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Name: Funky Night 4
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   KEV Fan
Version: 14-Nov-2008
Released: 14-Nov-2008
TMX id: 1244255
LB Rating: 55,886
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night Vehicle: Island
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0:53.71   MrZw1231+ 0:00.0055,886
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0:53.87   echo+ 0:00.1654,887
0:53.88   FT»Tobbe+ 0:00.1754,824
0:54.01   Zeref+ 0:00.3054,013
0:54.17   Shap[NR]+ 0:00.4653,014
0:54.18   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.4752,951
0:54.19   BrummHummel+ 0:00.4852,889
0:54.32   SkunkY+ 0:00.6152,077
0:54.34   Dag@bert+ 0:00.6351,953
0:54.63   MaB+ 0:00.9250,142
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Author Comments

So let´s get funky again
Originally I made this map for the star contest. When I was done I recognized that it would be a shame to leave this map in the limited boundaries of the contest rules. I think those rules are necessary for the star contest but they don´t catch the spirit I want to have with a "funky map". So I decided to correct my fault to have posted the wrong map for this thingy and finish it the way I like it.
I have spent 4 hours on creating the new funky signs and hope you´ll love them as much as I do.
Also I decided to fresh up the music a bit - I listened to 48 variations of the song and chose one. If there will be enough postings like "plz gimme back the old version of the song" I´ll make another version and a link with the original sound.
This map is as funky as it can be in my opinion - enjoy
Special thanks to TopTrog who was a big help with building the finish.
Special thanks to Markus who persuaded me to change a loop (although I would have loved to read Skunky´s flaming comments on the old loop) and who found a cut,
Cheers to the guys who drove this one online in a betatesting session.
And cheers to FUN server for playing this one a week before release

Map data:
Coppers: 5652
Intro: Yeah - restart it to get the sounds
MT: Yes necessary cam changes
Outro: Yeah
Mod: No not this time
Music: Yes - and it´s funky
Mix blocks: Hack hack hack where the heck are the hack blox - never

User Comments
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  KEV Fan 14-Nov-2008
Wow thx a lot for the nice awards and comments

Merci for hosting the map and your nice award

Graziedelic - great you like the animated billboard - was pretty much work to make them - cheers buddy

Thx - glad you like the lightdesign

Thx for your help betatesting this one - I still love the old crashy loop though but I think you and Markus were right about it

thx for the many cups you gave me - glad you like so many things about this map

Awesome thx for the many "awesomes" you gave to me

Danke Axel - glad you like it

Danke great comments - Start constest rules have been responsible for me not to make a PF on the 4th part of the series. Without thoses rules FN4 would probably been mapped with a PF - probably its better the way it turned out now

Cheeeeers to the loop change persuader I am happy to have changed it (happyface - lol ) I have to contradict one thing in your great award comment - [just kidding mode on] No it would not fit into the campaign - the crappy animated billboards, the bad music, the few corners a keyboard player might have a little problem, those millions of people who still own a Pentium 1 computer might have lag on those heavy 5000 coppers layout and this disgusting non tech evil speed layout which is no "real mapping" make this one a no go for such an excellent campaign - not to forget that author time cannot be reached if you have only one finger left on your hands and have to hit the throttle button with your nose [/just kidding mode off]

Merci Chris

Thx and - well its not a late award - released it yesterday

wow "instant classic" thanks

Glad you had "pure fun"

Fran de Kler
Thx for your award - Well I had a booster at start - you´ll become too fast in the upfollowing corners to drive them noslide - so to make nosliders happy I decided to eliminate the booster

Thx for your award

Danke Schraubenmaster

Funky Fun Fan factory says Thank You

Dante 66
Thanks - great you like it

Yeah - glad you like the signs - thx

thx for your award

thx - glad you like it

thx for your award - glad you like it

Cheers for funky sloppy award

Wow you broke your break for testing the map - cheers

thx - glad you like it


Like some ketchup and mustard ? - thx

Glad you got some funky feeling

- thx

Huuuhaaaa what a big cup - i it - thx

thx - glad you like the lights

you´re welcome - thx for your award

Thx for your award


yeeehaaaw what a time

thx and glad you like the music

Glad you like the crazy screenie

Too many signs - damn I should have put even more into it - lol thx for your nice comments

thx for your nice award

thx and glad you like the Funky deco

feedback is welcome at any time - cheers


thx - glad you like the funky feeling

thx a lot

thx - glad you mention the signs

wow thx for giving me 9.5 out of 10

thx a lot

thx for your cup

thx - glad that you like it

thx for "awesome" award

thx and great that you reward the "design work" I put into this one (especially the signs)
  Ville 14-Nov-2008
lol nice screeny
  Wraith 14-Nov-2008
next time i make a island i will be doing that..and i will post your name for the idea on lighting effect
  Fran_de_Kler 15-Nov-2008
Originally posted by KEV Fan ...

Well I had a booster at start - you´ll become too fast in the upfollowing corners to drive them noslide - so to make nosliders happy I decided to eliminate the booster

Sure, a booster at start would influence the other parts. My wish was more a general wish, not a direct request for this track.
  BrummHummel 16-Nov-2008
S8ndi, did you expect some big boobs at the finish? You are damn fast
  FiahRose 17-Nov-2008
hi dago! its liorx!
i just wait so mach for the next track FUNKY NIGHT 5!!!!
this is crazy!!
good job!!
  BrummHummel 17-Nov-2008
omg Tobbe Crazy time!!
  SkunkY 17-Nov-2008
lol Tobbe.. sick time!
  FT»Tobbe 19-Nov-2008
Great tracks need great times
  Dag@bert 20-Nov-2008
hugh ^^
  echo 21-Nov-2008
sry tobbe
but still -0.1 or more possible :>
  KEV Fan 21-Nov-2008
Hey echo and Tobbe - cheers for those awesome times - you guys rock
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User Awards
Showing 55 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  abmangoog 04-Jan-2009
Oh forgot to award!?
This is a pretty nice track like the other funky funky night night tracks!
Same, but a new structure.
  sdrkarlxen 26-Jan-2009
Good track, keep up your good work:)
  Kent 12-Apr-2009
Great island track with a fantastic flow to it, great jump transitions and cool ambiance and music. Love it!

  smartyyy 01-May-2009
best funky night track >>><<<
  geron 01-May-2009
Very nice track and signs !!!
4 you
  Pacha»UD 01-May-2009
Nice map again kev
very nice transition and nice jump
is a very nice fs map island
very nice flow and nice music

Karma track: 9.5/10


[SRT]*pacharoyal* a,k,a cold-d
  Kwn 02-May-2009
Very Nice Track.
Played it on PPO
>>>> <<<<
  Ripper 25-May-2009
ubercool track
i love it
  trackracer11 12-Jun-2009
Funky and fun!

Really enjoyed this map, the big jump!

  MyNameIsNotPa 24-Jul-2009
awasome track m8! colored pieces, turns, tubes, AWESOME!!!


pa00 out!
  djac 24-Jul-2009

simply a damn good fullspeed!!
The flow is awesome and the track with superb ideas. The speed is great all the way.
Scenery around the track is wonderfull and the screen looks also great.
All in all Funky4 is perfect with the must awesome package of speed, smoothness and design !
  rancer 13-Aug-2009
Another Awesome Track by Kev Fan!

I like your Funky Night xD

lg RanCeR

  Sriver 25-Apr-2010
Awesome track!

Amazing speed, atmosphere, outro, ...!

>> <<

  Jet777 25-May-2010
This is one of those times when the pure atmosphere of the track is the best part... and this is saying something, because the track itself is pretty good

Great idea. Had a lot of fun with this one.
  Alex BF 22-Apr-2011

Easy and sooo speedy

>>>> <<<<
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