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Track Name
Name: TechsTile
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   DaKKoN
Version: 12-Dec-2008
Released: 12-Dec-2008
TMX id: 1327545
LB Rating: 57,719
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:39.51   hawki+ 0:00.0057,719
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0:39.78   MEFjihr+ 0:00.2755,352
0:39.92   joooooooooey+ 0:00.4154,125
0:40.03   Roxer.+ 0:00.5253,161
0:40.17   Dengel+ 0:00.6651,934
0:40.21   tcq+ 0:00.7051,583
0:40.41   Co2+ 0:00.9049,830
0:40.47   pitstep+ 0:00.9649,304
0:40.59   _Hawk_+ 0:01.0848,253
0:40.71   osna+ 0:01.2047,200
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Author Comments

My latest track! Go check it out xD


Oh yes, here it is: My 1st ever tech-track!!!

Hehe yes you read it well... A tech track from me. I started some parts on the STAR-islandE track, but the track itself then sucked a little. Combination of high speed and real tech just didn't comply. Well no I really enjoyed the tech parts so I decided to make a track around that. Despite to what most of you think, I can actually love island tech But then it has to be not TO fast and not to wide corners, cause there I tend to lose grip very soon... The 90-degree turns on island can be great fun and this track displays that fun (for me) I hope you all like it!!

Intro: Yes
Ingame: Nothing
Outro: Yes (I dunno what the FX looks like though... --> still bad-video-card... I added that on "experience" I hope it looks good )
Coppers: 2500 (else my pc start to lag atm...^^)
AT: 41.78s
Mood: Day
Fun: Yes

I wanna thank Dengel for beta-testing and telling me what to change. I hope we'll see some tight battles here!! I promise you the track is rather easy actually. Just 1 tricky jump And maybe sliding is faster in the last corner.. You'll see

If the screenie is not big enough^^

User Comments
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  DaKKoN 12-Dec-2008
Ahum, the screenie is not from this track, I took that on another track when my graphics card could actually produce nice screenshots I added some babes to counter that loss...

-Thx all for the nice feedback and awards!!!
  Wallaby 12-Dec-2008
You....and tech ?
Oh my god^^
Test it later xd
  Ripper 12-Dec-2008
nice screen xDD

i test it now xD
  FT»tuutti 12-Dec-2008
  Zemano ! 12-Dec-2008
  -nikotin* 12-Dec-2008
What a screeny Ôô, I love it
  » Ebou / Busy! 13-Dec-2008
Putting beautiful girls in your screens should count as cheating
  MW?! 13-Dec-2008
is that ur wife?
rofl ^^
  DaKKoN 13-Dec-2008
What about wives?
  Minstrel 16-Dec-2008
thx 4 adding the BABES!
  Dengel 16-Dec-2008
soo... i am still waiting for a fast time gogo Co2!!! 39 is rly easy i am suuure u can do it
  Co2 17-Dec-2008
arf...I must be driving the wrong lines then I thought my time was quite fast already ^^
Edit: I'm really crashmania in the tunnels and in the diagonal jump atm -.-
  Dengel 17-Dec-2008

will be great to see a Oo time soon by u !!
  MasterGary 12-Mar-2009
Lovely screenie

I'll (finally) test the map now

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa, was doing a 40 mid and hit the road (used as scenery) before the cp at 25sec after the huge jump

PS : bad time 41.31 (fucked up the finish) and had to release the throttle for over a second at that jump

PPS: lol, I had 0 LB-points in all envis but pushed the track-LB from 46 to 57k???
  tcq 13-Jul-2011
To be honest, this map is really nice
I would really love to award it, but i can't stand this one ramp jump (either it hits you to the right or you hit the bridge ...). Except this one, it's a pretty awesome map #

About the screenie: I think it fits, because there are hot curves
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  maphios 14-Dec-2008
Nice one . I really enjoyed the rather easy layout here. But it´s still a nice challenge to get a decent run here. Good design here with lots of 90 degree turns and some nice transitions.
Furthermore good looking MT work

  Markus... 14-Dec-2008
very good noslider, even if i can hit the road piece after that jump to the right diagonal
good flow and sweet curves
very challenging on all parts
like it

here we go
  Kriss[47] 14-Dec-2008
All has been said, really good tech track
  Squirrel 14-Dec-2008
tight one!
  --LooK-- 14-Dec-2008
I'm not a fan of Island track but this one is really nice !
Great challenge you made here !
Very impressive as usual and so good construction !
By the way, I find the track really addictive !
Awesome work DaKKoN !

-- --
  Co2 14-Dec-2008

  Gerthulf 16-Dec-2008
great work there! tech as it should be and how I like it the most.
fast and smooth while still a bit jumpy^^
awesome work!

oh...btw... the bigger-screeny-download doesn't work anymore!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!^^
  Minstrel 16-Dec-2008
Nice track!
Nice Flow(mostly:P)
Sweet Parts
Awesome track!
P.S.Nice Screenie!
  finfin 17-Dec-2008
Not a bad track I like Island tech, I love this one for it (; Some passages to checkpoint are a bit wayless, but that doesn't matter ^^ Nice track keep it. Nice screenie
  Edge 18-Dec-2008
Great work again!
You showed us your abbility to build all styles in a impressive way!
Such nice flowing corners ....great!!

Well done,Dak!!!

  Roxer. 07-Feb-2009
Nice track Dakkon but the jump is too short, I've hited the road and sometime over the road ^^ but your
  MasterGary 12-Mar-2009
Screenshot is very nice (even without the girls it would be)

MediaTracker = 8.5/10

Sweet intro
Pretty good outro : I love the cams, altough there are 2-3 minor bugs (and too much blur at some places imo)

Track = 7.5/10
Good rating for a first Tech-Track imo
The start is good, nice way to build up speed
Very challenging first tunnels (at FS)
Goood airport-parts
1 DaKKoN-jump had to be in it
Good platform-part(s)
I'm no fan of the jump to the last cp
Good finish "chicane

Very fun, except for the hittable scenery cost you 1 point"

  Nibor 01-Dec-2009
Great tech Track
Great Screen Shot
Awesome posted times -
and damned, I´m too old for that (the Screenshot or the Race - that´s the question)

Nice work, DaKKoN
  eyebo.wp 09-Mar-2010
Nice techy map. Good work!
  wardav 11-Oct-2013

  NoTimeToDrive 29-Dec-2019
Wonderful tech
It's not easy but very fun to drive!
  gazo 29-Dec-2019
The track and the replays are incredible and magnificent.
This track pushes us beyond our limits.
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