that award!!
Thank you, Christophe63. Thank you for the shor award!
Thank you, oPPi, for the 21st award
Thank you, smokey. Glad you liked it.
Thank you, Tobbe, for your nice award!
Thank you, DaKKoN. Good, I will try to build my next map now.
Thank you, NM. Thank you for award no. 25
Thank you, Siem. your award is beautiful.
Thank you, Roa. Awesome award and Replay!!! Wow!
Thank you, TaBle for your 9/10. Thank you very much.
Thank you, Andre.. Nice short award!
Thank you, Mania»LT for taht nice words!
Thank you, finfin for your award.
Thank you, Cool-T! Thank you for this nice nice nice nice award.
Thank you, What should I write here now? =D
Thank you, tmjonas. I know the line is forced at some parts.
  Cuba.CZ 14-Feb-2009
NP. Btw, replay will be later I´m working on sth now
  paddya 14-Feb-2009
Sorry for my crappy replay :/
  FT»Snakey 14-Feb-2009
Yeah, BOTW!!
Thank you for letting me be there!
Thanks for the replays and awards!
  FT»Boinkerz 14-Feb-2009
Gratz on BOTW Snakey
  » Ebou / Busy! 15-Feb-2009
FT is back!!!!

3 ppl (1 ex member too) in botw!!
  FT»Snakey 15-Feb-2009
  Bye Tom 15-Feb-2009
No! You beated XT, there's only two of us there.
  Zemano ! 15-Feb-2009
  FT»Snakey 15-Feb-2009
Ouch... Well the cut is fixed now. I'll upload the track in some minutes. Thanks and sorry.
  Cuba.CZ 15-Feb-2009
My replay is here now KB powaaaaaaaah
  SkunkY 16-Feb-2009
I can't really say really bad things about the track. Everything is well built, its got some nice transitions and the scenery looks nice, too.
It's just missing the excitement-factor for me. I wish you would have given us more freedom to drive our own lines. Then it probably would have been more interesting to me.
  FT»Tobbe 16-Feb-2009
Nice AT but 47 seems possible to me.
  [CMC]Roa 18-Feb-2009
Go 47.6x !!!
  FT»Snakey 18-Feb-2009
Awesome time, Roa!!
  paddya 18-Feb-2009
Roa becomes an Island specialist xD
  FT»Boinkerz 18-Feb-2009
Roa = PwNaGe time
  smok3y 19-Feb-2009
Roa you at it again - now in island

Crazy time dude
  paddya 21-Feb-2009
Cartman crushed everyone Oo
  FT»Boinkerz 21-Feb-2009
ok cartman WTF?!
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User Awards
Showing 38 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  oPPi 16-Feb-2009

Just perfect nothing more to say
Perfect FLOW
also very nice MT-works

  smok3y 16-Feb-2009
No Slide

  FT»Tobbe 16-Feb-2009
Great Job!

I don't tell you sth. new if I say it's an excellent track!?!

Your well deserved

I only dislike the curve before the last offroad part. It's very dark.

But all in all a good track.

  DaKKoN 16-Feb-2009
Well m8, this is not far as transitional as you let me fear it was^^
This one is easy and flows massively!! The sign-placement is brilliant, for it makes the track VERY!!! driveable!! I actually only do not like the corner before the end. You used road-pieces there. Those stupid diagonal-crap-blocks^^ Hehe I always dislike them for it makes it unclear for me how to take a turn and when a turn starts or ends..
Besides that: Stunning track m8!!!
Very fun to drive and also pretty intuitive.
The intro was a little dissapointing though (I didn't have music on though...) since I know you always make rockers of intro's, this one was a bit "light" so to speak^^ The outro however was awesome!! And the scenery was great!
The track is fun and addictive and well for me just awesome!!
Here's a very well deserved for you m8!!
Time to gain more inspiration if you ask me!!
WE WANT MORE!!! (Well I do^^)

  MN 17-Feb-2009
gut gemacht

  Siem»LT 17-Feb-2009
haven't awarded yet
Raced in beta, it was a supernice track
Doesn't need a GPS, it is already easy enough to find your way and to finish the track, but this won't reduce the amount of original idea's and fun
Best intro I've ever seen without any stupid extra media
Nicely done ^.^

We had to wait long for a new Snakey3000 track, but your comeback is awesome!!

ps: sorry for such a short award, I'll edit it later maybe .. ^^
  [CMC]Roa 18-Feb-2009
Great no-slide track ! Soo damn nice transition, very nice flow, amazing scenery/screenie, very nice speed, lovely tarmac curve, it's so intense ! , bit annoying end, always missed the hole to go to finish xD, but really very nice track ! Congrats Snakey3000 !!!

  TaBle 18-Feb-2009
again awesome track:

9 / 10!
  Andre. 18-Feb-2009
Take This
No Words, Really !

  Mania»LT 21-Feb-2009
absolutely insane !
wo so great flow ! such a great layout and a loz of fun
brilliant work here !
>> BIG <<
  finfin 21-Feb-2009

Great track, nice flow, cool transitions, smooth jumps...nothing more to say. Only great.
  Cool-T 21-Feb-2009
brilliant track again
it's one of my favorite island tracks
so smooth.. , perfect flow..
and the combo in the loop rocks
great work again m8

  gsp 21-Feb-2009

aaaaah, damn i only can say

Really great work, here your >>>

  tmjonas 22-Feb-2009
Besides the "forced line" (well I spoke to you enough about this so no more words here ) this track is extremely well built!
The smoothness is extraordinary and some of the transitions are really fun. Scenery and MT are top notch as always in your tracks...
Get this m8!

  Cheap Jeep 10-Apr-2009
A great track deservers a big

Cheap Jeep
  ikNo 14-Jun-2009
You are the truly best mapper. I've never driven anything like this. And the mt I mean WOW You're a god on that area. Jesus christ.
Good job
  Sriver 23-Aug-2012
(sorry for not awarding earlier... ^^)

love this one
really intuitive (which i always like), great flow and cool scenery and mt
also, it's pretty fun to hunt in my opinion (there's obviously enough freedom for different driving lines - otherwise all replays would be almost equally fast )
all in all one of my favorite island tracks

  s8ndm8n 31-Aug-2012
Superb work! Easy speed but still nerve racking with all of the close jumps and transitions.
I'll hunt a time another day
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