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Name: [PF]Panicky Flying
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   cayman^Wallaby
Version: 01-Feb-2009
Released: 01-Feb-2009
TMX id: 1479901
LB Rating: 17,413
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: PressForward
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 2m Diffic.: Lunatic
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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1:36.89   SimplyNick+ 0:00.0017,413
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2:02.28   Wallaby+ 0:25.390
2:02.29   S&C'Eld+ 0:25.400
2:02.29   GSA|CyaN+ 0:25.400
2:02.30   Cayman»LT+ 0:25.410
2:02.30   Reemiixed+ 0:25.410
2:02.31   F4B!+ 0:25.420
2:02.31   tyta+ 0:25.420
2:02.31   gogot+ 0:25.420
2:02.31   Amit»LT+ 0:25.420
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Author Comments

Many time ago , I guess it were 2 month , cayman and I decided to work on a teamtrack togethter
We decided to make a pf , but this is not just an ordinary pf , it is an supersmooth PF
And like in cayman's PL map with very very close Jumps and Drops
The map is full of actions and transitions and has a length of 2 minutes
The Track should be not that laggy , even for e @ my old pc it was playable with 50 fps

2 Minutes PF


Outro -



NOW! , if sb asks , why only 2 mins? , Well actually everybody knows the start is f*kkin tiny and a smooth pf with awesome Ideas is really hard to creatve over 1 minute
Everybody made his parts so it was great divided , cayman just made a little bit more of the mainway

Have fun^^

Showcase from Walla's side^^

4»Tune by   FunTrackers

User Comments
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  Alcator 07-Feb-2009
Too bad you gave up on the in-game MT after the first stretch... Full MT would be better... this way, players are forced to play in bumper-cam view, or they will get sick due to all that "material passing".

Also, no REPLAY???

Sorry, as someone who made 5 minutes PF, I can't award this.
  Wallaby 07-Feb-2009
I hate this kind of jealous noobcomment
Do you know any 5 Minute Stadium PF which is good?
NO! , because it is nearly impossible , and I don't sit 2 years on one map
  tmjonas 07-Feb-2009
Well the comment seems a bit strange indeed, but I also got to the impression that it was a bit rushed in the end.
  Cayman»LT 07-Feb-2009
Pls copy awards to tmnfx
I will be really happy
There are a lot of awesome awards .. so it will awesome to see them on tmnfx.
Just I'm trying to reach 50 there.
  tmjonas 07-Feb-2009
I can't make an account there...
Some weird error
  Alcator 07-Feb-2009
Originally posted by Wallaby ...
Do you know any 5 Minute Stadium PF which is good?


As I said: "As someone who made a 5 minute PF (meaning: As I am myself an author of a 5 minute full-MT PF track)..."
(Please note that this track was built before Forever changed the physics, so it can only work in TM United (not Forever)

And it only took me about 100 hours to make it (70 hours building, 30 hours MT).

I was also a builder on ATP Community PF track 2, and I made all the mediatracking on ATP Community PF track 1, so I do have quite a lot of experience with PF tracks.

So, my comment wasn't a "newb" comment. I do know how hard (or easy) it is to make a 1 minute PF, 1 minute 30, 2 minutes...

And if you were building as a team, then it's that much easier (per person). That's all I'm saying -- PF tracks are, generally liked for their graphical appeal and the "wow" effect of all the stunts. However, in your track, everything is happening in such a speed and you're can't see the action from a proper perspective, so a lot of your effort was wasted by this.

If you revisit your track and make us see some awesome mediatracking, if you allow us to really appreciate all those stunts by showing them from custom viewpoints, then an award is a must.

You got plenty of awards already. But, from me, a PF track can only get an award if it meets MY standards, which are higher than the average.

  Wallaby 07-Feb-2009
Saw the replay and exactly that what I expected.
I guess from the 5 minutes 2 Minutes were speedless after a stunt , and there is lot of unsmooth stuff
I prefer flowy things
  Alcator 07-Feb-2009
So do I, but the problem is that you don't actually let me see the flowy things.
  Wallaby 07-Feb-2009
hmm too many pillars , o.k. that's an argument^^
We didn't be able to decide if free cam or forced one
  Ville 08-Feb-2009
Osaka: I decided myself what components will be put in there.. and a company made it for me, so actually everything what I said was there right from the beginning
  Wallaby 02-Apr-2009
Finally it is my record^^
  Jockis»LT 07-May-2009
Hey guys... just thought you should see this
Som,e noob copied you track and renamed it and uploaded it...
  Wallaby 17-May-2009
braadje already told
but he deleted the map already

edit: I hope the new screen is ok cay
  LameR 26-Aug-2012
I WANT MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!
  ZachD 30-May-2013
Come to my page, you will see awesome envimix PF work
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User Awards
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  Lexino 11-Feb-2009
Nice speedy flowy PF, makes a change from those extremely long wreckful tracks!!!
  mits_g13 25-Feb-2009
one of the smoothest pf i ve seen
  Elmigo 01-Mar-2009
One of the best I've ever seen!!!
Very big 4 U!!
  gdffgdfgd 02-Mar-2009
This is truly amazing!
There aren't much PF Tracks, which are as good an flowy as this.
  chris_du_21 21-Mar-2009

Nice MT (okay, intro)
Superb ride
Very smooth, no breaks, full speed from start to finish !
Good work
  Reemiixed 19-Apr-2009
Very nice PF track, i know its very hard to make it so smooth and long as you did, Here's a big Award from me
  ikNo 19-Apr-2009
That's freakkin insane. Holy shit i've never played such a cool pf. Those 2 minutes and 2 secs was seriously rocking the living shit out of me!! i was like, W00000oooooOOOW Gr8 building mates really good!
  franz-josef666 11-Jun-2009
Crazy! Great! Awesome!
  Cheap Jeep 03-Jul-2009
One of the best PFs ever!
  FT»ciRu 17-Dec-2010
50th award!

nice map
  Fellbein 17-Dec-2010
Everything is said about this amazing Map, well done Boys
  SimplyNick 20-Dec-2010
This Track Is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
And lol i found a cheat for the map!
  boosts19 06-Mar-2011
wow! amazing PF track, great flow
well done!!

  drunkdriv3r 07-May-2011
Awesome PF. One of the best i ve ever seen. BIG BIG BIG
  mlokan 07-May-2011
Nice funny pf track good work
  Mister Gutsey 08-May-2011
omg i panicked on this one, i got hit in the eyes with a metal pole when i was young and now i flinch at EVERYTHING this map was torture, i let go of the forward button about 5 times untell i finally finished. great track anyway i suck at ing a stadium track ;D
  XdaC 19-Feb-2013
  ZachD 30-May-2013
Really cool.
  ziro_der_hutt 10-Dec-2017
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