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Track Name
Name: Uncharted Waters
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Arild
Version: 24-Nov-2008
Released: 24-Nov-2008
TMX id: 1276089
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Bay
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0:43.35   Rom+ 0:00.00-
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0:43.67   [CMC]Roa+ 0:00.32-
0:43.90   Sandder+ 0:00.55-
0:45.65   Vastapaavi+ 0:02.30-
0:46.20   maphios+ 0:02.85-
0:46.48   BrummHummel+ 0:03.13-
0:46.48   Dingo.O+ 0:03.13-
0:46.61   breach+ 0:03.26-
0:47.31   CraxX+ 0:03.96-
0:47.79   F4A Stryke+ 0:04.44-
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Author Comments

I guess not many (if any) remember my promises (or me) made a long time ago. I said I would make a map in a different environment than Stadium, finally that happened I'm quite pleased with the result also, probably not as good as my latest stadiums, but according to Vasta a good online map.

As always with some crossing roads and a little reuse towards the end. Quite speedy, but with some technical elements along the way. Hope you'll take the time to test it, and hopefully you'll even enjoy it

Awards, constructive comments and replays are very much appreciated!

Style: Speed Tech
AT: 47.99
Coppers: 2157
MT: Full

Thanks to Vastapaavi for both some cuthunting and much feedback on the map, appreciate your patience

User Comments
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  Arild 24-Nov-2008
Big thanks for the

- 01. BrummHummel
Really great to get such feedback on my first attempt at this, in particular from a guy who knows much about it. I was very uncertain about that tunnel, I originally had it straight, but that felt even worse, so it ended up like that Thanks for your replay also, impressive!
- 02. MasterDisaster The above applies to you also I didn't really know how to scenery, so I'm glad you liked it! In particular your comment on the offroads are great to read! Glad you didn't find the obstacles too disturbing, very happy that enjoyed my first non-stadium
- 03. Vastapaavi Well, gotta say, it's damn good already! You definitly weren't lying Thanks again for your help, and for the huge award
- 04. breach Didn't really know which maps was most common, so I just closed my eyes and hoped I'm not sure of what you're talking, those quarter-cones? They're correctly placed? except one, which is there to make the route more obvious. In my next I'll elevate some more, something that bugged me also. Glad you enjoyed it regardless, and ty for the nice replay also!
- 05. Sandder You sick, sick man Never would've though something like that would be possible, honestly! Very, very impressive! I also think it's a bit too speedy, but I had problems keeping the speed down... Very glad you enjoyed it anyways
- 06. Dengel Glad to hear it! Hope you found something good though
- 07. CraxX Yeah, I'm on bay, will try making some more and perhaps better in not too long. Very happy you enjoyed my first, and ty for your nice replay also!
- 08. tmjonas Great award! I'd say it's a bit too speedy, though I'm very glad it ended up within your "like-zone" Also great to read that you enjoyed the offroads and scenery that much, and ty for pointing out the particulars about the map you enjoyed! I'm trying to improve my Bay building skills, so it's good to know what's good and what's not
- 09. 06cmad T.H.A.N.K.S
- 10. Peddy Glad you found those different parts to your liking
- 11. Roa Sick replay by you also "Wonderful track" is quite nice to read, happy you think so I have no idea what a grip block is, but ty nonetheless
- 12. finfin Nice comment about the signs Very happy you found it that enjoyable, great award! Btw, my computer sucks, so there's no fancy FX-effects comming from me I will indeed try keeping it up
- 13. flurry Very glad you found it a "pleasure to drive"! I will do more, though I'm afraid they'll be a bit more difficult, like my maps usually are.
- 14. Atze-Peng Glad you found the time I generally like my maps 45-55 in length, so I might go a bit longer on my next.
- 15. Golo I'm fairly certain you got the first sentence backwards Very glad you enjoyed my first attempt at this, and I'll try building more Bay-tech, it was kinda fun
- 16. Peap Nice award and nice replay
- 17. jeanseb Hehe, I noticed on PPO that indeed it was a bit confusing Very glad you still enjoyed it, and stopped by here
- 18. TimeBreaker Glad you enjoyed it, figured you didn't Yeah, I wanted more tech myself, and when/if the next arrives, it'll be more technical. I'm not very motivated right now, but we'll see. Hehe, one 10k is enough for now
- 19. Rom Right back at you Insane replay! No wonder you don't feel so good, that must've taken some time: impressive
- 20. maphios Better late than never Thanks for checking out all my maps, glad you found my first attempt at non-Stadium to your liking as well
  BrummHummel 24-Nov-2008
I´m pretty sure that Roa will show us a 44 or at least a low 45
  MasterDisaster 24-Nov-2008
No way! Arild on bay!
Got to try this one as soon as i can!!
  TimeBreaker 24-Nov-2008
Arild on Bay, my dreams came true !!!!!!!
  BrummHummel 24-Nov-2008
Oops.. i have to correct my last comment:
Sandder will show us a high 43
Btw.... impressive how u drove the last section sandder
  Sandder 25-Nov-2008
thx ^^
I'm pretty sure about 0.3 better is possible, and I'm pretty sure that Roa could beat this if he tried
  Hubby 29-Nov-2008
Huh ?? An Arild BAY track ??
Will check it out ASAP m8
  [CMC]Roa 30-Nov-2008
Maaaan Sandd, nice time but I'm sure you can do something like 43.5x and maybe under, for me I can .6x but not under, c'mon make a killa time
  Atze-Peng 03-Dec-2008
well, as you can see my tracks are mostly above 1.00. propably just my opinion but I don't like it when a track is to short. That mostly doesn't give enough spots to gain/lose speed.
  Arild 03-Dec-2008
I see and quite agree with your point. But my latest maps (NF in particular) has a tendency of becoming more and more complex, so I feel I'm pushing people's patience when I'm making a map that only lasts for 40-50 secs Though I will keep your thoughts in mind
  Atze-Peng 04-Dec-2008
People propably already know, that my tracks will push them anyway
  Rom 19-Jun-2009
i've killed myself ^^
  TimeBreaker 11-Jul-2009
Wait, this one got classic?
Man it surely is easier to get a classic on other environments than stadium
  Wallaby 11-Jul-2009
Yes it is easier.
TB , it is already classic for a while
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User Awards
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  BrummHummel 24-Nov-2008
Fantastic track!
So tight and challenging.
The layout is just perfect and the track offers some great turns and little jumps which are all nicely calculated.
It is amazing how much time can be won or lost here
The entry to the tunnel is not really my taste but with some practise it´s ok
The rest is just perfectly calculated and so much fun to drive.
I´m glad to see a non-stadium track of you
  MasterDisaster 24-Nov-2008

Amazing track Arild!
It gives a nice on-the-limit feeling as you're always trying to keep the speed as high as possible
Some turns are really great and fun to play
Also the scenery and layout of the offroad parts is one of the best i've ever seen
Another big point is the fact that the track is full of obstacles, but they're not too hard to avoid, making the track fun and addictive
Great track

  Vastapaavi 24-Nov-2008
Had to stop hunting 44 after I started feeling dizzy, but it was coming. Great first bay track!! I'll write something more later. <--- I used caps, but it's not shown.
  breach 24-Nov-2008
Theese kind of tracks are not to uncommon i guess, but nevertheless there´s heaos of ppl ejoying them alot. Me included.

At first it looked a bit to tight with loads of sceenery near the drivingline, but after driving the track once or twice i realised it is really allright. Not to hard to lear the route or see the obstacles. The one thing i really dont like in a bay tracks is those concreteblocks (bumps) used as cornsers if they are not fitted togheter and just cut off like in this track. It+s allright when comming from the direction where i can use it and cross it, but when comming from the direction where i have to go all the way around it i think they are abit missplaced. But i totally see the point in using them in tight are like in this map. I get use to them
As for the rest of the track i think it is realy nice, nice speed with no boosters and alot of action all the way. There is not alot of height variation tho, thats a shame. But i think this track is really cool and i hope to see some more (bay) track from you, it would be real nice. I like the tightness of the sceenery and it never feels cramped or empty in any section. It flows ... (a missused word here for free )

I upload a bad time on it, but i broke the AT with a wallbang at the end... i´ll get a better one up once the room stop spinning

Great track m8!

// breach
  Sandder 24-Nov-2008
Very nice bay track for a first.
Just a bit too fast for my taste, otherwise nothing bad to say ^^
  Dengel 25-Nov-2008
great map !

nothing bad about it !
  CraxX 27-Nov-2008
wooo arild on bay niiiceee

lovely bay-track with tight corners

cheers CraxX
  tmjonas 28-Nov-2008
Awesome track!
This is exactly the style I wanna play at the moment! Bay speed-tech, very challenging and addictive, not too techy, but also not too fast! I especially love how you integrated some interesting jumps into the map! Otherwise it's full of well decorated and challenging offroads!
My favourite section is after the tunnel, the long offroad.
At first it seems a bit tight, because of all these obstacles and blocks near the raceline but 1. I like that and 2. it's absolutely not disturbing, they are placed perfectly. The layout of the track is brillant as the scenery is!
Great work, absolutely suitable for online-racing, maybe also for leagues though it might be a bit fast.

  _06cmad 29-Nov-2008
  FT»Peddy 29-Nov-2008
Cool Track
Nice Transitions, nice offraod sections, nice curves.
Just great!

  [CMC]Roa 30-Nov-2008
Great !!! Really wonderful track, I love the tight things here and really uses of grip blocks
  finfin 30-Nov-2008
Wow. An easy speedtech track with everything I love in it;

-Oldschool GPS
-not thousands of FX efects
-not thousands of scenery blocks
-oldschool style

AT isn't to be solved xD

And also a great using of the signs, they don't rly show the way but you know where to go cos of them

Keep up the awesome work!! <3
  flurry 30-Nov-2008
Very very well done! Just a pleasure to drive. Quite well calculated for some great speed and nice variety. Scenery is sweet. Do some more of these please

  Atze-Peng 02-Dec-2008
Finally I was able to test a track of yours. Wanted to do it a while ago but never did it and there one of yours were in BotW. So finally I was able to do so

This track really got a nice techflow, but could be a bit longer ;-)
  Golo 02-Dec-2008
Hehe, I like baytech way more than stadiumtech,
so I tried this one and it was great
Great fun to drive all the curve combos and offroads.
+really cool start.

Go on like this!
  Peap 02-Dec-2008
nice track
  jeanseb 03-Dec-2008
fantastic track

so cool to play

the GPS is very useful because this map is very tech

  TimeBreaker 29-Dec-2008
Youre a mastermidn dude and Bay is just perfect for a freak like you !! Lovely technical touch and greta tight sections, I almsot expected more tech from you to be honest^^. However, I really enjoyed the track and the whole trackpresentation was just nice, so outstanding work I hope youll continue in this envi!! I'm not in the mood to write another 10k characters-award , sorry^^.

  Rom 19-Jun-2009

  maphios 01-Nov-2010
Really great bay tech here!
A pity that it took me so long to find it

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