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Name: Download Prosit Bey!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Vincent
Version: 09-Nov-2008
TMX id: 1231120
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night Vehicle: Bay
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Author Comments

Prosit Bey!

One night you find yourself sitting in a bar – drunk of course – and suddenly you really would like to know why you are hanging around in this place, and – once started to ask questions – where the hell are you?
You pour down the glass of famous BEY beer in front of you, then you stand up and look for the door. And as nobody asks you to pay your bill, you make it out of the bar without being bothered. Outside you find a terribly hot sports car parked just in front of the door. That one looks really tasty and appealing to you, so you decide to open the door and see how it looks inside. In this very moment you realize that your fingers have already been playing with some little object in your pocket for a while. You pull it out and have a key in your hand. And – funny enough – that key belongs exactly to the cool sports car you were just about to inspect.
Now it comes to your mind that this must be one of the really good days in your life, one of these days where everything works out just fine, no matter what you do. You briefly consider that this might not be your car, but as you are short of local transport options right now, you take the driver´s seat and start the car.
This must be the red light district, you say to yourself, and you wonder where all the women may be who usually walk down the streets in these places. Cruising around the Bey, aeh..., Bay you start looking for your home, and you take your mission seriously, but you have to learn that it´s not as easy as you assumed at first. Things would have been easier if you weren´t so damned drunk, and even much easier again, if you only knew where your home is.
You step on the gas, and the car starts roaring pretty cool – but why the hell did they make so many curves in this city? It´s getting hard work now not to crash against some building. But when you think about it again, you start to believe that a straight line wouldn´t help you much either, because you would just not be able to drive a straight line. Now you feel better with those curves, in fact you just need to get the feeling for this, just make it flow!
Finally you got it! You are the king of the city streets now, the city at night is entirely yours, and you enjoy every moment – that´s the real life! But suddenly you see a bright red light – no, it´s a sign! – and it says "FINISH". What is that supposed to mean???


Notes on legal issues:
Driving a car after drinking lots of BEY beer is very dangerous and also a violation of law in most countries. The author of this map is not responsible for any damage done to buildings or infrastructure of the Bay City due to car accidents caused by drunken drivers.
In order to use this map, make sure that
a) you are over 18 years old and
b) you own a valid driving license and
c) the percentage of alcohol in your blood does not affect your self control. Otherwise you are kindly asked to get yourself a taxi to reach the finish-line safely.

Further release notes:
As you are pretty drunk from BEY beer, you are certainly not able to drive your way home at full speed. Be prepared for many curves and other obstacles that are not easy to handle in your particular condition. Please remember: slower is safer – it´s better to come home late than never.

Track data:
- Author time: 31:58
- Coppers: 2662
- MT: Intro, Ingame & Outro
- Custom music: No
- Mod: No


And now: Have FUN!


User Comments
Showing 18 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Vincent 09-Nov-2008
Thank you very much, Mauri! That was quick!

Thanks a lot, BrummHummel! Funny comment! And I know what you mean...

Thank you, Atze-Peng! Amazing time!

Thank you, Yrp360! Good time!

Thank you very much, KEV Fan! Finally someone who read the story!

Thank you, pitstep!

Thank you, Dengel!

Thank you very much, axel007!

Hey MasterDisaster, thank you for your nice award! No, I don´t think that the finish is your home - it´s just the place where you finally get. Unfortunately you are too drunk to find your way home...

Thanks a lot, crooms! Great comment!

Thank you very much, Roa! Amazing time!

Thank you, Peap!

Thank you, Zaitsev!

Thank you, smok3y!

Thank you, -daywalker-!

  Ricardo Rix 10-Nov-2008
not much fun.
  Vincent 11-Nov-2008
Well, I do understand that it´s not everyone´s taste.
  BreizhPunishers 12-Nov-2008
i usually like your maps, but i must admit that this one has really a big lack of fun
  iRoC 13-Nov-2008
Unfortunately it isn't my taste at all
  Vincent 14-Nov-2008
No problem, thanks for the feedback.

After all it´s a story track rather than a race track.
  arzga 14-Nov-2008
Sry. No award from me... I didn't really like this track... :/

For excample:The lights are always on the way.. in almost every jump and several curves....

(Btw Good MT )
  Vincent 14-Nov-2008
Well, this track is obviously a question of taste. The list of people who don´t like it is almost as long as the award list.

Very interesting - thank you all for your feedback!
  MasterDisaster 15-Nov-2008
Haha maybe i was really too drunk then
Anyway, i found the tmo track with the same theme as this one Try it if you want, i enjoyed it a lot ^^
  Vincent 15-Nov-2008
Thank you, MasterDisaster - I didn´t know that one.
  CraxX 16-Nov-2008
whooooooot roa
  Vincent 18-Nov-2008
Yep - some incredible times here!
  Atze-Peng 07-Dec-2008
I'm really not motivated enough, to do a better time lol Le10 keeps me away from it xD
  rad 26-Dec-2008
Me too Beacause of LE10 I don't play tracks from other envis. And I back to active tmo play Nice time Zaitsev
  Atze-Peng 02-Feb-2009
Good 4 me this one was classic

28.5x should be max. May 28.4x, but the finish is really tough.
  [CMC]roaSone 07-Feb-2009
Gogo Atze, your turn
  Atze-Peng 15-Apr-2009
28.3x max^^
  Fadden 25-Dec-2013
Played for the finale of a Festival !
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User Awards
Showing 15 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Sffn Mauri 09-Nov-2008
wow awesome map

nice casino designe
nice offroad parts
cool flow
cool designe
nice mt
great harbour
big fun

User Award   BrummHummel 09-Nov-2008
Waaah - i stop playing this great shorty now. I feel ill now So many lamps and sticks and poles to avoid.
This track is a must for rounds-servers!!! xD I´m sure that everyone will hate it to drive on rounds. (Hate and love at the same time - you know how i mean it )
I like it a lot but i can´t play it more than 10 minutes I really like the scenery / mood.. fits very well
Great work m8!
User Award   Atze-Peng 10-Nov-2008
I like it
User Award   Yrp360 10-Nov-2008
Nice challenging map Very addictive to avoid all the lamps Oo

Nice one !
User Award   KEV Fan 10-Nov-2008
Hehe - nice story and cool map
You have been looking for the women - I saw them all in the bars at start which are illuminated by Nadeo neon signs
Map is quite tough to finish - there´s always a little lamp post or something else which makes you crash - but hey ! - don´t drink and drive
Testing was fun - made me feel like having some cold beer soon
User Award   pitstep 11-Nov-2008
cool shorty
cool storry
not easy but fun
User Award   Dengel 13-Nov-2008
sweet baytrack
User Award   axeloo7 14-Nov-2008

Good and cool shorty . Big

And for the Track .

Do not drink and drive. That is not good.
User Award   MasterDisaster 14-Nov-2008
Funny one.
I remember an old TMO track with the same theme, but that one played on some MT effects instead of the track-route as this one
Also, if my goal is to reach safe my home ad we assume that my home is the finish line, it's funny because i drive nearby without recognizing it... well, maybe i was too drunk

User Award   crooms 15-Nov-2008
Really addictive tight and tricky track
Excellent one Vincent, i really like this style of yours

User Award   [CMC]roaSone 16-Nov-2008
Perfect, love these type of tracks ! really tight !
User Award   Peap 17-Nov-2008
prost! a bit too tight for my taste but not bad
User Award   sek` Zaitsev 17-Dec-2008
good 1 thin ways rocK
User Award   smok3y 01-Jan-2009
Super fun tech map
User Award   -daywalker- 07-Feb-2009
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