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Name: Download UniRally
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   GR.
Version: 23-Nov-2006
TMX id: 13212
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 50,702
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night Vehicle: Stadium
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0:50.46   [TP] DarkB...+ 0:00.0050,702
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0:50.62   'Dream'+ 0:00.1649,737
0:50.65   Imothep+ 0:00.1949,556
0:50.77   TEP=GhostS...+ 0:00.3148,833
0:50.77   -K-+ 0:00.3148,833
0:50.80   dpak_the_f...+ 0:00.3448,652
0:50.85   °gOd°Frans+ 0:00.3948,350
0:50.90   Marius 89+ 0:00.4448,049
0:51.01   JumperJack+ 0:00.5547,386
0:51.03   El Pugna+ 0:00.5747,265
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Author Comments


Enjoy my first TMU track. Ofcourse it had to be Stadium because I wanted to see all the new blocks since Nations and I love it!

This track is actually based on UniRally_Beta, a track I made for the Beta test. However it's totally different and I've spend 10x more time on it. The only thing left of the beta version is the idea of the waterbump followed by a dirt part and even that is changed dramaticly. So this is a completely new map build from the ground up.

MT: Intro, In-game (bumper cam), Outro.
Coppers: 5010
Author time: 0:51.80
Total building time (incl. MT): 45 hours

Get Mod for this track here (4.75 MB).
Place mod (.zip) in folder:
\My Documents\TrackMania United\Skins\Stadium\mod...
(add folder 'mod' if neccesary).

Get billboards for this track here (233 KB).
Place billboards (.zip and .bik) in folder:
\TrackMania United\GameData\Skins\Any\Advertisement...

(Also loc files to the mod and billboards are embedded in the track itsself)

Bigger screenie here

Thanks to all who tested this track on my (temp)server. You know who you are!

Special thanks goes to HPBifta for making the OTMB mini-mod for Stadium and to Nagumo for making the animated OTMB Earth logo and to GD for making my name in United blocks!

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Thanks for award:
Thx ORA Im glad u like it m8
Thx [ATP]ArcImpulse
Thx Brainzzz
Thx JumperJack Great comment
Thx Squirrel
Thx GD Ouch! Got it m8. Blame HP for ripping off Nadeo and yes i found the liquify brush in PS.
Thx Heidi
Thx TimeBreaker Great comment
Thx smok3y
Thx Jimmy_DT Im glad u like em both.
Thx Alex17
Thx gadget
Thx crooms Cheers
Thx KEV Fan Yes those banked flat's (or slopes) really give a Sunrise feel.
Thx Foxi
Thx Terrorpilot Np.
Thx weadle
Thx Trojaner yea i love the decoration in united.
Thx Ersatz
Thx Andree Yea this one is really overproduced in comparison the the beta one and that killed the speed a bit but makes it more fun.
Thx Giler Yea rally is pretty cool.
Thx [Fok!]Markus This is my style when i build on the ground.
Thx Zippage
Thx scala
Thx utal
Thx Leace I hope so.
Thx Sub
Thx ripbox You're welcome m8.
Thx Sebkifum Cheerz
Thx dustyjo
Thx swensen 5 hours.
Thx fonzie
Thx ck.cyrus
Thx CM*Co2
Thx FoZ
Thx Radinmuds
Thx Vun
Thx IMZIZ Great comment cheers.
Thx Kev717
Thx Buchi Cheeeeeerz!
Thx Omertà~Morlock
Thx KuSoPhenix I hope before x-mas
Thx lion3000
Thx Dark_System
Thx EmRe
Thx ludix
Thx hannu
Thx Yussuf
Thx SniperZ
Thx quick
Thx NitroGuy
Thx mattloz
Thx Sivert
Thx DJ @ Work
Thx saar
Thx EvilEyE
Thx magiciano My 2nd track is almost finished.
Thx RxE
Thx heah There's OTMB and YTMB and it means Old/Young TrackMania Bastards. Check
Thx Sk84funPrzemo
Thx nemorr
Thx xaviol
Thx zba
Thx ninjer8
Thx Bye Tom
Thx -bruno333-
Thx zouzoupitchoume
Thx kendu
Thx etidu29
Thx ~J4F~Frans
Thanks list continues in comments below

User Comments
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  SMiiE 09-Dec-2006
i will play whole week until the rec is mine again
  JumperJack 10-Dec-2006
you'd better don't lol
  GR. 10-Dec-2006
Wow nice 1 JJ
  JumperJack 20-Jan-2007
ahhhh!!! marius - well, i'm obviously not going to try this one again, that time is just too fast...

it seems like you're trying to beat all my classic records... well, we'll see
  GR. 24-Feb-2007
Thanks list continues here:
Thx ~Ganjaweeds~
Thx toXic_neXus
Thx BlaziN
Thx Renauldo Nice detailed comment.
Thx djeeeeee
Thx IO*013
Thx Cybergardien
Thx Sense
Thx UKR_Jazzy
Thx druck3r Yes u can use the ring but u'll loose speed later on in the next corner.
Thx cassidy
Thx Mirco the Racer
Thx Marius 89
Thx ADIo
Thx YTMBjester
Thx ceo_tw
Thx beethowenn
Thx DoTa
Thx speeddriverr
Thx -IDDQD123-
Thx TC#lenschek
Thx Golo Woot! 100th award! Thx all!
Thx wolfsong
Thx X-MASTER Lol second time 100th award. I think some cheaters accounts were deleted by the tmx mods and i lost some awards. Well cheers again for 100th award hehe
Thx HighDriver
Thx bigbrother
Thx koentjuh
Thx KoBe
Thx BelaZZ
Thx Piw
Thx Richard W.
Thx Acegikmo
Thx Fra411
Thx J@NN3
Thx tof
Thx Mr.Brow
Thx MExUnited
Thx Nahe
Thx Dude557
Thx johnny44
Thx cter
Thx Basskid
Thx finfin
Thx paddy
Thx Luki
Thx Killcount
Thx Blacer
Thx Guzz
Thx Cakey
Thx petrcermak
Thx SkunkY
  druck3r 16-Mar-2007
hmmmm, I do not think

if one touches the ring only little, then one has a height of speed. I must brake always very much that I do not fly to the horizon. in the best way is, if muan between the block with signal downward and flat through flies. the difficult is that one then also the speed can throttle correctly and on the wheels lands.
touches ring is still more difficult, because the impact flies certainly to which direction one. respectively that one circles between through in flies.

i drife the track later, if I have time.

grissli drucki
  Scalon 18-May-2008
Awesome Meditracking My n1 is Mr. Ganja Rider !!!
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User Awards
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User Award   »Blacer 02-May-2010
Nice one


User Award   Tom_Rider (Guzz) 12-Dec-2010
This is an superb and awesome speed track, cool flow in all parts, the start is pretty nice. I like and enjoyed running it, and... uhmm.. no words for the presentation and the screenie, are stunning ... like the track it rocks!!!!
Great work

Gree Gu
User Award   |PT| CakeyFA 13-Jan-2011
User Award   petrcermak 15-Jun-2012
User Award   SkunkY 11-Aug-2014
Nice and smooth mixes. Good flow, easy to finish ==>>
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