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Name: Subarctic
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Wallaby
Version: 27-Nov-2008
Released: 27-Nov-2008
TMX id: 1277887
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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1:00.83   Wallaby+ 0:00.25-
1:00.95   GranaDy!+ 0:00.37-
1:01.06   Mr. Bones+ 0:00.48-
1:01.10   spedzo+ 0:00.52-
1:01.22   [CMC]Roa+ 0:00.64-
1:01.82   Gerbe+ 0:01.24-
1:01.97   Trek+ 0:01.39-
1:02.01   X_Darkman_X+ 0:01.43-
1:02.15   FT»Snakey+ 0:01.57-
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Author Comments

So finally (after a week )
I relase a new track
A more easy one but still a chellenge
It's oldstyle again , much better that the transitionstuff in my eyes and such easy but still innoative work
After tmjonas gave me the 'o.k.' I'm ready for presenting
Peddy gave the ok too.
And Snakey said to me addind just some sings.. :did:
In noob eyes it may be hard but it is for the average here easy-intermediate
It's like new hovering and a bit longer again
New Phear is namerob and still boring as tmjonas said and I thought the same
So I found really fast a new name ---> Subarctic
I used only the old Panisstyle (god <3) elements , but even more strict...
I even killed the 1.2 block-mountains because you never see them in his old maps
And don't ask me if I have too much time^^ , I'm only a pupil don't forget , hard work comes later


Easy Intro

Outro (my best one )

Speed but not overdone this time


4 Eastereggs (find them 250C for each , I know I'm poor^^)

Huuuuuuge Scenery--> 5500 Coppers

Lag: Not done

Screenshot proud of it
Sry some problems with the size of my monitor
larger version looks ways better
Sry hagel I hate black lines

Noobways (except at the start , but that doesn't matter )

Pls give me your replays if you are able to make it

I don't know what I should advertise so this time there is only one advertise for one of the best speedtechmaps

Breathe by   --LooK--

Good luck and have fun , and I hope it is all clear this time

I put it here , so I can edit my comment for other things xD
15 / 02 / 09 turned Classic

User Comments
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  [CMC]Roa 06-Dec-2008
Will be hard to upgrade until 65k, but why not
  Wallaby 06-Dec-2008
I will try to beat this tomorrow
But with my kb skills I won't have a big chance

The part around the 2nd last Cp-end is such a time killer
To get the perfect line there is incredible hard
  bachl 11-Dec-2008
you have no chance to beat the lf of snowwolf xD
  Wallaby 15-Feb-2009
Can you overjump that CP near the end ^^?
If yes I gonna update it , because since I drive with my pad I jump always only a bit below the top of the CP ^^

edit: lol already the third map of me I drove exactly the same time that bones oO
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User Awards
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  tmjonas 30-Nov-2008
Well here finally my award!
The best track by you for weeks!

Brillantly balanced out, very well varied and pure fun to race! I've really missed that dude...
All the jumps and drops are supersmooth, the offroad-sections are nice and the flow is excellent! Definitely the track with the highest replayability of you! Nice to see you can also build easy stuff.
I know my time sucks And btw MT is nice as always, but as Golo said you overdid it with effects and yeah the sightseeing... where the heck do you have this idea from?

Great work!

  Nukedragon 01-Dec-2008
great map here m8
was a lot of fun driving this,
great ideas, and finally some "good" and not buggy snow drops !

  Cool-T 01-Dec-2008
great old skool styled track
loads of sm00th jumps
and its way easier this time
online i almost finished 1st try
but fcked up at the tight offroad
near the end
scenery l00ks great as always

*~- -~*
  DeaD.oas 02-Dec-2008
Great Track

Awesome MT Work and great Ideas,
I especially like the end part
  TaBle 02-Dec-2008
cool track
nice and easy!
well done!
  MasterDisaster 03-Dec-2008
Uhm.. i've played this one in PPO some time ago, but then i forgot about it... now i've played it again and i was like: "wait a moment..i've already seen something like this..."
So, here's my award for a really cool snow track full of action and jumps
It's not hard, but it need some practice
Great and fun, make more like this!

  smok3y 03-Dec-2008
Excellent track dude
Awesome MT work
  FT»ciRu 11-Dec-2008
jea walla

nice map and the best it is posible i can drive it juhu^^

it was fun pur xD
  SapphiroN 14-Dec-2008
You know what?

I'm a pretty well known author from TMNFX, and I almost never visit TMUX. But when I first time saw your tracks, I straight away understood the beauty of these other enviroments. Actually, I'd love to build tracks to other enviroments than stadium, but too bad I don't handle the block-physics and stuff so I can't build a shiat. But gladly someone here can. Your tracks are the only reason why I visit here these days. They are so full of amazing transitions, ideas and innovation. You always manage to build awesome scenery around the track, it makes me feel like that I'm in another world. You manage to surprise me everytime you do a new masterpiece. I'm very jealous to your tracking skills, I wish I could also release one cool anti-stadium track someday, but I really don't know.

Keep these comin'

- Sapp
  Insomnia 20-Dec-2008
Für Mistral vielleicht n bisschen heftig, aber auf jeden Fall cool gemacht!
  Mr. Bones 22-Dec-2008
Very good track here

big variety
cool transitions and jumps
almost smooth; some buggy landings but hey it’s Snow
superb speed
great MT-work

Good work
  Enai Siaion 04-Mar-2009
Great online track!
  Alex!»LT|fos 20-May-2009
never awarded this one ?! o.O

amazing hard track !!
  paddya 23-Oct-2009
Pretty buggy, but nice track though
  Art' 30-Nov-2009
Wonderful, fun, hard: nothing more to say.
  FT»sanfc 15-May-2010
Cool track
  eyebo.wp 15-May-2010
Awesome! Love that old school style.
  antanasro 31-Dec-2013
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