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Name: [MTC] General RalLee
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Joost»LT
Version: 12-Jan-2009
Released: 08-Jan-2009
TMX id: 1410851
LB Rating: 8,931
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Rally
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0:46.99   Joost»LT+ 0:00.008,931
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:47.90   Fallout Boy+ 0:00.917,893
0:48.06   waitforme_2+ 0:01.077,710
0:48.18   Voyager006+ 0:01.197,574
0:48.69   BrummHummel+ 0:01.706,992
0:48.71   JumperJack+ 0:01.726,969
0:48.80   GrimR+ 0:01.816,866
0:49.16   Trek+ 0:02.176,456
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Author Comments

How to jump:
Well I think people are judgeing this 'lucky' whilst that isn't totally the case
So I'll post some usefull tips & tricks to give you more certainty on the jumps you'll make

1.- At the start make sure you end up on the right of the second booster

2.- At the end of that booster try to jump off at the most left point possible

3.- At the first rock jump, aim for the highest rocky bump
(the one that's a lil on the left)
This will (if you took the previous part well) make you land well nearly all the time

4.- At the second rock jump aim for the bump in the centre (if you want to play it safe)
or drive slightly on the left of it if you want to make it smoother.
(you should only do this if you did the previous section very good)

I hope this will help you, I think you will better notice how to drive the track with those tips
Good luck
If you've seen the movie/series 'The Dukes of Hazzard' you should know this movie features a brilliant car with a funky horn, a heavy V8 and two crazy people driving it
This car makes insane jumps and drives incredibly fast

Also to be honest I never really liked Rally (too slow )
So I decided to make:
A jumpy, bumpy, speedy, adrealine-pumping monster

Just like the General Lee

So if you didn't run away in fear because of those words

General info
- Each 5 seconds atleast 1 jump
(some places are really close tho )
- Massive jumps & speed
- Bumpy;
driving on grass slows you down to much
- ~50 seconds
- 3041 coppers
- Underwater section
- Fun
(I hope )
As the track has to do with 'The Dukes of Hazzard' I decided to have some nice eastereggs
What can you find:

- 3 old crappy Chargers - 600 coppers if you show them all 3 - 1x
(for each 1 you get 150 coppers)

- The Dukes's cottage - worth 600 coppers - 1x

All other eastereggs are gone sorry

You should take a screenshot clearly showing the location
(prefered with text, without is good as well)

Then upload it to a image hoster & send me the link through PM
Mail them to me at

Always mention your login name from Trackmania in the e-mail/PM
Also mention you TMX account name from here if you e-mail me

Ground driving times:
Because some parts are really close to 5 seconds I will post the driving times
(between each jump/airtime part)

0.00 - 4.15
5.07 - 8.25
9.80 - 11.85
12.85 - 16.35
17.60 - 18.53
20.71 - 25.45 -4.74 sec
26.40 - 27.75
28.75 - 29.28
31.02 - 35.55 - 4.53 sec
35.68 - 37.48
38.20 - 39.60
40.25 - 41.30
42.30 - 47.00 - 4.70 sec

Just to be clear from the beginning

User Comments
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  Joost»LT 11-Jan-2009
Thanks for the awards

-Voyager»LT - Well I don't think it's that lucky... I make the start section about 80% of the times
But lovely award thanks alot
-Maniamaster - Thanks m8
-MW?! - WoW thanks, great award
-ATP»Jeffguy1542»LT - Your new favourite rally?! Cool
- B®aadje»LT - Glad you like it m8
- Ville - Great award thanks alot
- Golo - Hell yeah great award
& indeed it feels so great if you make it well
I still have that myself everytime I make it
- Jumperjack - Well thanks for your honest opinion
But the luckfactor ain't that high I think.. but whatever ^^
I'll keep your coment in mind when I want to make a new track tho
- Jonas - Amazing award a lot of thanks (^______^)

- BrummHummel - Super award
and I thought I had fixed that with the internal cam
I did knew it tho.. but I might have set the block activation area wrongly..
- Tuta - Great award thanks m8
Also thanks for the critics; I'll improve them on my new rally

  Siem»LT 12-Jan-2009
lol air-time table xD
  Joost»LT 12-Jan-2009
No, ground time table

(just to make clear that it's really under the 5 sec driving rule of the mtc)

  Mania»LT 13-Jan-2009
are the 4000c away alrdy ? (voy ? )
well I found the 3 chargers , the hideout and the police block but the cottage is damn xD
is there anything to win yet ? And can I put them into a zip ?
  Joost»LT 13-Jan-2009
Well actually voy won the 4000 coppers, but if anyone else would emerge that could win them.. that one should get them
(that's what he said)
so it's actually still open

I thought that when I would upload a new time..
I could then upload the 47.93 time..
but it can't upload the 47.93
(because it's already in their database )
  Voyager006 13-Jan-2009
I know it's a very annoying database

It's so intelligent that it can remember deleted replays ...
  Golo 17-Jan-2009
Okay, after some practise the first Bump-Jump works almost verytime
and its awesome Great work there.
  Joost»LT 19-Jan-2009
Got kicked out off MTC

  Wallaby 19-Jan-2009
I like this little Jump with the Sceneryblock
But the Ride is way too lucky for my
Sry maybe next time...
  Joost»LT 19-Jan-2009
Wallaby: Read the how to jump.. and examine the GPS closely.. if you take the same part of the rocky bump you should nearly always make it
Thanks for the comment anyway
  JumperJack 19-Jan-2009
joost. i'm afraid that it's exactly the problem. good tracks don't have to be explained how to drive them.

oh, and i also think that the fact that you only have turns to the left influenced the diversity, how silly it may sound.
  Wallaby 19-Jan-2009
I didn't talk about this one jump^^
E.g. after the first landing , that is luck xD
  Joost»LT 19-Jan-2009
It does mention that part as well
It's nr3 of the 4, the 4th is about the last rockjump
  GrimR 03-Sep-2009
good idea for respawning with an old crappy charger XD
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Voyager006 13-Jan-2009

100 % Lucky
100 % Bumpy
100 % Speedy
100 % Creative

I can't find any words for the parts after 5th CP

I mostly hate that the rock jumps are WAY too lucky, and i thought about giving an award or not
The gardens are bumpy too but i found a way to make it better driveable (it's only the blocks close to the edges which are bumpy)

But the unique with this track, is that you have to find out exactly where to jump and land at each jump, just like how a general would put in his army in a war

And when you get it ... mmhhh

Actually it's only the start => CP 1 and CP 2 => CP 3 which are imba lucky, but when you get those parts, you can sit down and enjoy the upcoming übercool jumps and water

Nice lucker !
  Mania»LT 13-Jan-2009
awesome fun here !
breathtaking speed
breathtaking jumps
breathtaking luck
super cool track

  MW?! 14-Jan-2009
U no wat I think...
I think its great
good translations
good track
and good scenery!
enjoy my award
  Jeffguy 15-Jan-2009
Short but sweet...

You just made my new favorite rally track
  Braadje 15-Jan-2009
did'nt know this one
awesome track m8 nothing more too say
  Ville 17-Jan-2009
Some great ideas here ^^

Very nice intro
Great flow
Awesome speed (I know it's hard to make a speedy and flowy rally )
Overall very nice MT

  Golo 17-Jan-2009
Hell yeaaaaah, thats a highspeed rocker!!!
Well the start.... I dont know, the bumpy jump after the first drop...
I know that you can reduce the luck-factor there but its stilll.... very lucky somehow.
And imo thats the only reaaally lucky thing in this track, so well... maybe it would have been better without it,
though it does feel awesome if you land it perfect.
Well, the first drop... aint lucky, but you have to jump sooo much to the left.
But like I said, it still roxxxxx... it roxxxx so damn much. I totally love the jump through
the checkpoint if I have the right speed. Than the highspeed offroad and the next jump- great!
The jump after it works great and is very smooth . Then follows probably the bumpiest
offroad part Ive ever seen, but imo its kinda funny I like it. Next jump is again awesome,
though its not easy to stay straight and not jump to the right. Then follows again a little
jump to offroad, where I didnt have enough speed sometimes. Anyway, its cool if you make,
also the next offroadpart and the drop down to the street are fun, the drop down is sooo smooooth.
Its awesome that you found a solution for a little jump into the water,
and the last part in the water is absoloutely amazing and made my mouth go like this
Especially the ride under the bridge, yeah, its so cool
The mt work aint bad as well, I like the text effects in the intro.

All in all it is indeed a little bumpy, but its damn much fun to play,
and when you made it into the finish it feels so great.
I love this one


Ps:Lovely screen
  JumperJack 18-Jan-2009
well, the name is very original. that's for sure!! ^^

the track
it's a hyperspeed rally track. not really new, but always fun. this one's lucky big time though. there's really no particular skill involved when driving the record here. besides that, there're only corners to the left. i should also try to build corners in both directions in your new tracks, something i've also learned later in my building career. ^^ oh, and the tracks lacks a little diversity as well - to my opinion - like fifty percent of the track is yellow field... apart from that, the last watercorner is brilliantly executed with this bridge you're driving under. that's one big plus!! ^^

the rest
good mediatracker, nice scenery. nothing to complain here.

the fun factor
if i'm honest, i don't think this was really fun to play. it's fun for a round or three, but i don't feel like mastering it until i break your author time. i think it's just way too lucky for that. the water part though, is excellent!! ^^

final rating: 7/10

good, but way too lucky!!
  Jonas»LT 18-Jan-2009
Woot man!!
This is sick!
I like every Trasition..
Except of the last Trasition xD sorry^^
But yeah,
There was a crazy Speed,
the flow was awesome
And the Scenery rocks!
I dont know what I have to write here.. xD
ehm... (^______^)
Nice 'funfactor'! =D
And the screen is..crazy

9 / 10 +

JonAs«LT =D
  Alex!»LT|fos 19-Jan-2009
omg awesome map...

really great ideas! nice transitions and unique jumps ;-)

i like this special art of tracks:P..

Great Job!!! :-)

Big Award !!!!!
  BrummHummel 19-Jan-2009
It´s out of the competition and so i´m allowed to award before the final results will be released
I absolutely like the track
And i also had not taken it out of the competion. I´ve tested one replay with the MT editor and all jumps were within 5 seconds.
Well.. i feel a bit sorry but.. that´s life ^^
This was one of these addictive tracks i´ve mentioned in the forum
Not very diverse but i had a loooot of fun and that´s the main reason why i award this beauty.
I loved the route and the ideas and the speed.. ofc
Well, one problem is the little watersection. Drive it with internal camera and you´ll see what i mean ^^
But all in all it is worthy an award and here it is -->
  Tuta 27-Jan-2009
I cant believe this got eliminated Such an awesome track the jumps are all awesome and smooth and stuff speed is really high! not usual for a rallytrack! a bit too much straights but who cares awesome job

<--from. >>tuta<<
  Drave 11-Apr-2009
Wonderful track
Nice jump
And speed

For you

  Trek 30-Aug-2009
the first time, 2 months ago, I played this tracks with keyboard, and I thought: "man , this one sucks". but after buying a gamepad, and playing this track again , It was just amazing . buggy and lucky are the right words to discribe this tracks^^


  waitforme_2 14-Dec-2010
great finish
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