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Name: Download Blazing Blast
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   GR.
Version: 07-Feb-2007
TMX id: 127463
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 52,448
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Island
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
0:50.64   Kaka+ 0:00.0052,448
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:51.98   CavalierDe...+ 0:01.3444,121
0:53.01   fab'm+ 0:02.3737,720
0:54.03   ScrewD. Manu+ 0:03.3931,382
0:54.80   KALAMANDER+ 0:04.1626,596
0:55.77   GSA|WhiOnRox+ 0:05.1320,569
0:55.80   .onFire.+ 0:05.1620,382
0:56.09   LoKo+ 0:05.4518,580
0:56.25   pitstep+ 0:05.6117,586
0:56.31   GR.+ 0:05.6717,213
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
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Author Comments

It's been a year ago since I build my last Island track and I got a bit rusty so please have mercy. I went back to oldskool style so I hardly used any Extreme pieces. This is just pure concrete.

MT: Intro, In-game (bumper cams), Outro.
Coppers: 5333
Author time: 0:56.31
Total building time (incl. MT): 25 hours

Get image for intro here (2 kB).
Place image (.jpg) in folder:
\My Documents\TrackMania United\MediaTracker\Images\...

(Also a .loc file to the image is embedded in the track itsself)

Bigger screenie here

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Thanks list:
Thx funPrzemo
Thx broadsword
Thx MasterDisaster Did u say flow?
Thx ORA Very much appreciated m8.
Thx JumperJack Dank u.
Thx djac
Thx DaKKoN Uiteraard.
Thx [ATP]NitroGuy
Thx Andree Stop ur making me blush. Awesome comment!
Thx DEnGel
Thx MaB
Thx Micster
Thx F07Markus
Thx pitstep Great time!
Thx Sebkifum
Thx crooms
Thx GD
Thx LoKo Great time!
Thx Buchi Mmm tasty award.
Thx smok3y Rock on dude!
Thx Kendar
Thx jester Well at least there are some people who like it.
Thx Bye Tom
Thx sonzaaa
Thx Sivert
Thx bigxxx Nice award cheersss.
Thx Kev717
Thx Fakus
Thx =ITC=Speedy
Thx BCS[Viper]
Thx SkunkY
Thx Vincent
Thx SniperZ
Thx Punisher
Thx Renauldo Its indeed not the best start ive made.
Thx puinbakker
Thx samurai-jack
Thx ~Ganjaweeds~
Thx swesebbe
Thx Mr.Brow
Thx paranoid2
Thx da_summer
Thx wolfsong
Thx speeddriverr
Thx -IDDQD123-
Thx Silvan
Thx ADIo
Thx gloofyy
Thx Baggerfahrer
Thx Hubby
Thx 2skilled.Kaka
Thx Forgot10
Thx Richard W.
Thx Nahe
Thx PAM180
Thx NLpwf
Thx Quickracer
Thx paddy
Thx Wallaby
Thx Blacer
Thx fabio_m
Thx Nibor

User Comments
Showing 15 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  GR. 07-Feb-2007
  JumperJack 07-Feb-2007
w00t, i had one of the first downloads, and the first comment, but i won't get the first award, i'm sure about that!!
  GR. 07-Feb-2007
  Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) 07-Feb-2007
Yeaaah first award from me Now i will chceck the track
  Dengel 08-Feb-2007
lol prezmo also a system
cool to see a new island track by u i am a fan of it, i will definately test it tomorrow! (the other u upload here was no new .. and the badest u ever builded for tms kill me for those words(the orginal firestarter is cooooooooooool ) ... but u know how much i love your island oneĀ“s normally (harbour , superbowl , all )
  DaKKoN 08-Feb-2007
Lol hoe kan het ook anders, zo een track.. Kan alleen maar een NLer zijn !!!


Lol how could it be any different, off course you're a Dutchman
(before I get banned for talking in native language... )
  GR. 10-Feb-2007
Hehe dengel we all have different taste But yes i know uve always been one of my biggest tms fans and im flatered.

And lol dakkon. Dutch powerrr!
  LoKo 10-Feb-2007
it's late now -_- im going to bed but tomorrow i'll try a nice 55
I've watched replays, im the last all the time , i just win last curve
award again lol
  JumperJack 13-Feb-2007
only 23 awards in 6 days for a ganjarider track?! that's something new for me, lol...

come on, a bit more awards may be given...
  GR. 13-Feb-2007
Yeah im getting worried. I guess my fame is over. I think most of my fans only like stadium. I need to get 'famous' in the other envi's too. Well i just finished a bay track (needs mt) so lets hope that one will get noticed. Track after that will be coast and then all TMO envi's.
  JumperJack 13-Feb-2007
yeah, at stadium you're absolutely famous, not at other environments. however, all your tracks are awesome!!

i think you can count on an award from me at every track you'll make...

i've got famous too here, but i'll try to settle my name here first with stadium tracks before making others...

oh, and i'm really looking forward to your bay-track!!
  GR. 14-Feb-2007
@ JJ: Its an honour to have one of the fastest drivers on my tracks (except this one). You're a V.I.P. fan. And ur doing pretty well indeed building tracks. As borat always says: Great succes, happy times!

@ ORA: I guess ur right. Stadium is still the biggest. And superball? U mean superbowl? Yeah thats a good oldie. Ill release it here one day.
  JumperJack 14-Feb-2007
hehe, i'm still in the top10...

-edit- not anymore now...
  GR. 15-Feb-2007
lol too bad
  McBain 12-Jun-2009
another non-fixed cut
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Nibor 24-Sep-2011
Amazing Island Map, Ganjarider
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