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Name: Running off the Rails [MTC]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   JumperJack
Version: 09-Jan-2009
Released: 09-Jan-2009
TMX id: 1414282
LB Rating: 22,966
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night Vehicle: Snow
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0:54.83   Mr. Bones+ 0:00.0022,966
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:55.38   Sandder+ 0:00.5521,583
0:55.39   smok3y+ 0:00.5621,558
0:55.41   JumperJack+ 0:00.5821,508
1:00.59   Wallaby+ 0:05.768,490
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Author Comments

MTC » Running off the Rails

This is a track made for the TMX Monthly Track Contest. If you want more information about this instance, I can redirect you here: click!!

Download the music (5 MB)
Place this file in this folder:
My Documents\TrackMania\ChallengeMusics.

The Track

Ready for takeoff?! Ok then. About a week ago, I found out that there was another MTC organized. The monthly theme was jumps this time. Five seconds should be the max between each one. My attention was caught, and I started building at university. When I was half way, and was doing one of the many test-drives, a good friend of mine wondered who was so crazy to build such a track. It appeared it was me... ^^ So, it appears the feeling was already there. After a crash, lots of test-drives and rebuilding, and even more test-drives and rebuilding, this full-speed pocket of adrenaline is finally ready for release!!
The first version of the track was hard, damn hard. Even so hard that I had the biggest trouble finishing it with my joystick. Bells ringed, and I made it easier by removing a little jump. Yes, a little jump. Yes, I knew the rules. Yes indeed, I had to place it back when I remembered the rules. ^^ After all, the track is easy compared to the first version, though I can imagine some of you having some trouble driving the fastest line, especially the keyboarders. Therefore, I decided to not validate this track with my joystick, but with my keyboard. The time I drove after half an hour is within half a second from my joystick time, so I'm satisfied. Note that I had some big luck near the finish, you can check it out in the replay I uploaded!! ^^ Oh, and about the name, trains can sometimes run off the rails, so I thought that would fit the track nicely!! Why I picked this particular song, you can find out yourselves. ^^
Concluding, this pocket of adrenaline with fourteen jumps, forty-nine fake finishes, some of my best MT-work and an awesome song by AC/DC might just be one of my masterpieces in my portfolio!! I hope you all have fun driving!! ^^

Environment: Alpine
Length: Around 55 sec.
Style: Speed
Coppers: 2278

Intro: Yes, with photo-effects.
GPS: Yes, and I drove a 54"98 there!! ^^
Outro: Yes, with probably the best cams I've ever made!! ^^
Music: Yes, "Rock N Roll Train" by AC/DC!! ^^

Author: 0'55"41 (keyboard)
Gold: 0'59"00
Silver: 1'07"00
Bronze: 1'24"00

Bigger Screenie

Current downloadrating: Around 100

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User Comments
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  JumperJack 09-Jan-2009


thanks Mauri thanks a lot for that first award!! ^^
thanks Jet777 fabulous award!! and jups, fifty finishes in total. ^^
thanks smok3y that award is just A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!! ^^ and you broke my AT, awesome!! though what you're saying about me driving a 54... the ghost you see in the gps is, as a matter of fact, a 54"98... ^^ thanks a lot my friend. i'm happy to read that you had fun on this one!! ^^
thanks Wallaby wow, now that's what you call an awesome award... o.O two-and-a-half hour of playing. that's about the same time i used for trying to fix one or two buggy jumps... ^^ but, the 'one transition bug and your run is ruined, only counts for the hilljumps. when you suffer from other bugs, the track is mostly still finishable. and yes, at the big jump, 349 is already too slow!! ^^ about the tricky part, just download my replay of my kb-validation, and you see how i drove it that time. when i looked it back, my mouth was just hanging open... o.O i'm surprised you think the scenery is not that good, since i've never spend so much time on it, and never used so much scenery before. ^^ but that's personal taste. ^^ well, we'll see what happens to the judges here. ^^ bad english?! haven't noticed it. ^^
thanks Sandder wow, i'm really happy to hear that!! and about the bugs, well, it appears to be hard to prevent them. something i also didn't knew before building this track. partly blame nadeo i should say... ^^
thanks Peddy jups, i know it's a hard track. ^^
thanks pitstep thanks a lot, it's really appreciated!! ^^
thanks bachl thanks a lot. in the tracks i'll make from now on, i'll try to be more innovative and less buggy. this one's in fact still 'just' an old rocker, just like the song... ^^
thanks Tuta i know this track is bugged like hell, and i found it out too late before i could do something about it. after all, i thought the track was pretty fun when you wouldn't count the bugs, so... there you go. ^^
thanks Braadje doesn't matter, i get your point!! ^^
thanks KekX hihi, thanks a lot. it came much higher than i expected!! ^^
thanks smz i'm glad that you did manage it at least. otherwise you won't get the best impression of the track. ^^
  Wallaby 09-Jan-2009
Thx , finally another MTC snowtrack...
It begins to get too much islandmaps

Expert ?? Wtf did you smoke/drink ?
Lunatic would be an easy description for it , one little transitionbug/slide and your run is over
And I'm not really a bad snowdriver xD

But still trying it^^
  Ricardo Rix 10-Jan-2009
all the finishes are making me gag.
  tmjonas 10-Jan-2009
lol wallaby's award consists of:

seems to be good and easy
  Wallaby 10-Jan-2009
I don't use many smiley's xD
Zeo is the smileymaster lol
  Sandder 10-Jan-2009
It's actually quite easy once you get to know the track and it's tricks ^^
This was my 2nd finish xD
  Wallaby 10-Jan-2009
You drive like a robot , me not xD , little difference
  JumperJack 10-Jan-2009
thanks for all your awards, comments and time for trying this track!!

and ok, i'll set it to lunatic, even though me and sandder will probably be some of those who can finish it pretty consistently. ^^

about the bugs, i know it's shitty like hell, and i know there are bugs. i have tried so many things to avoid most of them, but some were just unavoidable. o.O here are some tricks to avoid most of them, though.

- at the first castle jump, drive on the left side of the road, since the middle and right side seem to be bugged. o.O
- at the jump out of the tunnel, steer hard left or right in the air, sometimes you get a smooth landing then.
- at the little jump from road to road (the first jump after the castle, not that little road/road transition thingy), don't steer in the air for a smooth landing!! i found that out when validating the track with keyboard. that part is just so much harder for pads (yes indeed, there are parts easier with kb!! ^^ ). when having a good landing there, will result in a perfect landing at the drop from the mountain afterwards, resulting in a pretty easy big jump to the top road.
- the little jump through the cp before the big jump is sometimes bugged. i have spend two hours just trying to fix this, but the fact that there had to be a jump, resulted in something unfixable.
- if you drive exactly 350 or more, steer hard left or right in the air, about half a second before you reach the upper road. that'll result in a smooth landing.
- the hilljump which annoyed people so much (including me at first ^^ ) is also avoidable. this part is easier with kb again, since you must in all ways avoid steering when driving the whole ramp!! pads mostly steer a little there, while kb's are mostly already finished steering by then. i have made three different versions of this part, but this was still the best one...

i hope this helps you guys a little...
  smok3y 10-Jan-2009
JJ this ain't lunatic, if i can get a run to post a replay in 15 minutes than it is expert. Lunatic would take me 1 hour to post a decent replay
But i can understand why you might call it lunatic
Walla is crazy
  JumperJack 10-Jan-2009
well smokey, it's not lunatic for me either, since i compare it to my other tracks mostly. since virtual insanity is the only lunatic track i've made so far, nothing else can be lunatic anymore...

but you're right, i should grade it how i think it's best, and that's expert. otherwise it'll scare the judges as well...
  smok3y 11-Jan-2009
Expert rating is just perfect for this track
  bachl 12-Jan-2009
Ps: This Track is really more expert than lunatic .
lunatic tracks normally are tracks where you need 1 houre of concentrated driving or more.
just my opinion...^^
  Mr. Bones 24-Jan-2009
Sorry, in my opinion it’s too buggy for an award.
  JumperJack 24-Jan-2009
no problem bones. i understand.

thanks for your amazing time btw.
  bachl 29-Jan-2009
I don´t get it anymore...
sorry i don´t know what´s up but I´m not able to finish anymore. Seems I had a very lucky round at the start
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 12 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  Sffn Mauri 09-Jan-2009
Here is your first
Nice One !
I Like this intro and the other mt things really
nice speed and flow
great designe
awesome work
  Jet777 10-Jan-2009
Fantabulousish Track!

Very hard, in the end, but plenty of CP routes

And BTW: Just out of curiosity, I counted how many finishes you placed in the track.
As far as I know... you only finish in 1 of them

EDIT: Oh, A.C says 49. I suck at counting.

for a GG
  smok3y 10-Jan-2009
You did it again JJ

Made an absolute rocker of a map
From the start till the finish this track is pure

What makes the track easy is the nice layout that takes only like 2 3 runs to learn
What makes the track hard is the BuGs - yes i said the word, but that's a Nadeo mistake
The jumps have all been well calculated and zones made for slower drivers
The speed is just perfect in this map
Never gets out of hand at all

It sure takes time to make such lovely maps
And then again you always had the skills to do it
And you cracked it again
Took me freaking ages to beat the AT, now that AT set with a KB was crazy hard to get with my PAD
I think joystick run for you would be a 54.xx
Sandder made that time in his 2nd run and i got it in my 100th run, tell who is more skilled

MT work is wonder perfect, great cam angles, lovely effects and the GPS really helped, the only problem i had was the finish, so i saw the GPS to find the right line to make the finish drop ramp
Music is just lovely, fits the track perfectly and i was tapping my feet to the beat

Goes in my list of top alltime fav. snow maps

  Wallaby 10-Jan-2009
Oh my god , although I crashed into the red ramp in the finish I can't believe that I was able to finish that mistakefree
I sat tonight 2 1/2 h on it just to drive a 1.00.xx
Sick Track--> sick award how you can expect. I never want again to get named "Mr. Idealline" or sth like that before they tried that.
This track is definitely lunatic oO. The transitions are maybe not that new and it are most straight jumps with ordinary ways , but so perfectly calculated.
Dude , one transitionbug , one driving mistake and your run is ruinded
I hate it if I want to reach the 3rd platform on the top where you need 350 km/h and I'm just a bit below that
Result--> Crash , Crash and again Crash , or I hit the second road
Then after this Jump this oldschoolcourve , dude this come so unexpected but is doable with some train.
The next Jump is that what I mainly hate in this track , the jump from the little mountain slope to the woodroad nearly the end
1/2 of my tries were bugged there -.-.
After reaching the platform comes this unbelievable tricky part. Really a challenge to hit the booster to be fast enough to get this next jump. , I often jumped over this boosters. I think that was a main problem for me in the whole map
@ 2am (german time) I was finally able to finish it and started it 11.30 pm . , perfect run and what then.. crashed on this sh*tty red ramp in the finish , that was so damn annoying that I could smash my computer -..-
MT was awesome with nice cams and all the stuff , not too spacial but still nice looking.
You Gps looks except of the little landingbugs like a robor-ride
As I saw this gps I already knew that this will be a hard mission for a keyboarder like me
But if you have a good run you can get all Jumps smooth and clear.
Noobways are very well done. Although the mainmap is so cruel I think everybody can finish it
Scenery could be better but doesn't care me that much

I don't know if some judges will fail on this track but I still wish you good luck

--> «

sick time smok3y

pls put this into lunatic^^
Nice Screen btw
And sry for my bad english^^
  Sandder 10-Jan-2009
It's quite *cough*buggy*cough* xD
But yeah that's the only bad thing I can think of, also it's more nadeos fault
You've created one of my favourite highspeed snow tracks, gg
  FT»Peddy 10-Jan-2009
Nice map.
Some cool and smooth jumps, nice transitions and good ideas.
A few jumps are bugged, but no problem.
I think it's hard to get an errorfree run here, because the track is long and has some hard parts.

  pitstep 10-Jan-2009
great track
great jumps
cool design
very nice mt

yep is for expert
  bachl 12-Jan-2009
this Track is really great
I only had 5-10 minutes to drive it and so I finally wasn´t able to make a good time.
I even nearly finished, but then I made a big crash...
The Track is, like I already said, really cool. If there wouldn´t be the bugs you would always land perfect, because all the jumps are calculated very well. The flow is amazing and mixed with the speed it´s a pleasure to drive this Track. I think this snowmap deserves more attention (maybe it has but most of the players give it up to fast-that´s also a big problem at some other Tracks...)
Also the MediaTracker work is super
All in one this Track is really great and I think (even if I didn´t test all Mtctracks) it will have a super good chance to win the contest.
Also I think I have to test a few of your rally Tracks because I´m going to like this enviroment more and more
But let´me see how much time I have for that and for making a better time here in this Track
Big for your work
  Tuta 27-Jan-2009
Speed, Fun, Flow, Adrenaline and AC/DC, all in one track! The bug at the second jump annoys me A LOT and so does that impossible to get to third floor jump. xD This could be the winner of the competition because of the fun, the layout, the flow, the challenge and the speed. But some things are still bugging me, like that first buggy jump and The too short jump near the end. Still Awesome! job

<--from: >>Tuta<<
  Braadje 22-Feb-2009
great track
really got the ''wow'' effect
sorry for the short (too lazy to write longer awards xD)
  KekX 21-Mar-2009
Sorry, very late, but better late than never

Congrats to 4th place in MTC January 2009!
Well done!
  smz 29-Apr-2009
incredible track !! Quite tricky to always hit the fastest way. But damn smoooooth once you get it right. Realy great track.
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