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Track Name
Name: Snowwolf
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   bachl
Version: 11-Nov-2008
Released: 11-Nov-2008
TMX id: 1235923
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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0:40.17   Techno!+ 0:00.00-
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0:40.40   Kaka+ 0:00.23-
0:40.49   Mr. Bones+ 0:00.32-
0:40.49   X_Darkman_X+ 0:00.32-
0:40.52   [CMC]roaSone+ 0:00.35-
0:40.52   spedzo+ 0:00.35-
0:40.83   Wallaby+ 0:00.66-
0:40.85   GranaDy!+ 0:00.68-
0:40.92   pitstep+ 0:00.75-
0:41.22   Vincent+ 0:01.05-
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Author Comments

Hey guys

Here I present you my new snow Track.
It was a lot of hard work to build it and at several times I didnt´know how to go on.
I deleted a lot of The Track and only took the best versions, but still you have to watch out that you aren´t too fast because then it´s shity hard to finish
So well here some information:
Intro: Yes a very nice one from wallaby
Ingame: :Year Gps and all respawn should finally work
Outro: Yes
Screenshot: Year it was also made by Wallaby thanks a lot m8

I also tried to make it not to difficult so that it´s good for online.
So well.. if you try it have fun and good luck
Replays comments or even awards are always welcome

So Big thanks to you Wallaby
And also Thanks tmjonas for betatesting
Also try this Track here. It has the good old panis style and is ver nice to drive
"°'*New Hovering*'° by   Wallaby"

User Comments
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  Wallaby 11-Nov-2008
Ok clear^^
  bachl 11-Nov-2008
Award List
Thanks for all the awards
First of all thanks a lot for this really great great screenshot and then also thanks for your super intro and at least thanks for this great and for you super time Big thanks to you I´m happy that you could help me so much

Thanks for the time and the great fast

O my godness Thanks a lot for this great great Award. I´m really happy about it´s the best flowy snowtrack Omg thank you. and wow what a horrible great time you have. Respect! thanks a lot

Thank you for you super

Ricardo Rix:
Wow you played it online that´s nice to hear. Thanks for you

Thank you tuta for you nice :award.

Thanks a lot again for your that´s your 3 for me after isolation and limit shock

Thanks m8 that you again tested and also betatested this Track when it was at the beginning

For this nice
I´m really happy that you complain my this track with a fs stadium one thanks m8

Thanks a lot. Years it´s a little adrenalin kick when you drive it-I also think so thanks

Thanks, wohow you love it thanks for the nice

Thanks for this great cursive award from you Oho 9.5/10 I´m honourd Thanks

Thank you m8 for this great from you

Thanks for your award. wow long time ago you liked a snow track that much thanks

Thank you

Thanks a lot again for you an from you

Thanks for your short nice


Thanks-year I still am working on my MT skills

Thanks a lot year ppo

Thanks you

Thanks a lot


Thanks a lot also nice time you drove on ppo


Thanks and thanks also for this awesome great time

Thanks also great time from you thanks

Thanks you

Thanks a lot crooms for you nice and you cool time

KEV Fan:
Thank you Great award

Mr. Bones:
Thanks for this super award and wow for you incredible time


Thanks and welcome back m8 nice to hear this nice words from you


Thank you a lot m8 for these cool words

Thanks for this nice little

Thank you
  eyebo.wp 13-Nov-2008
Limit Shock is still my favorite.
  pitstep 04-Dec-2008
40 is possible
  Vincent 05-Dec-2008
Of course 40:xx is possible. I´m pretty sure that the Snow experts (Kaka, Keen, Roa,...) will come up with 40:6x one day.
  bachl 05-Dec-2008
O my god
Thanks a lot pitstep for this fantastic time.
Now the Track has the biggest lb from the env. snow
  Wallaby 05-Dec-2008
65k in Snow ^^
Woha , never had seen this before ^^
  [CMC]roaSone 06-Dec-2008
Lost 0.2 in the drop before the last tunnel -_- c'mon 40.5x possible guys it's just avoiding bad landings, it's not that hard, take tips from my replay Pit, vince and all !
  Vincent 06-Dec-2008
@ Wallaby:
Well, that´s really nothing new. One year ago there was an active Snow community, and when I posted my track "The World - Winter Edition" on a Saturday morning, it went up to 66.000 within 8 hours. It was over 70.000 when it was made classic some weeks later.

Great time, mate! I also think that a little more is possible, but I doubt that I can do it. I would need 1 - 2 more hours of practise to beat pitstep´s time, and that would really be my personal limit, I guess.
Kaka might do the job later.
  Wallaby 06-Dec-2008
One year ago I was not really active @ tmx^^
So it is the highest I know
  pitstep 06-Dec-2008
hey nice time Roa
  Wallaby 07-Jan-2009
Gratz to classic
  bachl 08-Jan-2009
Nice times all and thanks for them
I hope you enjoyed driving them...
Year thanks a classic with a 65k lb
  Frx ben75 21-Jan-2009
Sorry, but this track is not my taste.
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 37 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  tmjonas 27-Nov-2008
Sorry for being so late.
Here's my promised award for you!

Though the map is almost a bit too simple for my taste it's just damn fun!! You can drive and drive it again and try to make a good time, to gain the milliseconds here and there. The high speed fits well into the layout! Also you put in some interesting jumps and ofc the bachl-typical platforms!
Simple, cool, fun, easy!!
Great work mate!

  jeanseb 01-Dec-2008
this map is very lovely

I like it very much

  Stoney 05-Dec-2008
great snow map
  CAR-AZY 05-Dec-2008
Great track, very fast very smooth, very enjoyable
I played it on PPO, it's was easy to find the way, didn't see if the GPS was good or not

great job
  Kwn 05-Dec-2008
Very nice Snow Map
Played it on PPO
  [CMC]roaSone 05-Dec-2008
Awesome speed experience !
  Kaka 06-Dec-2008
Very Speed track but it's a good Track
My time is bad
  Siem»LT 09-Dec-2008
Nice, simple but nice great for fun on ppo ^^
  crooms 15-Dec-2008
Fun track

  KEV Fan 20-Dec-2008
So damn fassssst and soooo much fun.
Great speed, great jumps, great transitions, great for online.
  Mr. Bones 22-Dec-2008
Very cool speedtrack

almost smooth with a good flow
nice design and layout
great MT-work

This is for you
  Trek 27-Dec-2008
nice snow map ,great flow
  smok3y 01-Jan-2009
Absolutely awesome
Speed is way too good
Nice and a very easy layout
It's the fast speed that makes it hard
Fun all the way
  paddya 29-Jan-2009
Nice track. Fast and smooth ->
  Alex!»LT|fos 29-Jan-2009
awesome map bachl

i love this fullspeed tracks with unique combos smooth transitions and so on!

you are one of the best snow mappers ever ..and the best in fs

absolutely lovely track with (as always) much fun

great work

  Skilla»LT 01-Feb-2009
its a good fs map with some nice jumps good work and award for you
  X_Darkman_X 11-Mar-2009
My first Classic-Rec on your Map Bachl

Very nice Fullspeed and transition Map. Nice Flow too.

Great Work



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