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Name: Download [PR] Holy Shit
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Ripper
Version: 05-Jan-2009
Released: 05-Jan-2009
TMX id: 1403060
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 10,221
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Stadium
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0:21.60   Ripper+ 0:00.0010,221
0:21.61   mr._martin+ 0:00.0110,192
0:21.61   arka+ 0:00.0110,192
0:21.62   DaKKoN+ 0:00.0210,164
0:21.62   Fa!L+ 0:00.0210,164
0:21.62   Keks+ 0:00.0210,164
0:21.62   Hofi+ 0:00.0210,164
0:21.63   F4B!+ 0:00.0310,135
0:21.66   trader5+ 0:00.0610,050
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Author Comments


i glad to present you my first ever [PR] here on tmux !
i began to build this track for 1 or 2 weeks
and now its done !
I think one of my best tracks and i hope not so underrated


~ Press Right
~ Many Pillarblocks
~ Speed oO
~ Mini Challenge if you press backwards ;-)
~ Ingame
~ Intro
~ Outro
~ Awesomeness (Wallabyßs word^^)
~ Greatness (my word )

Other Informations:
~ Screenshot make by my friend Metal_Snake !!! thanks m8
it looks awesome !
~ Thanks for beta testing: Gerbe thanks m8 !

Other PR track:

[PR] The White Stripes by   Gerbe

/Greetz Ripper

User Comments
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  Ripper 05-Jan-2009
wow thx for the fast five awards oO

thx list comes later
  Siem»LT 06-Jan-2009
It is really simple to make such a PR track, just place some of the 9-pillar blocs and see where it crashes, replace the crash blocs with less pillars and you have it, this is really overrated
and now you can say cayman's track was simple too, but it has more then just pillars!
  Ripper 06-Jan-2009
and why did you award cayman´s track ?!

its as special as mine

i think because he is an LT :/

nothing against you Cayman !
  Amit»LT 07-Jan-2009
Well What Siem Meant to Say was that your Track Just Had Pillars and Caymans Track Had Pillars+Jumps.
I agree It's Easy to make a PR or PL track.You just Have to Replace the Block that you Crash.

I Like the track Which you have Advertised in your Comment.
  Ripper 07-Jan-2009
than give a award vor the adversity comment
  Siem»LT 07-Jan-2009
no ripper, it is because he was first, he made pillers jumps, roads and other blocs, he was much more creative with blocs then here, here it just has pillar blocs and if you race caymans you see also jumps, half-road blocs, pillar-blocs and so on. He was first for me and he did it the best. Now everyone is copy him -.-
  Ripper 07-Jan-2009
yeah you´ve right but cayman copy it from comedy street -.-
  v000nix 07-Jan-2009
lol....just look at the tmnf-exchange, the half BotM-List is full with P[x]-Tracks...
  Tuta 07-Jan-2009
mainstream freeloading trash

edit: about the track its your name fits the track, "ripper" its just like caymans track but worse and no jumps or anything (even the same start).
  Ripper 08-Jan-2009
hehe tuta

thx for the comment man !

PS: 123 DWNLs !!!
  Siem»LT 08-Jan-2009
is 123 that much for a BOTW track? ^^
and I agree with tuta, but if I would make a [Px] track then I would copy the start of cayman too, it is the best [Px] start you can make ^^
  Wallaby 09-Jan-2009
lol not really , tm has much variations

You could also start one with a jump upside or sth like that
Might be harder then but new Ideas are always there
  tmjonas 10-Jan-2009
P[x]-tracks seem to lead to loads of discussions these days
if you ask me I'm already bored of them :/
cayman's was impressive for me because it was the first one I've seen (though it wasn't the first one if you look at tmnfx)
now everybody wants to make a P[x]-track as well -> boring
and to add is that it's indeed easy to make.
  Blacer & Paddy 04-Aug-2009
Realy nice track, but what you think about our [PR] Map "FireBolt"
[bad track link]
Have Fun!
Award it if you like it!
  »Blacer 04-Aug-2009
Could you please test my new track, in copro with paddy!


Thank You!

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User Awards
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User Award   Shanki 07-Jan-2009
real nice PR map.. i really love it!

biig for ya my m8

greez Shanki
User Award   Cayman»LT 11-Jan-2009
User Award   Mania»LT 26-Jan-2009
Holy Shit !
this is what I can say after playing this
great one ! super use of the poles and great authentic environment ^^
User Award   Jet777 21-Feb-2009
Really cool PR-ing, crazy pole dodging, overall fun!

from Me!
User Award   »Blacer 04-Aug-2009
Realy nice Track.
I love it!
Watch my Comments!
User Award   sBMXer 04-Apr-2010
Fun track !!
make a track where you must press left and forward ;D this must be funny too
User Award   nickrev 19-Jul-2010
wow really cool! I like how it relies on your reaction time!
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