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Name: Download Monster Mash
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   XT Projects
Version: 18-Feb-2007
Released: 18-Feb-2007
TMX id: 144689
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Multi
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Island
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0:59.71   spedzo+ 0:00.00-
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0:59.75   echo+ 0:00.04-
0:59.93   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.22-
1:00.70   Marius 89+ 0:00.99-
1:02.25   Fallout Boy+ 0:02.54-
1:03.83   XT Projects+ 0:04.12-
1:04.53   NoTimeToDrive+ 0:04.82-
1:04.55   SkunkY+ 0:04.84-
1:04.71   Eviltim+ 0:05.00-
1:04.90   Kendar+ 0:05.19-
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Author Comments

A MONSTERPIECE brought to you from Kendar and s8ndm8n.

This is TWO tracks in one:

-it is a Full Press Forward track
-and it is a smooth high speed racetrack if you "abort" the PF at about 12sec

Cost for TMU $50
Cost for game controller $20
Cost for this track $0


User Comments
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  Kendar 18-Feb-2007

First of all, I'd like to thank s8ndm8n's mom for... well, I just can't say.

s8ndm8n - that was crazy and fun. When you first sent me the beginning of the track, I just stared at it for an hour, thinking what have I gotten myself into? What the hell am I going to do with this...? And then the gears started to turn and next thing you know I'm up all hours of the night and taking naps in my car during the day. Thanks, dude - I still owe you a black-n-tan from last year, now I owe you two.

Terrorpilot Thanks for the kickass award. We reuploaded to add a few more signs. Cheers!
pitstep nice time Glad you liked the ideas. Thanks!!
F07Markus That is awesome that you are playing with the track to improve. What a great compliiment! Thanks so much for the nice award comments.
DanDaMan Wow, Dude - I'm soooo happy you enjoyed the track. That is a lot of smilies. Thank you, [whisper]Thank you[/whisper]
KEV Fan Thanks for your insane analysis. And the double gold!
Appendix We appreciate your award - that helps us get to a ton!
Micster Yes - by popular demand, we reuploaded with more signs. Thanks, dude!
SkunkY That's great you like both tracks. Thanks for the kickass award!
Adde Very funny and nice comments. "award-taking black hole" LOL Thanks a lot, we are glad you enjoyed it so much.
T_Z_ Great comments. Glad you like the intro/outro too. Cheers!
Dimanche Well, I hope you are right. Big thanks, mate!
-=ITC=- X-MASTER Yes we disposed of that original track we first uploaded on Fri morning, added some signs and re-uploaded. We appreciate your feedback! And I'm sure others will appreciate the chages too. Cheers!
Iquere LOL - "3 pages of comments" - that would be crazy. Ahh, better to use that time to race. Thanks!!!
MasterDisaster It's nice to know that folks understand the complexity in designing this track. It was a fun challenge to build. And I'm happy you found it to be so cooooool.
C02 Thanks for the BIG award. s8ndm8n is too slow a driver and needed extra boosts to beat the PF time. So it's all his fault.
Squirrel Thanks, buddy. Very cool.
BrutalDeLuxe Cheers, mate! Glad you enjoyed it.
Yrp360 Your comments are wonderful to read. Thanks so much!!!
Vincent It's cool you appreciate the work and enjoyed the track. Thanks!
DaKKoN Wow - coming from the PF master, that is high praise. Thanks for sharing your excitement. But we will never tell you who did the screenie or intro... unless you are offering some money?? Hee heee, just kidding.
NastiSavage Always good feedback from you, Nasti. Thanks for the award!!
smok3y I'm glad it didn't take you 30 tries on the PF part. Haa haa I'm glad you got a kick out of it. Cheers, mate!!
Cephid Cool, buddy! Thanks.
Snakey3000 Big thanks, mate! Glad you enjoyed the show.
nosoup4u Aww, no soup for me. But an award instead. Yeah! Cheers!!
LoKo Glad you liked it. Cheers
Drivers of Madness Took a loooong time, so I'm happy you enjoyed it.
[RX]Kendu Weeee, lots of cups!!!, thanks for the comments.
Gerthulf Yeaowzaaa!!!! Thanks for the kind words, mate!! Cheers.
HAWK_GER Thanks for the award. It's nice that you appreciate the concept.

Thanks continued in new comment...

  s8ndm8n 18-Feb-2007
First of I want to thank Kendar for all of his sleepless nights he put into this track in an effort in vain to enter it into the TMX Monthly Track Contest Unfortunately the track was not ready for release and we didn't make the deadline
It was really a great pleasure to build this monster with you my friend
... and btw that screenie is AWESOME

I also want to thank:

My mom
- it was a difficult labor
Terrorpilot- still waiting for one of your amazing Island tracks
pitstep- haha you only got silver
F07Markus- well I don't think you'll see this type of build style too often. Kendar's brain neuron activity is unchartered- the guy is freaking crazy man!
DanDaMan- no, we're not psychic, we're precognitive
KEV Fan- haha I tricked you into awarding a track from me- the track was all me I tell you! ALL ME
Appendix- I remember getting my appendix removed... where have you been all these years? Any kids?
Micster- I know croc hunting can consume a lot of your time so if you don't try the race path we'll understand
SkunkY- yeah we like our tracks to kick ass- not lick ass
Adde- black hole- great idea
Dimanche- botw- another great idea
=ITC=-X-MASTER- sorry about the hair in your food last time
MasterDisaster- definitely challenging connecting the dots/CP's for sure and making an exciting racing path. Glad you can appreciate this
Co2 - yeah the boosters aren't necessarily ideal, but we were trying to keep the race tight throughout and since we were trying to meet a deadline we never had a chance to go back and optimize the boosts throughout the track. But no track is perfect and I really enjoy the race so I'm still happy with the end product btw Tomorrow Comes is still one of the best tracks ever created- make some more please

So who's gonna get the Monster author time?
  spedzo 18-Feb-2007
Cost for TMU $50
Cost for game controller $20
Cost for this track $0


This track looks monsterously awesome!
I plan on hunting down your monster time as soon as possible s8ndm8n! =]
...& if I make it I will thank your mom also! ^_^
  Micster 19-Feb-2007
Guys, I seem to have a problem now. The car refuses to do a whole PF properly!

Instead of going straight the car would now turn left, which is a good thing for the main track but I can't do the PF track at all.

I'm pretty sure you didn't edit the first 12 seconds so I can't see the problem here.
  Kendar 19-Feb-2007
Hey Micster, bummer!!

That happens to me sometimes after I reboot my computer. It tweaks my steering wheel (which I never use, but have plugged in so I can use the pedals) so it is not centered. So if I load up TM and try to use keyboard, my car turns left. I have to go grab the wheel and twist it all the way left, then all the way right and then center it. Then I'm good to go. Probably a 5% chance this is happening to you too, but thought I'd throw it out there.

Option 2 - download pit's replay and watch it.
  SkunkY 19-Feb-2007
Usually it happens when you have configured no dead zone for stearing. Some dont like a deadzone at all and for those pf-tracks often dont work.
  Micster 19-Feb-2007
Well guys, I'm not using a steering wheel, I'm still Keyboarding, but thanks for the help anyways, I've seen the PF in the first version.
  s8ndm8n 19-Feb-2007
I actually experienced the same thing a few times and all I did was quit the track and then restarted it and then it always would work
  Hageldave 20-Feb-2007
Insane Screen!!!!!
wow masterpiece screen
will try track soon when I got tmu maybe in a week
hope it roxx
  NastiSavage 20-Feb-2007
Cool screen too!
  Kendar 21-Feb-2007
Post your PF times quick!! There are only 4 freebie spots left!!!!!!

Ooops, make that three spots left...
  DaKKoN 21-Feb-2007
Here's my time

But about the screenie, my new pf-coast is coming up and I already chartered comeone to make a kick ass outro, and now I also need that sort of Screenie So I don't need to know how this awesome masterpiece was created I only need a new (better.. LOL ) one for my own old (not as old as you though... hehe no offense )self
  Gerthulf 23-Feb-2007
awesome sceen... I test the track today!
  KEV Fan 23-Feb-2007
lol s8ndm8n - you must have tricked my before because when I saw the Intro I thought like "Wow s8ndm8n has made a map ".
I did not realize you did before - always thought you´re occupied 24/7 to kickass everybody´s World Records
Will have a close look at your maps - I assume that either they are well designed but too hard for me or they are perfect
  Kendar 23-Feb-2007
Thanks continued...

Sivert I appreciate your desire to award 4 times. But 1 is enough as it is nice to see your excitement in your comments. Cheers
Robert1 Thanks, I'm glad you liked everything else.
JumperJack Yeah - tough to get on the top 10 now, but thanks for trying. Glad you liked it!
spedzo Thanks, mate!
[ATP]Eviltim Cheers! And thanks for the cup.
  s8ndm8n 23-Feb-2007

DaKKoN - Kendar is the screenie magician Hope you didn't catch any flys in your naked teeth
NastiSavage - didn't care for some of the transitions?... you must've been exploring the side roads or something
nosoup4u - no soup how about a piece of bread?
LoKo - catch me if you can
Drivers of Madness - little something the mad scientist's at MadLabs© have been working on
  smok3y 01-May-2007
Congrats on the classic guys
  s8ndm8n 03-May-2007
Classic? Interesting. I don' think there was actually any competition on this track though...

Oooo nice time Echo
59 do I hear 59...
  rad 29-Nov-2007
PF classic?
  CraxX 11-Apr-2008
-.- dont you get it rad? can drive PF or normal...and the normal route is much faster so it isnt a ``PF´´ at all
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 39 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   NastiSavage 20-Feb-2007
Obviously the expert rating is if you decide to drive. The PF is very cool and inovative! I didn't care much for the transition in a few places on the driving aspect, but even then, it was still a lot of fun! I rate this up there with the DaKKoN PF tracks!

User Award   smok3y 20-Feb-2007
That screenie is a killer
An the track is a Bigger killer
This is on and expert rating level
Not esy for me
It took me like 30 tries when i was testing it yesterday to complete it
And that too not in one perfect run
That is when you do the race part, not the PF part
But it was so much fun to play, with such lovely speed and marvelous transitions

And now this gets in the Best of The Week as well
Cost of this - priceless ..ROFL'
Forgot to mention the PF Idea with the race map is very original and superb
User Award   Cephid 21-Feb-2007
wow cool screenie
a really awesome track
cool idea that you can decide
between PF and normal drive
User Award   FT»Snakey 21-Feb-2007
Excellen PF-Track you two!
This is like the best PF-Track I've ever seen on Island!
Nice cameras in the Outro and fantastic smooth stunts .. WOW!
I love the Intro!
User Award   nosoup4u 21-Feb-2007
Great Pf track, Super Great screenie
User Award   LoKo 21-Feb-2007
Nice job here ! I've enjoyed the show
User Award   Drivers of Madness 23-Feb-2007
amazing track
I totally like the start, how the **** did you get the idea for that start and how long did it take for you to get it right :O:O:O

wel at least here is youre
User Award   K3ndu 23-Feb-2007
Best Pf track what i ever have seen!
Its speedy fasty and more more more...
Heres your
User Award   Gerthulf 23-Feb-2007
Well.. what else can i say then Awesome work guys!
Superb PF with so much action and beautiful crashes! A lot of fun to watch! Awesome!
Then .... superb screeny... mega work.
And the option to drive the track manualy works so good... super smooth track all in all!
Superb work!!!!!!!
User Award   HawkGer 23-Feb-2007
A superb XT Project track, absolutely
Amazing concept with Pf and race-track in one, amazing speed and great ideas !!!
Great fun to drive and watch, here's your award guys !
Greetz, Hawk
User Award   Sivert 23-Feb-2007
Superb pf and great speed in one! Never saw anything like it. The raceing is perfect, still you manage to make a pf-time that's really hard to beat. Great mt and amazing authortime. If I could I would certainly award this twice (as it's two tracks by two guys... probably should award it 4 times )

User Award   Robert1 25-Feb-2007
very nice track ... i was dissaponted that there wasnt any custom music
User Award   JumperJack 28-Feb-2007
and still, it's one amazing track - even better with the update!!

amazing new ideas, and an awesome PF track!!

with the PF time i can't get in the top10, and while driving the normal road, i can't go faster than 1'09"xx...

äwesome work!!

an for you
User Award   spedzo 19-Mar-2007

Comments later, after I recover!
User Award   Eviltim 01-May-2007
Very interesting track and cool idea.
It has some fun areas during the PF that are cool to watch.

The track itself isn't the greatest, but is still fun to race .

Great job guys!
User Award   FarQ 29-Jun-2007
Cool track, thanx:D
User Award   aice 03-Jul-2007

this track is suddenly the best pf ever....
speed...loops....stunts...curves....all what you need
for a perfect race....
--->>> amazing <<<---

...and than two tracks....wonderfull ideas.....


here is your ...

User Award   st3v30 24-Jan-2008
This is one of the best PF tracks that i have EVER played, AMAzing work

-Perfectly designed
-optional raceing route
-cool SC
-cool finish
-GREAT scrennie
-all around amazing PF track

Here are your well deserved
User Award   NoTimeToDrive 06-Apr-2018
O Boy!!
Love it!!
But many even so hate it
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